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  1. I really don't know because I was feeling down. I too was scared that my procedure didn't turn out as well as I hoped. But after about month 8-9 I started noticing. Especially when I had my haircut and the girl who cuts my hair kept commenting that my hair is getting better with each session with her.
  2. Just give it 12 months at least. I was worried too. I'm attaching 2 pictures. One is at around 6 months and another 8-9 months (I can't remember).
  3. I had my touch up procedure in May 2018. I will upload pictures in about a week. That would be 10 months after second touch up.
  4. Yup. I was very worried at 6 months as you can see. But it turned out very well. That's why it's imperative to wait at least full 12 months for people to judge the result. We all compare ourselves to others in terms of timeline and it doesn't really help our neurosis
  5. Just a small comparison. After 6 months from my touch up.
  6. Found one at around 4-5 months. I can't say exactly but it was around that time. EDIT: I think this picture is from 6 months.
  7. Unfortunately with my necrosis being on my mind, I didn't take pictures at 5 months because I knew I was going to get a small touch up. I will post new photos in about a week at my 10 months of my last touch up procedure. But I can say I'm very happy the way it turned out. Nobody can ever tell I've had anything done. About a week ago, I've met a FedEx driver at my work (I often see him when he delivers for us). And we have a small talk. He's in his 40s and seems like a NW4-5. He was making remarks about him being bald etc. And then......wait for it...... He says "You are so lucky to have a full head of hair". Hahaha that's another validation for me that my procedure turned out really good.
  8. The link is posted in the first post. http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/187587-4147-grafts-fue-asmed-dr-erdogan.html
  9. Hang in there man. Biggest change for me happened in the month 8-10. Even at 6 months I was worrying but it turned out good
  10. I stand corrected. Missed the 3 months result. Usually docs present somewhat finished or close to finished result.
  11. I don't know, I would expect more from 3500+ grafts.
  12. Actually, to the bolded......from my research you don't even need to complete residency of any kind to be an HT doctor. All you need is a perseptorship with a HT doc and you are good to go. It actually sounds little scary to me.
  13. @Kraistoff you seem pretty much on track. The fun has just begun. I wish you fast growing.
  14. Hello fortuneplant, Since my touch up was a long hair FUE, there was no downtime at all for me. It was very easy to hide it in public because I had existing hair. I'm not sure how long the redness lingered this time because I really never paid attention to it. I could barely see it. I took a week off from work for my touch up. Left on Saturday and came back on Friday night and went back to work the following Monday. Nobody could tell anything was done. Look at the pictures above on my Day 1 and Day 7. You can't even tell I had a touch up.
  15. The fact is I LOVE MY RESULT. All people around me have no clue about my HT and compliment me all the time "you are lucky for having a full head of hair". It did set me back a little but my touch up was a long hair FUE, so there was no set back really. I just went on with my day, my existing hair covered the touch up work just fine. So I didn't have to go through the ugly duckling stage second time around. People who do know I had HT done, inspected my hair and still cant believe how good it is. Also, as far is straight hairlines. Dr. Koray actually pointed out to me that my hairline should be a V or a U shaped because I am Caucasian. I wanted a little rounder/straighter hairline. And Dr. Koray was right on the money. When my hair grew out I can see why he said I don't need a straight/round hairline. My hairline looks very natural. I get it, you are upset with your result, that's understandable but you seem to have an agenda about bad mouthing ASMED in almost every thread about them. Just move on, find a doctor you are comfortable with. There are WAY MORE happy ASMED patients then a couple of unsatisfied ones. Good luck to you.