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  1. Thanks for your advice my friend. As far as family history goes my father is about a Norwood 5. Grandfather on both my mom and dads side is also about a Norwood 5 if that helps. Also if i may ask about your experience with finasteride. How long did it take to see results? Also, did you experience any initial shedding? When can i expect to see hairs stop falling out in the shower for example from just shampooing?
  2. Just to update. I started taking finasteride 0.5 mg daily 2 months ago on 10/5/18. I am not sure if seeing any results as it's probably too early to tell. No side effects so far. I honestly think my libido has even increased as I literally have been getting turned on by anything and everything its kind of funny. I did hear that finasteride does increase testosterone levels while of course lowering your DHT. Also to update my scheduled FUE 1500-2000 grafts with Diep is now scheduled for May 2019 as a cancellation opened up so I can get it slightly earlier. I cannot wait for these next 5 months to come. I am hoping 1500-2000 grafts will achieve a nice dense hairline for me that will minimize my large forehead being that I am a Norwood 2 at the moment xD.
  3. Thanks for responding. Have you tried using the HIMs shampoo at all? It has DHT blocking active ingredients as claimed. Just wondeirng, because i saw that you purchased a separate DHT blocking shampoo for some reason
  4. lol yes but my question I asked was what brand of finasteride are you using... and are you seeing any results so far from your finasteride such as regrowth. I don't see any of those answers bro lol
  5. i couldnt find the answer to my question i asked you on this thread man lol
  6. Oh I see, I mean yeah I thoughts it supposed to prevent any hairs from falling out but I was wondering if this initial shedding was typical to be seeing like just 4-10 hairs falling out in the shower. But what else are you taking in addition to the fin? Also are you taking the HIMs brand of fin? whats your progress like so far?
  7. Hi all just wanted to ask for anyones experiences or advice. I have been taking HIMS brand finasteride 0.5 mg (1 mg cut in half) for 2 months now and have just been shedding a lot, I think. Is there ever a period where im supposed to see almost no hairs fall out such as in the shower due to the DHT blocking properties or is what im experiencing normal? I am like a Norwood 2 at the moment by the way.
  8. shookwon33

    My Hair Loss Journey

    bro awesome video. i support all your content as always my friend
  9. Oh very good! I just worry that sometimes people end up with like a moth eaten appearance for the first couple months in the donor area but it doesnt seem like thats the case for you then.
  10. looking good. hows the donor looking my mans?
  11. Wait, so when is the timeline in which you can accidentally bang your head without worrying about grafts falling out...?
  12. Glad to hear your surgery went well Legend. Any idea how large the punch sizes were used for your FUE with H&W? Also im assuming you did 2500 grafts then via FUE?
  13. Im sorry but something seems a bit off about this review. Dr. Diep doesn't perform surgeries on saturdays ?
  14. Hey Legend what blood tests did you need to get done prior to scheduling with Diep? Could you clarify exactly what for and why for these blood tests?