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  1. Perhaps @Raphael84 meant to imply that a significant customer-need was there, and the new clinic wanted to target that need. It is understandable that any for-profit business operates with the goal of making profit
  2. Both have quoted similar graft counts for similar prices. Dr. Bisanga has opened a clinic where he will supervise two other surgeons who that help with punch extraction and incisions, and the technicians do the placing process. Koray Erdogan at ASMED on the other hand will design the hairline whereas I believe technicians do all the rest of the work. I understand ASMED's reputation has been wavering for mega-sessions, but the amount I was quoted definitely isn't considered a megasession. I also have heard a lot more negativity about ASMED but the post's from users actually seem pretty solid, so I think ASMED's clinic still seems ideal. Is Bisanga's reputation for his new clinic enough to go to it, even if he realistically has no part in the procedure?