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  1. Thanks for keeping us posted we will definitely be tracking your journey. If i were to predict, this is going to be a home run
  2. In addition, it seems the light is much different in this recent pic you just posted. It seems quite harsh lighting??
  3. Looks really good to me man! Patience is key 5 months is still way early. Just hope you don't go off forgetting about us before you finish updating because youll be enjoying your new hair
  4. are you still shedding or things still looking good? @hairlossPA
  5. @fatbastard12345 any chance you have any updated pictures of your donor my mans? hope all is well
  6. what made you decide to do FUT versus FUE? Curious
  7. shookwon33

    1700 Grafts with Dr. Diep

    agreed lol. I feel like i wouldn't be able to until like at least 5 months after or something
  8. I scheduled around July 2018 and got an appointment schedule for June of 2019. However, a cancellation came up so I managed to get my appointment in May now haha so 1 month earlier i guess it doesnt hurt. I just wanna do this thang and enjoy my life with a sweet af hairline while im still young af lol
  9. shookwon33

    1700 Grafts with Dr. Diep

    A lot of people love to say Dr. Diep destroys donor areas but in reality after say the first few weeks the holes really contract back to normal and there are really no signs of any visible scarring. I recently had a consultation with Dr. Diep on why he uses .9-1.0 mm punch sizes and his thorough explanation makes complete sense and leaves me no doubt in his skills, experience, and knowledge. In addition, with literally all of his patients videos where he shows the donor area it literally looks untouched....
  10. ohhhh man looking good my man for just 4 months and a half @fatbastard12345. Thanks for the constant updates man looking forward to my procedure in 4 months in May.
  11. oh yeah please let us know. im currently taking 10,000 mg of biotin now and Im starting to think its been making my hair really strong but im not sure if its placebo or not
  12. oh wow okay. so how much do you end up spending for a 1 month supply getting it filled by CVS assuming your insurance is covering it?
  13. @hairlossPA did you mention where you get your finasteride and what strength daily you've been on? Curious as Im 3 months in on finasteride from the company HIMs right now
  14. @Legend007 You can go get get some bloodwork for a DHT test to see what your levels are on finasteride to know its working properly. Have you done this yet? I have mine scheduled for next week to see if my DHT levels are suppressed below normal ranges now that Ive been on finasteride for 2.5 months now
  15. ha that would be great if so @James81