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  1. Check out Micro Scalp USA with Matt Iulo. He's one best SMP practitioners out there. Just opened up an office in Houton.
  2. When I got permanent SMP done on my 2 strip scars I was told not to touch it and not to wash area for a couple of days. My provider never recommended putting ointment on it.
  3. Ok I'll just ask one of my questions here then. What kind of inks does Micro Scalp USA use?
  4. I know he's one of the best SMP practitioners out there. I've done a ton of research and looked at Instagram posts. I just need to hear from some of his clients. I have a couple of questions. Please PM me or respond on here I'll PM you.
  5. Lorenzo, I hope your doing ok with your fight against cancer. This is what concerns me about SMP. As you said it is hard to prove that SMP gave you cancer but what a coincidence it happened to you months after you got SMP done both times. Did you get permanent or temporary SMP? I've already had permanent SMP put into 2 old strip scars but I'm very hesitant about getting my scalp done.
  6. Stem Cell Therapy is supposed to be completely different treatment then PRP. I see some places doing both PRP and Stem Cell Therapy together not sure what that does. I thought about getting PRP but it's expensive and a lot of mixed reviews of it not working including you. Some places are offering Stem Cell Therapy for hair loss treatment in the USA. I have to do more research on it don't know much about it and I'm not getting much help on this forum.
  7. Don't everyone answer all at once.
  8. Looks like I'm a little late to this party. Can someone tell me if Stem Cell Therapy works for hair loss? Has anyone on here had it done or know of patient's who had it done? Any coalition doctors offering Stem Cell Therapy? Costs? Side affects?
  9. Krshultz91, I just saw your pictures on another thread you started and it looks great!
  10. Thanks. Are we talking about Headstrong SMP in NYC? I spoke to that guy Chris over the phone I agree big salesman like. I don't know what the hell I'm going to do. It's very concerning to me doing SMP cover the whole scalp. I need to see people who have had it done up close. I don't need to make my situation any worse that it already is. I would at least get my 2 strip scars done with SMP again.
  11. Thanks for the responses. I trust this community and I will contact Erik soon. I just wish I made the right decision over a decade ago when I first got on here I didn't go with a coalition doctor.
  12. I was told by Dr. True and Dr. Cohen that I am not a good HT candidate. Unfortunately I had 2 failed HT strip procedures done by a below average HT doctor over a decade ago. It was recommended that I should see Dr. Jae Pak from New Hair Institute in LA as the best in doing SMP. For me to travel to LA from the East Coast multiple times is really not possible I have to take time off from work and traveling costs. It was also mentioned to me that Chris Headstrong in NYC is a very good at doing SMP. Can anyone give me some input on who does the best SMP in the NYC area? At this point in
  13. So I take it Dr. Boden didn't make the coalition surgeons list? It's also quite alarming all these first time posters coming to his defense couldn't provide pictures or proof. Here I am thinking of possibly getting PRP done at his office. Thanks to 2 failed previous HT from another doctor I am looking into getting PRP done.
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