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  1. I suppose everyone's opinion on the topic is totally different . For me, I've thought about this procedure for several years and I know this is the right time. You can only base your decision on your own personal hairloss. Thanks for the confidence boost though det9925
  2. Thanks Bjorn, Yes I'm also looking forward to the results! Time seems like it's totally slowed down once I confirmed my booking. Eager to get going asap. Don't get me wrong I know I'm in for a slow and steady ride. Also hoping I'm one of the lucky ones that doesn't shed too much...fingers crossed!
  3. Thanks Ian, It's been a very easy and well informed process from the start. It's been a pleasure speaking to you via email. I'm very much looking forward to meeting Dr.Bisanga and his team on the day, under going the surgery and attaining my desired hairline. Also thanks for answering Paddys question regarding technicians.
  4. Hi Gasthoerer thanks for the hair complement. Although it has still been getting to me for quite a while. In regards to the hairline choice, I was very keen to reproduce a hairline I know I'd be happy with for both the rest of my younger and older years to come. My facial shape does tend to allow me a more aggressive hairline as my forehead appears to be longer than it actually is. Without seeing my full face I suppose it may be hard to judge. I originally wanted a more aggressive hairline, which Dr.Bisanga dismissed. We have come to a compromise between myself Ian and Dr.B.
  5. Thanks Paddy. I'm not too sure to be honest. Although after doing my research on Dr.Bisanga I'm sure his team will be up to his standards and well put together. A leap of faith on that avenue! I can ask the question though if you are keen to find out?
  6. After long consideration and plenty of research, I have booked in with Dr.Bisanga on the 3rd of September 2019 in the new Bisanga / Cole Clinic in Athens. A small briefing of myself. I'm in my early 30's and possibly a Norwood 2. Not losing a mass amount of hair but enough to make me feel self conscious. My hairline used to be lower in my 20's. The hairloss started possibly around the age of 25. Typical hairloss. Receding at the temples and the hairline moving back over. I initially made contact with the B/C clinic after the recommendation on Instagram. Obviously I had done extensive research online and via lots of internet hairloss forums. I am also members of Facebook hairloss groups. It was a very tough process, to filter though all the clinics around the world. Initially, I would have wanted to get the surgery done in the UK. As it's a very daunting process to fly to a foreign country for any cosmetic procedure. As my research esculated and knowledge increased, I found that there wasn't many top surgeons in the UK. I'm definitely not saying there isn't any, I'm just identifying that my background checks on surgeons just didn't accumulate to much. I also did a hell of a lot of research on Turkish Clinics. In the end, to cut a long story short, my main essential questions never got the answer I was looking for. My thoughts behind choosing between either Dr.Bisanga or Dr.C was purely personal preference. A flip of a coin some people may say. Dr.C has been a innovator within the FUE industry creating industry designed tools distributed world wide and performing numous FUE transplants. He also trained Dr.Bisanga. My thoughts behind the choice of surgeon was souly based on my research. Also the type of surgery I was requesting and the results to back it up. Dr. Bisangas work stood out by a mile in relation to my specifics. His hairline lowering and temple work was top notch and widely documented online. Meanwhile, although I could find lots of Dr.Cs top great work online there wasn't as many (to my preferences) stood out compared to Dr.Bisanga's. Through many a conversation with my patient advisor Ian Rafferty, I decided to book with Dr Bisanga. I must say, my patient advisor Ian has been top class. Every question (there's been alot) has been answered to a tee. Quick response times, honest and realistic answers. There's no main sales tactic within this process. It made me feel reassured that the patients interests were best at heart. In my photos you will see the two hairlines illustrated on the photographs. The back hairline is what has been agreed between myself and Dr.Bisanga. He did mention that every patient is different.Normally Dr. Bisanga would look for a minimum distance of 7 cm between hairline and eyebrows. In my case due to facial features he has agreed to lower my hairline by 7-8mm. The white dotted hairline is what I would have wanted initially, (if possible) but I am more than happy to take on the knowledge of Dr.Bisanga, knowing he has my best interests and future mature hairline in his considerations. I'm going to document my full Jorney on this forum and possibly some others. Thanks, and I hope this is of some interest on your particular hair transplant journey.
  7. Hi my names Brad im looking to get a FUE hair transplant in Manchester or London England by the end of this year. Although people may look at my profile photo and say what the f*ck? Why does this lad need one? My hair is going well back over under this combover decoy! Im looking for personal recommendations, off patients that have actually had a transplant off a particular Surgeon in England. Hoping for Manchester based Surgery, but I would travel to London for the right Surgeon. If anyone could some how advise on how many grafts / individual hairs I would need to bring me back to my prime (last two photo uploads) it would be massively appreciated! Cheers people !