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  1. Looks like the exceptionally clean work. Congrats on making the leap and thank you for sharing your case with the forum. Really looking forward to updates here. All the past Nadimi patients on here have been very complimentary of her work. I’m considering Nadimi myself and consulting w her in a few weeks.
  2. I am considering Nadimi myself; the waitlist + cost of Konior is likely unworkable. Nadimi has produced a few success stories within this forum. Every ex patient I’ve reached out to has been nice enough to respond with effusive praise. Maybe 4-5 altogether. That said, don’t be afraid to travel if you discover a reputable surgeon whom you feel really good about. I’m in Florida, so a few days in a hotel in Chicago or Vancouver or NY isn’t an insurmountable added cost.
  3. Looks like a hit to me. Especially at only 6 months. Enjoy it. 🙌🏼
  4. On track for the Gyllenhaal hairline. Keep growing, man. Still no meds ?
  5. Great stuff, with the sharp strategic haircut to match. The hair greed is well-earned and much deserved. @Tbcruz what changes are you thinking about with the hairline? just adding some density?
  6. he legitimately had a video called “how i regrew my hair naturally.” 30 seconds into the video: “I had a hair transplant.”
  7. Out of curiosity, how did you communicate with Dr. Wesley? Through his office/website, or via this site ?
  8. by conservative, I mean that he wouldn’t attempt to make you look like Jake Gyllenhaal with a perfect hairline and amazing density. his design would include some built in recession in order to maximize grafts and age gracefully. here’s a good video on their philosophy & approach with younger patients
  9. There’s been a lot of interest in topical dutasteride. Really anything to fight androgens on the scalp. However it’s been difficult to source, so please let us know if you proceed with Dr. Wesley and enjoy success with this product. opinions on PRP vary greatly. Some clinics think it’s essentially junk science. One ongoing complication is that there’s no consensus method for extracting the blood cells and delivering the correct dose. It’s all very exploratory still, in both cosmetics and also athletics/orthopedics. Biologics are very promising but we might not be there yet. For what
  10. I used to case pharmacies and profile the cashiers before buying Rogaine. Or try to sneak it in among 10 other items. Soon enough you’ll stop caring about the small moment of judgment aka you get too old, tired, and/or married
  11. Thanks for all that legwork. To get oral minox, I basically called a few local hair restoration clinics after a google search. I ask directly if they prescribed it. Out of five clinics, only one was willing to write for it — the Dr. answered his own phone ! Honest question though: should I have gotten Loniten ? My prescription literally says “Minoxidil 2.5 mg” on the bottle. Received some mixed messages about which product works. Anyway, hope you’ll have similar luck, depending on your location. There’s some chill doctor out there who accepts free consults and will hear you o
  12. Interesting info, thanks for compiling those resources. Another advantage to brand Propecia: the pills are individually wrapped. Not only does this help with compliance, but it protects the pills from any possible adverse conditions, humidity, etc. This is pretty important if you’re storing upwards of 90 pills for 3 months. Also, quartering any pill does expose the remaining three pieces to moisture and eventual degradation. This is something I overlooked in the past: if you quarter a pill, be sure to consume all four pieces in four consecutive days. I’ll look into sourcing bra
  13. Interesting stuff. I’ve found myself on both sides of this quandary as 10-year Fin success story suddenly going backwards. my generic comes from India. I also moved to Florida and quarter 5mg pills. Those factors open the possibilities you mentioned. i want to believe my batch of pills degraded in some way. ...or, like you explained, the unencumbered DHT could finally be inflicting long overdue damage. adding dut 1xweek hasn’t seemed to help, so reconsidering my Fin source might be logical. any suggested brand ?
  14. Thanks man. Unfortunately every hair I rescue on the crown seems to get subtracted from the temples. I introduced Dut and RU/stemoxydine around the same time - hard to tell what’s working and what’s not. Downside to the panicky kitchen sink approach
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