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  1. I think it's safe to say this is the final result. It was a massive difference and blessed to have this opportunity with Bloxham.
  2. Year mark,. Overall happy the Dr is amazing!. I do feel another pass would give me true satisfaction. With product and lose, it looks good but when split or comb hair back without product it still looks Abit see thru. Scar this time around stretch alot. Before a 3 was enough to cover. Now I definitely need atleast a 5
  3. I'm not 💯 sure but I know I need atleast a #5 anything lower like a 4 and you can see the outline
  4. If you look , you can see a thinning area above the ear. That's where the scar starts. It's much more obvious in person as I had friends point it out
  5. Mid 20s melvin 11 months! Area around scar I'm starting to noticed it being a bit thin or thinning to out it better. I'm pretty happy with the front altho I wouldn't mind a light pass in the front
  6. 10 months! Hairlines getting better and not as see thru as month 8 I am flirting with the idea of getting another procedure to handle my corners , maybe scar and a light pass in the front. Hope everyone is okay!
  7. 9 months!!!! Hairline is looking amazing a million times more natural than before. Some areas in the front are still a little bit see thru (in person you can see) but overall greattt 👍 Dr.Bloxham is excellent at what he does. My corner which are not the main focus, are still very see thru and do have to style or cover those areas. Left to right and vice versa comb isn't possible My scar hasn't improved much, my barbers even new ones can still notice it without me even telling them. Already recommend him to several workers. Really really wish I would of gone to him from the start. Great skills and compassion. Will be posting temples soon for better view
  8. Dr Bloxham is Great!! Can't go wrong with him. Everything will absolutely be worth it at the end
  9. Dr Blake bloxham is a phenomenal Dr! You're going to get a great result especially with 3k grafts!! Do you mind putting a before the procedure pic too?
  10. I could but at my age 4 ht procedures is just financial suicide. Didn't think I'd need to 4 surgeries when I know some with only 2 and worse hair loss
  11. 8 months 1st pic - hairline looking much softer and not as see thru has before definitely happy with that. Second pic- corners look gappy still and very see thru. I think it's safe to say I shouldn't expect any big difference from pre op as it was not a primary area. Still wish I could do the hair parting hair style 3rd pic - Scar stretched a little bit the first time but this time it stretched more and I can't do fades anymore. Overall considering everything I'm still really grateful and am much much better off then I was prior to all my procedures.
  12. When I attempt to comb my hair from one side to another, that's how it basically looks. Again the main focus was the front band, and he did some grafts in the corners but still thought after so many transplants it would be a bit better. Too soon to tell yet
  13. 7 months, Not much difference except the hairline gets softer which is great! Still has a see thru appearance tho seems slowly to get better. I've been trying to do a left to right comb hair style but I can't do it unless I use fibers. Based on my research my "repair" takes much longer than usual