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  1. Hey guys im about 10 months post op now. I will post an update soon but I am really satisfied with my results thus far!! To be honest if I get more density within the new few months its icing on the cake... Only thing I'm waiting is for some of the wiryness to go away but I expect it to straighten out fully in the months to come
  2. All is well my friend i saw this is a common trend for hair transplants !
  3. @baldlivesmatter awesome journey man. Im just finished 7 months and quite pleased with my results as well. If i may ask, did you notice any changes in density or texture or growth of your hair after month 7? Just wondering what to expect for the next 5 months, thanks!
  4. is that thin spot just how it looks or did you like purposely spread it out like that? or is that just how it is naturally after the FUT?
  5. Just Imagine going from a Norwood 2 to a Norwood 0 is nuts to me.. feels good man
  6. In case you were curious where i started at pre-op. Wow this procedure has already changed my life so much and how self conscious i was about my forehead
  7. 6 month update. Hair is growing longer and denser each week . My forehead looks much better proportioned if you see my before photos.
  8. 4 days away from being 5 months post op. Update: I can officially say that all nerve endings on the top left f my head and donor area have finally returned to normal like pre op I feel like. So if anyone wondering I’d say it takes 5 months before you regain complete normal sensation again and no more numbness
  9. Hey @Legend007 not sure if this is a stretch or not but I did notice you mentioned in your posts you always use conditioner when washing your hair and on top of that you rub body lotion on your hair was well. I have found studies linked with severe clogging of follicles when using too much conditioner even because it does contain a lot of oil. Do you think your scalp could be potentially too much sebum build up due to this ?
  10. Thats what he meant by medical therapy. Fin and minoxidil are medical therapy lol xD.
  11. 4 months and 2 week update. Every single day my hair appears to be getting more dense. Very happy with how things are coming along.. id pay for this procedure anytime. Heck I’d even pay $12 per graft if these results keep improving like this. It feels insane to no longer have a receding hairline anymore. I honestly think I may have the hairline I had when I was 10 years old or maybe even lower? Damn I don’t know but let’s go boys!!
  12. Nice updates. If you view my thread, I personally did not shed until about the 7th week? Almost at 2 months post op! I also wonder if this was when i started getting more aggresive with washing my hair. prior to it i was being very gentle with washing in the shower.
  13. Yeah that’s what I was thinking this whole time. I saw the post op instructions saying no oil for 12 months and conditioner is essentially just oil so I haven’t been using any thus far. Still just baby shampoo everyday
  14. lolol dude @bondi though actually was a legit freak of nature. My progress is going relatively fast but his speed of growth was on another level. it looks stupid dense already at his 5 month mark...