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My hairloss, what stage am I at? 25 years old.

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Hi I am looking to find out what stage my hairloss is at and how it's impacted my appearance over the years?


What your thoughts?


My pics can be found below for your thoughts. The 1st 6 pics are from 2006 the rest are current.





Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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I don't wish to be mean but I think weight gain (which obviously happens to nearly everyone moving from teens into twenties) has had more of an impact on your appearance.


I reckon if you lost a couple of stone it would make a nice improvement.


You have lost some hair, but not a massive amount.

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2 to 3 A


Looks like a 2 thousand graft hairline case. My thoughts is that you should see a physician as this obviously weighs on you heavily.

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I agree with spanker on the NW 2/3 but honestly, I don't think it detracts from your look. Your hairstyle is good and you could likely make it even better. I would hold off on any surgery if I were you until you get closer to early NW 4 territory.

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