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Hair Transplant Repair (Please Help)

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I am looking for ways to fix a bad hair transplant. About 7 months ago I had a procedure with Dr. Rashid Rashid in Houston and the results were horrible. The hair is nowhere near dense enough, the hairline is uneven (by that i mean one side is nearly half an inch lower than the other), and the worst part is he placed large multi-hair follicles in the very front giving the hairline an extremely, FAKE and pluggy appearance. I recently went to another hair physician in Houston to talk about trying to fix the hair transplant and he suggested trying to create a new hairline behind this one and removing the bad grafts with FUE. (The original hairline is too low to to attempt to place more grafts in front of it)


I want to do anything I can to fix this, but I am worried that having FUE done to the front of my forehead will leave scars. He suggested using a small punch of .8mm would not leave noticeable scars. Does anyone in these forums no about hair graft removal?




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Sorry to hear about your bad result. I don't know who you are currently consulting with for the repair, but I would suggest seeing more than one "recommended" top HT doctors here, there are quite a few and you may have to travel outside of Texas, but I think it will be worthwhile. You have a nice head of existing hair so you will definitely be fine in the hands of a competent surgeon. See repair results from doctors Konior, Rahal, Feller, Hasson & Wong, just to name a few. The best of luck to you.

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Does anyone in these forums no about hair graft removal?


I've had frontal graft removal using two different techniques.


1) A reduction (also known as a brow lift - basically a strip procedure on the front hair line)

2) Individual plug extraction using a series of punches, some 2mm. This came in three varieties, one which requires a suture - the larger diameter extractions, one which healed untouched, on their own as it were 3) ones which were filled with body hair extractions.


I am not suggesting you need to go down this route because the only reason you would need to is if the hairs are standing up at bizarre angles, but just say they were, then I would say you need to be aware of at least five things;


1) The skin in these areas has entirely different healing characteristics than it does in the traditional harvesting zone. Depending on the skill of the surgeon and a little luck, you can get away with murder with a linear excision. That said I wouldn't recommend it unless you had a veritable wall of pine trees 5mm thick straight across your forehead. I don't think that applies to you yet, so let's move on.


2) Extracted hairs have a high casualty rate in terms of re-cycling them. The scar tissue around them often makes them awkward to pull out.


3) Plug extractions leave scars and it is possible that you could have a slightly mottled effect as white blotches (scar) mingle with, pinks (empty Norwood areas), yellows whatever your native skin tone is, as well as the translucent tones of blue/black hue that transplanted hair growing under the surface emits. (Minaturising hair gives off very little)


4) Docs loathe doing it. They will prefer to plant around the hair instead. This is in their best interests short. medium and long term, but it definitely might not be in YOUR interests, so watch out. Remember misangled hair cannot be taken care of by planting around it at the correct angles, it only exasperates the problem and you will only do more damage if you are forced to take them out through collateral damage to the grafts supposedly planted to disguise them


5) If docs remove grafts, they can be (IMHO) unnecessarily cautious - once again patient and clinic agenda mismatch - leaving acres of skin between extraction holes and incisions for new replants.


That all said you can remove the grafts, you can rebuild the hairline, but remember the collateral damage you will cause and the docs' attitudes to it. I dare to say, you are still in a good position if meds are holding out.

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Turkey, erdogan, Asmed, fue repair keeping your exiting hairline , your donor looks good! Check out his results, maybe get a donor evaluation before you commit to travel, but looking at his results he could nail that!!? Hope it works out!!


Do you have Edrogan repair work?

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I think your hairline in the middle looks high enough. On the corners, if you want to go higher, you could consider FUE extractions and then thicken things up with an additional procedure. Contact a top doctor that you want to work with and get his recommendation. I have seen people do laser removal to adjust a hairline as well. The problem with that is that the hair is lost and not recycled and it seems to work best on people with dark hair.

I am an online representative for Dr. Raymond Konior who is an elite member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians.

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I am not a medical professional and my opinions should not be taken as medical advice.

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