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  1. 4 months and 2 week update. Every single day my hair appears to be getting more dense. Very happy with how things are coming along.. id pay for this procedure anytime. Heck I’d even pay $12 per graft if these results keep improving like this. It feels insane to no longer have a receding hairline anymore. I honestly think I may have the hairline I had when I was 10 years old or maybe even lower? Damn I don’t know but let’s go boys!!
  2. Nice updates. If you view my thread, I personally did not shed until about the 7th week? Almost at 2 months post op! I also wonder if this was when i started getting more aggresive with washing my hair. prior to it i was being very gentle with washing in the shower.
  3. Yeah that’s what I was thinking this whole time. I saw the post op instructions saying no oil for 12 months and conditioner is essentially just oil so I haven’t been using any thus far. Still just baby shampoo everyday
  4. lolol dude @bondi though actually was a legit freak of nature. My progress is going relatively fast but his speed of growth was on another level. it looks stupid dense already at his 5 month mark...
  5. This one I have seems different from a pimple from what I had before. This tiny bump is like harder which made me thinks its more like an ingrown hair. Did you have something like this and should I just leave it alone? I have to resist like rubbing it lol
  6. 4 month update! Lots of tiny sprouts. Caught this weird angle so you can see all the mini sprouts. I do have like what feels like an ingrown hair on the right side of my hairline, it kind of hurts a little when you rub it not sure if this is normal? Maybe it’s just a hair trying to push through? If anyone has experience with this let me know thanks.
  7. Hey man awesome updates, its funny because everything you are posting about is exactly what i experienced. Check out my thread with Dr. Diep. I am 5 days away from being exactly 4 months post op and things are growing RAPIDLY
  8. @SprayPaint Did you mention whether or not you use any conditioner after shampooing daily since your FUE?
  9. Just saw your video on Dr. Diep's youtube channel last friday. great results wow
  10. Im afraid @FUEblonde1985 is going to be one of the many who stop posting updates because they've gone far off into the distance with their new full head of hair :((. Was hoping for this 6-7 month update
  11. How was the quality of your donor hair prior to the procedure? @FrontalHT12. Looking at your father's donor hair it seems that genetically speaking you may be prone to having hair loss in the donor region. Is it possible that the donor hair taken and planted to your recipient area could have been non DHT resistant and therefore yielded non ideal results? Just curious on your thoughts about this because generally speaking the quality of how your recipient area turns out is typically a direct correlation on the quality of your donor hair.
  12. Holy shit man you're legit a norwood 0 now LOL. These pictures show it all. Is there any product in your hair in this pic? Gel? wax? or is it able to just stay up like that on its own with its density now?
  13. Lolol i really hope so. If my results are amazing I wouldnt not mind being in his youtube video at all! @Melvin-Moderator
  14. No problem! I currently pay 20$ per month for 30 days worth of finasteride
  15. Hello all just wanted to gather anyones experience if I should use conditioner after shampooing on the recipient area after an FUE. I am 3 months post op and was wondering if its recommended. I've actually never used conditioner on my hair prior because I don't like how it makes your hair appear thinner due to basically adding oil to your scalp. However, I did notice I do have some dry skin / flaking on my recipient area at 3 months post op.