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  1. Have you noticed any enhancements? Hair growing faster, thicker, etc?
  2. THis looks like it’s comong along really well Ellen. Did you shed a lot?
  3. Have you noticed any enhancements from fin? I’ve been debating about trying it and have it on hand, just wonder if it helps improve or Make hair feel better(if that’s makes sense)
  4. Did you get a script for it? I’m wanting to try it but not sure where to buy it from
  5. Have you noticed any improvements/enhancements from it?
  6. Thank you for the response. I’m thinking about trying the oral version. Do you know a reputable online store that I can buy it from? Or where I can buy it?
  7. I’m just about to start. Did you notice any enhancements from it? Also do you take any other vitamins/supplements with it? I have the same hairloss/thinning on my hairline as you did pre-op.
  8. Looks awesome so far! Are you on fin? If you are, do you take it in the am or pm?
  9. I’m interested in trying oral minoxidil. Have you seen noticeable improvements? Also can anyone help direct me to a reputable place to buy oral minoxidil online? I’m in the u.s. thanks in advance
  10. Thank you for her informative reply! Does h and w believe that someone getting a transplant should be on finasteride prior to the surgery to prevent shock loss or does it vary by individual? I also see that h&w has a clinic in Seattle? That would be perfect Since I’m close to the Seattle area
  11. How long does it normally take to see the positive effects from it? If you don’t mind answering, how long have be been on it?