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  1. Good on Rhal for standing by his work but that gap was obvious from day 1 and the Hassel and inconvenience caused shouldn’t have happened I would be honest and up front with him about this and expect as a minimum he pays your flights and accommodation along with a free touch up!! Good luck
  2. Totally agree with this, when Lorenzo was there totally different ball game but apart from his regulars I have never seen 1 impressive result, seems like a nice guy, ethical and knowledgable no doubt but the results don’t match the experience or reputation. dr Reddy seems by far the best, followed by dr ball and Harley street hair clinic have some good results!! bot sure where calum best has had his done but in know a few different clinics, some uk and at least 1 in turkey but his result is a belter
  3. It’s absolutely night and day difference after a hair transplant!! i always did pretty well on the dating scene from 17 to 23 always ended up with a nice girl on a night out and dated different girls most weeks for years even though I was clearly losing my hair, which I hated especially when people pointed it out which was pretty much on a daily basis!! i had good chat and was ok looking but my downfall for confidence and appearance was the lack of a hairline and facial framing!! Then I met my now wife, but when going out with my friends even when in a relationship or marr
  4. Yeah looks that way, Adam Levine is another definite look at pics from years ago with a crew cut very thin uneven hair line! Looks great job done though!
  5. Just thought of some more, kian Egan and Shane felan westlife, Gordon Ramsey, I reacon David beckam, I also suspect Danny dyer of having a not so successful transplant, he certainly loads up on concealer these days! 100% Lewis Hamilton can't believe it isn't publicised to be fair huge change for him!
  6. Mark wright 100% used to style it to cover the recession, I agree on roman keating and olly Murs although the pictures you have used don't show them when they were showing real signs of hair loss, I'd say dec from ant and Dec, chaning Tatum, cesc Fabregas,paddy mcguiness, or uses shit loads of topic, sylvestor stallone,or a piece! Mathew McCauley,Nicolas cage,possibly johnny lee miller! Can't think oft he top of my head any others but I'm always noticing as have always watched how hairlines have changed on celebrities!! Great thread!!
  7. I'm sure you will get it!! Erdogan has some amazing results and hardly amy if any bad ones!! Looking forward to seeing that lions mane in a years time!!
  8. Fuck me thas alot of grafts for that amount of loss!! That said although you can never guarantee a great result I'd say it's as good odds as you could get on this result being outstanding!! Congrats on the procedure and grow well!!
  9. I have definitely lost considerable body hair since being on propecia, I used to have incredibly thick chest hair theat my mates used to laugh at and call a rug!! However since propecia it's probably 50%thinner and also my muscle mass has been affected! I always had decent arm muscles even before I ever trained but since propecia my arms have thinned considerably despite the fact I train now more than ever!! I do however think propecia has had a very positive effect on my hair,stabilised loss,thickened crown and donor region!! Swings and roundabouts I guess !!
  10. Great result and great photo comparisons! ! So many clinics show pre op with the hair pulled,clipped or combed back showing thinning and recession then post op perfectly styled with no true comaprisons!! Qdos for both
  11. Nice!! I would have liked Dr f to extract of I'm honest but it seems sometimes he does sometimes he doesn't, just would of made me less anxious in the waiting stages! ! But all came out good! You made a good choice of dr!! I shaved mine down for the first 12 months so growth loomed even and actually liked having a shaved head with a new hairline! I wI'll shave Down again in the summer!!
  12. Hi mate Nice write up and all looking good! I too had a procedure 3 years ago with Dr f and agree you could not wish to meet a nicer person then him! He is extremely nice,polite and very personable and indeed does produce IMHO some of the most natural hair lines in the industry!!! You lucked out getting extractions done by dr f it's not that often he does the extractions although for some he does and others he doesn't! ! He didn't extract any of my grafts but that didn't affect my growth or outcome! !! Looking forward to following your result,you have good hair characteristics by the looks
  13. I agree with asmed! Looks totally normal,hook shaped or j shaped hairs are quite normal to shed as far as I know only recently someone said about a graft being damaged causing that shape bit I'm no expert! What I can tell you is that looks like a normal shedding hair which has a crust attatched so nothing to worry about!!! Everyone stress out about does this look right or wrong etc but at 7 weeks then it's either taken under the scalp or hasn't and there isn't much you can do wrong or right it's down to mother nature now! But you went to one of the best so I wouldn't worry I'm sure your