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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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    10 years +
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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    Dr. Victor Hasson
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    Propecia (Finasteride)

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  1. Never heard of SMP in woolwich before, but good luck with it & it's your decision at the end of the day anyway. Keep us posted.
  2. It's definitely a waiting game & requires a lot of patience. 5 months is still very early days. Wouldn't start to worry before month 8. Typically most of the growth occurs between months 5 & 9. You should be seeing significant growth very soon hopefully! Best of luck & keep us posted.
  3. Tax. I took a large amount of cash with me on two occasions for surgery & expenses for 2 weeks but I did make a transfer of funds to the clinic & of course I did trust them. Wasn't a nice experience carrying it for like 15 hours in my jeans. At the airport on my second trip they asked how much I'm carrying & I need to go to another desk to complete a form before being allowed out of the airport. Reason for carrying this amount, if relatives in their country, where I'm staying for the duration of my trip etc.
  4. No problem at all. You mean tightening in the donor area? That's temporary, the skin stretches. I'm 3 months post op from my second one, but the area doesn't feel tight. Both the donor & the scalp feel a little numb & it will do for months to come.
  5. From your photo you look like a Norwood 5, maybe even a 6 or heading that way. -You can consider either having one large surgery via FUE with a top surgeon over two days for 4k grafts, or have one session of say 3k then come back for another FUE session of 2k a year later if you have the grafts available. -Or go down the FUT path first, then do FUE when you've exhausted the strip over 1-2 operations. You need a lot of grafts, 4k isn't a lot for that area. I've always thought for advanced Norwood levels such as yourself, it's worth getting all you can from FUT FIRST then doing a FUE later in life if needed. Personally that's my plan, as people like us need a lot of grafts to cover the large area & we have to use our resources over a number of years to obtain nice results. Just an opinion.
  6. 2.5mg of proscar daily? Have you tried splitting it into quarters or fifths or more? Or try to use half a propecia tablet or even a quarter.
  7. Hello. Congrats on your operation. No, not all grafts have to shed. If you're only 6 weeks post op & area still pink, have you been going out in harsh sun whilst in the pool? Avoid doing that.
  8. Only you can decide if you wish to have a HT of course. For the propecia tablet, buy a pill cutter online. eBay is where I got mine from.
  9. A propecia tablet comes in only one size, 1mg. Of course don't stay on it if you plan to have anymore children. Keep them safe & out of their way for sure as with all meds. I tried mino for a while but when you're so far gone, it is a hassle with minimal results. Can give it a go if you want. You'd need to be commited to using it daily. The foam is easier to apply.
  10. Hello. I would guess about 2.5k grafts. FUE. Some good surgeons you're looking at. I do like True & Dorin.
  11. Dr. Erdogan in Turkey. Not sure how much Bisanga & Feriduni charge but I imagine a lot more.
  12. I would also suggest that you use propecia on a low dose to see how you cope with it initially. Split each tablet into fours for example. You can get a pill cutter from eBay. Your hair is slightly thinner than mine but you have more hair than I had when I had my first surgery. So if I were you I would consider at least one operation to give some nice coverage. The money spent & recovery time are certainly better than balding.
  13. Hello. A HT is permanent if successful & done by a quality surgeon. Do a lot of research. Also, for meds you need to be considering to use propecia & minoxidil.
  14. Hello. Welcome. Some will tell you to avoid it & others swear by it that it helps. I've been using propecia for a number of years. What I can suggest is you starting on a low dosage. For example a quarter of a tablet daily to see how you go. I don't experience any ED / libido issues but everyone is different. You're a candidate for a HT too.