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  1. I started seeing early growth around 4 months. I think it was probably closer to 7 when I looked up and couldn't even recognize the old terrible transplant.
  2. Thanks for the support everyone! None of the old grafts were removed. Dr. Arocha placed new ones around them and slightly in front to create a new, softer hairline.
  3. Hello again everyone! It's been awhile since I posted on this forum. I just wanted to stop by and give an update on my progress and showcase the results of a great surgeon in Houston, Dr. Arocha. For anyone who hasn't seen my previous posts, I went to have a hair transplant done by Dr. Rashid Rashid with Mosaic clinic in early 2013. I got about 1200 grafts to fix a moderately receded hairline. Dr. Rashid seemed like the consummate professional and he sold me on the neograft procedure because of the less noticeable scarring. However, after about 7 months it became clear that the results I received were nothing like what he had promised. The grafts he placed were clumpy and he placed 3-4 hair count grafts into the very front of my hairline giving the entire transplant a very pluggy look. Horrified, I went to another surgeon in Houston, Dr. Arocha. Once there Dr. Arocha agreed that the transplant was very sub-par and stated it would be difficult to hide. However he did agree to help me and I had a 1500 graft FUT procedure done with him. Attached are the 7-8 month follow up shots. I am more than pleased with the results! Only the most keen observer would be able to tell the the hair is any different from the rest. In December had a touch up procedure done to soften the hairline and cannot wait for it to grow in. Attached are the images of my previous transplant with Dr. Rashid and the current photos 7-8 months after my transplant with Dr. Arocha.
  4. Gal, I'll be honest with you Dr. Arocha charges about $1.50 to $2.00 more per graft. When you add it up it sounds pretty expensive, but take it from someone who knows, if this is something you really want to do it is much better to pay the extra money and find a well qualified, EXPERIENCED surgeon. I can only personally vouch for Dr. Arocha's professionalism and compassion in helping me out with the results of my botched procedure. However, his record is very impressive and he has been doing hair transplants for a long time. I would definitely suggest going to see him.
  5. Hello All, These are updated photos of my hair transplant session with Dr. Rashid Rashid in Houston. The details of the procedure are in my previous entry so please read it if you are interested. These are better photos that I had taken with the surgeon I went to to try and repair Dr. Rashid's work. As you can clearly see the density is nowhere near enough to look natural at all. Compounding the problem is that fact that Dr. Rahsid placed multi-hair grafts in the very front of the hairline giving it a very pluggy look. These photos were taken about 8 months after the transplant. I did not experience a great deal of shedding from the procedure because of the small amount of grafts in the large space so this is all or nearly all the hair that would have grown in this area. Please take these into consideration if you are considering a hair transplant in the greater Houston area. Cheers, 2ndTimesTheCharm
  6. Sorry to hear about your experience Melly TX. I hope you find a great doctor to fix the work he did. I recently went to Dr. Arocha who is also in Houston. He has an excellent track record from his photos and was very professional in the interview. He has bent over backwards to try and help me and I am very grateful for his help. Its about 3 months post op and I havent really seen any changes yet but I am hoping they start coming in soon. How did you go about filing your complaint?
  7. These are my 7 month results from Dr. Rashid Rashid in Houston. I'm not at all impressed. I was told that with the 1200 grafts he placed the hair would look natural. It is NOT. The front contains far too many large quantity grafts and looks very pluggy, the density is nowhere near enough to be natural and the grafts are not aligned with the angle of my existing hair. I have to comb my hair over the new hair to cover it up which is exactly what I was doing with the balding areas to begin with. I do not remember the exact details of my procedure, and when I ask for them the doctor refers me to a website which requires a password to access which I was not given. I do know that I paid for 1100 grafts and the procedure was done by FUE. I will post more info when I get it.
  8. I am looking for ways to fix a bad hair transplant. About 7 months ago I had a procedure with Dr. Rashid Rashid in Houston and the results were horrible. The hair is nowhere near dense enough, the hairline is uneven (by that i mean one side is nearly half an inch lower than the other), and the worst part is he placed large multi-hair follicles in the very front giving the hairline an extremely, FAKE and pluggy appearance. I recently went to another hair physician in Houston to talk about trying to fix the hair transplant and he suggested trying to create a new hairline behind this one and removing the bad grafts with FUE. (The original hairline is too low to to attempt to place more grafts in front of it) I want to do anything I can to fix this, but I am worried that having FUE done to the front of my forehead will leave scars. He suggested using a small punch of .8mm would not leave noticeable scars. Does anyone in these forums no about hair graft removal?
  9. Thank you for all of the replies guys. I'd like to address some of the good points you make 1978matt. 1) I agree that given some more time it could improve a little as far as density goes. However, density was only one of the many problems with the hair transplant. I'm not sure if you can tell very well from the pictures but when you look at the hairline straight on, the left side is nearly an inch lower than the right side. In my opinion this is the most inexcusable problem with the transplant. At the moment i have to pluck many of the hairs in the front of that side to make the difference unnoticeable. 2) Even if the density were to DRAMATICALLY improve and the hair transplant were to become dense enough to be undetectable, the angle of the grafts is all wrong. The grafts are placed nearly perpendicular to my scalp meaning that they stick straight up and cannot be combed forward or any direction for that matter without using a lot of product. This makes it even harder to blend with my existing hair. 3) Aside from density being a problem the doctor also placed multi-hair grafts in the very front of my hairline. This is a huge "no-no" in hair restoration because it makes a too stark contrast at the hairline and gives a very pluggy look (granted if density were less of an issue it would probably be less noticeable). Even the doctor himself when i consulted with him said that single hair follicles were necessary in the hairline to provide a "softer" appearance that looks more natural. He said this, then didn't do it. 4) Lastly, I know that normally the transplant consistently gets better after time, however, I can tell you based on the density of the grafts when the transplant was first done that at least 99% of all the grafts that were transplanted are growing. I experienced hardly any shedding after my procedure and the hair began to grow out right away. Also, upon a follow up vist with the doctor, even he was unable to point out any places where transplanted hair had yet to grow in. Given these factors I do not believe that the density is going to improve in any measurable way.
  10. Very unimpressed with the results of my first hair transplant. The spacing is too wide to be natural and the grafts are pluggy in the front. I am now trying to have another procedure done with another physician to fix the damage.
  11. I have received a poor hair transplant from Dr. Rashid Rashid in Houston. Go to my blog if you want to see what it looks like
  12. This is just one of the pictures you can view on my blog. This is what a bad hair transplant looks like. I went to Dr. Rashid Rashid of Houston for an fue procedure. As you can see the density is nowhere near enough to even obscure the scalp and does not blend with my existing hair at all. Dr. Rashid placed multiple unit grafts in the front (I have been told be every hair transplant surgeon I have seen since is a huge "No no" in hair restoration) which gives the grafts a pluggy look. Do your research and NEVER go to a doctor unless they have good results posted publicly (and a lot of them). Even if they say all the right things in your patient interview, nothing can substitute for experience.
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