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    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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    Dr. Hussain Rahal
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  1. Hi guys - It has been about 5.5 years since my first procedure with Rahal of 5200 grafts and about 3 years since my second procedure of about 2500 grafts. I love my hair and could not imagine not having done this. I was a NW 6 and now have a pretty full look. The crown is a bit weak but overall, it looks pretty solid. My hair loss is pretty stable now and even though I likely have 1500 or so grafts left, I don't plan on any more procedures at this time. Of course, we all could use more hair but overall I am very happy with my outcome and so glad I took the leap. Check out my link for thos
  2. Something does not smell right with this one. I know HT well and 1783 grafts from where he was will not yield the perceived full head of hair that these pics show. Sorry.
  3. I am very happy Rahal patient but I will also say he sometimes falls short of the detailed long term plan details. One MUST know their LT donor supply and DETAILED LT plan. I think Rahal sometimes falls short of this and again, I love the guy.
  4. I know singles in the first cm of a hairline is standard to create a nice tradition zone. However, the down side is that until you hit the "twos" beyond the 1cm, the hairline can appear thin. Has anyone out there added additional singles to the front 1 cm and did it make a nice density difference? How many did you add?. I am thinking 500 singles may do the trick.
  5. The best Bernstein result that I have ever seen. I am still perplexed though why he does not want to do more grafts per session.
  6. You will be a happy man in 6-8 months. Rahal brought me back from a NW 6 to a pretty decent head of hair now.
  7. I had some beautiful SMP done by "Ahead Ink" in NY. They are very professional and really know their stuff. I would check them out if I were you.
  8. Dut made my native hair fall out (not a shed). I am sure for some it works above and beyond Fin but for some, it causes hair loss so be careful.
  9. For that many grafts and with proper styling, I would have expected a better result. In other words, I think for the area covered, 1500 grafts should have been enough for how it is styled now. I do realize crowns take more grafts but even still, I have seen much better results with far fewer grafts.
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