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  1. @Dazed This is my exact mindset as well. I do want to play it safe. But the reason i ask this was because I had heard if you don't clean the recipient area "well enough" then the lingering mini flakes and sebum build up on the scalp in the recipient area can inhibit growth... There is no desire for my to scrub my head, I absolutely want to just put shampoo on it, rinse it and just let it air dry lol. I just want to make sure
  2. Hmm honestly you should text that exact picture you posted to Dr. Diep and ask what he thinks about it. He responds fast and will tell you if you need a steroid shot (if it's alopecia areata) to fix it or not. @Jiveturkey82
  3. @Jiveturkey82 I personally think it is just shock loss which is very temporary from what I hear. Here is what my donor looks like 18 days post op. I’m personally still unsure of when shock loss actually occurs after a procedure. I was under the impression that it’s immediately after but perhaps not. I’ve heard it can happen a couple weeks after? I don’t think I’m experiencing any shock loss yet (fingers crossed). I also wonder if the acell and amniofill injection that I did may have helped with healing? Who knows..
  4. Hello all I am currently 18 days post-op FUE and was wondering if anyone with experience started to shampoo and massage your recipient area like you would pre-surgery? I dont know why but I am still very gentle on massaging and cleaning the recipient area when i shower and Im afraid I may not be using enough force to get all these little tiny white crusts/flakes out of the scalp. I feel like I have a mental barrier that I can't pass because of just being delicate about the grafts post op surgery. My question is: were you guys still very gentle on the recipient area this many days post op? Or did you just resume your normal showering routine massaging everywhere like you would when you shampoo your hair?
  5. That's crazy. Is that actually a thing to not shed lol? I mean as long as i get the same awesome results if I don't end up going through the ugly duckling then I'm all for it lolol
  6. @SprayPaint I see i see. How many mcg of biotin do you take daily? Also, was there any particular reason as to why you started the biotin on month 1? Or were you always taking it before or directly after your FUE procedure? So far I believe I am following your exact same supplement regimen post FUE as well.
  7. @SprayPaint What supplements/meds are you currently taking with your regimen? Finasteride and biotin?
  8. I've been following your threads and I know you did not have a good experience with your first HT. I know you were considering going to turkey but If i were to offer any advice i would stick to the just the top 2 FUE clinics on the entire world and thats with HnW or Dr. Diep.
  9. wait only 5 cm from hairline to eyebrow? Are you sure? That's a super low of a hairline. From the picture i would assume it was 7 cm. The average Caucasian hairline is 7-8 cm. @SprayPaint
  10. Lol it's a good side swept hairstyle. I literally cant tell anything was done from this view xD. Do you plan to grow out your top and sides even more to conceal everything? Thats what i plan on doing at least
  11. @Jiveturkey82 yep seems just about right at 3 weeks post op exactly lol. But from many threads i follow it seems post people shed closer to 90% of their recipient hairs at exactly 3 weeks post op
  12. very nice progress my friend. Do you know how many cm your new hairline is from the top of your eyebrow? Or im not sure if its supposed to be measured from hairine to the middle of the eyebrow? @SprayPaint
  13. Day 15 post op: Hello everyone, I believe at this point I have been able to basically all the scabs and crusts in the recipient area. My question is when would I expect hairs to start shedding? I hear most people start shedding a lot by 2 weeks post op. It doesn’t seem like I have shed that many hairs yet in the area to be honest. They also don’t seem to be growing at all in length it seems like the same length from when they were implanted but I’m not sure.
  14. @Jiveturkey82 when did you notice the small bald spot back there? Was it always there post procedure or ?
  15. Oh wow could it really be alopecia areata though? How would that differ from what shock loss would look like I'm curious. Also, if one were to experience shock loss in the donor area, when is the time table that it typically occurs after an FUE procedure? For example if I am 2 weeks post op from FUE and don't have any noticeable shock loss now, does that mean I am in the clear? @Melvin-Moderator. Also from what I understand, alopecia areata is typically caused from a lot of stress. So if you are having stress just try to relax as much as possible during recovery.