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  1. Scar wise? A bit concerning as one side it stretched where when I had cut my hair last month with a #3 I had to use toppik to hide it. Hopefully its just shock loss. I'll take what I can get at this point. Hair wise? Density has been minor no big difference yet however the biggest difference so far has definitely been the softness of my hairline looks much much more natural now then it did before.
  2. This is 4 months of 3rd procedure (wet) What you see is the result of 2 transplants with just a little bit of a 3rd Hoping to see grow from here on out. Still wouldn't feel comfortable swimming or having my hair slicked back
  3. About 3 months - noticeable growth as expected. Scar is still visible even when cutting with a #4 Hopefully heals up quick
  4. @shookwon33 from what I can tell and the fact that it's only 2 months.. I'd say 95%+ is my old transplanted hairs
  5. Hi guys! Wanted some advice. I am closing in 2 weeks to making my 2 month post op from my 3rd procedure. All the hairs in the pic are from prior procedures It's sad to think all the money and time from 2 procedures got me such a poor result anyways do you guys think...trimming my entire head.. on the longest setting with hair clippers, Do you guys think I could get away with it?
  6. One month , have some shock loss around the scar unfortunately but used to it now
  7. How soon after a transplant can one get smp for their strip donor area 🤔 I doubt I'll ever get SMP especially not for a few years but I'm curious
  8. Something that worked great was putting Alott of dermatch and stubbing up and down on the scar so not just exactly on the scar. Let it setting for hours. Then I'd take a shower but not scrub that area nor let shampoo hit it. What I got was a really good blend. How ever my hair was a tiny bit longer than what I see in that pic.
  9. About a week now, and excited. although have lost a lost of faith in getting the result I want based on past experiences, this is starting to look different.