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  1. Gotcha. I live in SolCal so it's basically always really sunny.. no hikes for a while, which is a bummer but that's fine .
  2. I know that you are supposed to avoid getting sunburned in the months proceeding a transplant as it can damage the new grafts. If I were to go on a hike or just be outdoors for a period of time, is sunscreen and a hat enough to protect me from this? Or should being outdoors be limited as much as possible not matter what for the next few months? Thank you.
  3. Ok, but I had an FUE, so I don't really have scars. Would you recommend the same amount of time for FUE? Thanks.
  4. Yes, I was told that basically after 5+ days that I'd be good, but I like reassurance. I spent good money and just prefer getting second opinions.
  5. I know hats for the most part are safe to wear at a certain point. I am on day 11 after a transplant and was curious if wearing a beanie is okay? I am assuming that won't do any damage but you guys are why more knowledgeable than me. Thank you.
  6. I am on day 11 (transplant was on the 25th) and wanted to really get back to the gym and start weight lifting again. I am pretty positive that it's totally fine at this point, but wanted to make sure that I won't be doing any damage. Thank you.
  7. I had a transplant done last Tuesday (the 25th) and my doctor said that about 6 to 7 days later you can start washing your hair like normal. I of course trust him and he was great throughout the whole experience, but Ive heard conflicting info online from other surgeons/patients. When is it completely safe and secure so that no grafts are lost? Thanks.
  8. I'm sure it varies from patient to patient, but usually how long dose it take fore the redness to fade from the transplant area? Thank you.
  9. Thank you, that makes sense. On average, how long is the donor area from a FUE visible? I am assuming it depends person to person.
  10. I don't understand. So is that part of the head just hairless from then on? Whenever I see a transplant that area looks grown in.
  11. If those follicles are removed (on the back/side of head), how do they eventually grow back?
  12. I've looked into quite a few doctors and Mohebi seems like he's great at what he does, plus I live near him. Curious of anyone's experiences with him? Thank you.
  13. I've posted about this in the past but never really gotten much of a response. Has anyone used them or know someone who has? Their results look really great online, was curious if they are a legit place to go. Thank you.
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