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  1. Hey guys this was taken at 2 months and 3 weeks. I definitely have a lot of growth happening thin and peach fuzz growing especially on the corners and sides of the hairline. Looks very promising honestly. Middle of the hairline isnt seeing as much peach fuzz but Im sure it will come in within the next month for sure. Exciting times are ahead I hope! :))))
  2. 3 months post op with Diep at the moment and I am pretty satisfied thus far. Growth slowly and surely coming in. You can check out my thread
  3. No injection for swelling, seems pointless to me. Just got the a-cell and amnio fill.
  4. My thinking is if you’re already paying so much for the HT with Diep why not pay a tiny bit more to potentially optimize results? I had my FUE with Diep 2 months ago and had amnio and aCell added for $1000
  5. @baldlivesmatter ridiculous result brother. How dense would you say your hairline is at this stage now? Compeltely satisfied?
  6. I've saw many people sharing their 12 month progress via various manufacturer of generic finasteride on reddit. For getting a different manufacturer just tell your local pharmacy you get it from to order from a different manufacturer specifically for you and they will oblige with no issues. If you look on your bottle you were dispensed from CVS it will tell you what manufacturer you received. Do you happen to know what it is ? If you have Dr. Reddys you may be in the clear from the shedding but another 2 manufacturers im aware of you may wanna switch from
  7. Mate @hairlossPA you should really be educated about what generic finasteride manufacturer you take. There have been cases that particular manufacturers that CVS/Walgreens dispense are known to cause an unknown amount of excess shedding at any given time during therapy.
  8. Hey man dont worry at all. Im certain you shouldnt notice any tubble at month 2 as that is the peak of the ugly duckling phase from what most people experience
  9. Sorry, which manufacturer of finasteride were you using again? Dr. Reddys?
  10. Man it feels like just yesterday I followed your thread on the day of your surgery and you're already pleased with your results at 6 months. Makes me excited and nervous at the same time. In 2 days will be my 2 month post op and man this has really been testing my patience. Maybe I should stop looking in the mirror. I am sitting like an ugly duckling right now lolol. But yeah man I'm so glad I've been able to start lifting again. I took off like 7 weeks after the HT to be absolutely sure I'm safe from working out. Now that I'm easing back into my regime again im feeling confident again =]
  11. what exact brand shampoo do you guys use? @Curlinginthesquatrack @fortuneplant @Legend007
  12. Is the picture taken immediately after using both shampoo and conditioner? @Legend007. Personally i stopped using conditioner because I noticed it make your hair appear very oily and much thinner personally idk. If so, im curious what it looks like post just shampoo
  13. Month 3 already man time flies. You must be in the growing stages now
  14. is there any growth they we're seeing here or is this just your old transplanted hairs that grew back?
  15. Just wanted to ask everyone to poll when they gained their normal sensation in the donor area, top of the scalp post hair transplant? Just curious when I should be expecting a return of full sensation to the areas, thanks