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  1. Well I'm just around a week off the 8 months mark. Here's some updated pictures. I'm in desperate need of a haircut on the back and sides. I've pulled the hair directly up over with some matt effect paste in. Very happy with the way everything has progressed. Cheers for the kind words guys
  2. @83mjs Thanks mate. Yes donor area is great. I'm very happy with the way things have gone over the past 7 months. Hopefully some thickening over the next 5. Fingers crossed! I knew once I came across Dr.Bisanga he was the surgeon for me. Very happy with my choice
  3. Right so here I am on month 7. Things have really taken off since month 4 and I'm really happy with my progession! All the transplanted grafts have started to settle in nicely in my opinion and flow great with my native hair. I mentioned a slight issue with my hairline in previous posts which I feel was a little harsh. As my hair stands at this moment, longer and more developed, I feel like its totally unnoticeable with the style I'm currently going for. With a shorter haircut, or with a longer on top style (combed back over) I still feel like "I" would notice it, but very unsure if a total random person would. I'm going for a straight back combed style. As I described to Dr.Bisanga on consultation so we will see My patient advisor Ian has reassured me Dr.Bisanga will happily take a look at the design if I'm still feeling the same way. All being said, I'm totally chuffed to be at this point 7 months in. If your considering Dr.Bisanga I'd go and do it. I've attached a variety of photos with my hair in different conditions. - Semi wet and under harsher direct lighting conditions - Dry, no products and natural daylight lighting - Paste type product, average (if not brighter) room lighting. - hair pulled tightly back over, dry natural, room lighting again - Donor area with a guard of around a no1 blended. - A pre op photo to give comparison It would be great to hear everyones thoughts on my progession.
  4. @BOW32 your hair is looking spot on mate. Fingers crossed I'll get a similar results as you. Although I think yours looked a better success from the off. How much do you feel your hair has progressed past month 6?
  5. Month 4 update It's been 4 months yesterday since I had the surgery with Dr.Bisanga in Athens. Very happy with the way things are going. The only very slight issue to date is the hairline to the right side of my head. It just seems fairly sharp and unnatural the way it approaches the temple area. Again it's a very minor issue but I think it would have looked more natural to have been shaped like the left side. It may just be a case that this area hasn't produced any follicles as of yet but only time will tell. I've uploaded a few photos to show my progession. Under harsh lighting conditions - a few with the hair wet, a few with the hair dried upright and another few in natural daylight (out of direct sunlight) with paste in the hair. Again very happy for the 4 months stage and would like to hear how others think I'm getting on 👍🏼
  6. Hi @karatekid no problem in regards to creating the thread. I just think the more information online relating to hair transplants the better! Unfortunately I can't accurately answer no.1, but one thing I will say is that his team of technicians from Brussels were alongside him for my surgery. Other technicians recently employed at the Athens clinic were also involved and overseen in parts of the procedure. Mainly extraction. 2. Yes Dr.B completed all graft punching and the incisions. The removal of the grafts were completed by his technicians. Mostly the Brussels staff, but the Athens staff also did contribute. The placement of the grafts were only completed by the Brussels technicians. One had been working for Dr.B for over 11 years! So I didn't have any issues on this front. To be honest I've never heard of the physician just completing the placements of grafts on the hairline. Yes the reason I chose Dr.Bisanga to complete my surgery was because of the input you recieve. Lots of other Dr's in Turkey for example only draw the hairline and at most make the incisions. The two most critical parts of the surgery for me were the shape of hairline, incisions to form the hairline / surrounding areas, and the punching of the grafts. 3. I was recommend to take oral finasteride. Although I have been totally put off by the amounts of people with horrendous side effects on a facebook forum. I did although consider topical finasteride but due to maybe having another child I decided to put this on hold. 4. I didn't receive the density measurements after surgery to be honest. Yes he went into my natural hairline by a good inch or so. Hope this helps! I'm updating the page soon as I've just hit the 4 months mark today.
  7. Hi MJM, I shaved for the operation as Dr.Bisanga wasn't offering unshaven FUE in Athens at the time. I would have preferred a unshaven procedure to be honest, although I know he densely packed the frontal region more than expected. To be honest it's 3 months of hell but well worth it in the grand scheme of things. I really dont know if you would feel comfortable regardless. In my opinion I would always be wary of it being noticed. Probably end up in a cap again ha!
  8. 3 Month Update. Well it's been three months since my hair transplant with Dr.Dr.Bisanga in Athens. I'm very happy with my progression and feeling a hell of a lot more positive. I suppose everyone goes through the stages of second guessing every little thing. Slight paranoia around something going wrong. Pictures taken in the harshest light possible but in natural daylight with my hair slightly altered and angled in certain directions no one at all would give me a second look and think I had a great hairline. Still a few areas with very little growth, although I know the fun is just starting! If I'd hit this part of the progession by Christmas I would have been very happy... so I'm a month in advance! Ive been very strict with diet (as usual) so no change there, but also very strict on my daily vitamins. MSM Saw Palmetto Biotin Omega 3 General Multivitamin Vitamin D
  9. @Raphael84 Yes I'm good thanks. Hoping that's it on the shedding front. 6 weeks tomorrow and I look near on the same. Praying that's the lot Hoping for some hair at Christmas ha! Yes long road ahead, but like everyone in my position I'm hoping for some early acceleration. I will frequently update the thread, possibly the 2 month stage.
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