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  1. I have those little, blonde hairs too (4 months post-op). I believe they need to cycle once or twice to come in darker
  2. Alright Gents--4 month update (time really flies). Overall happy with the progress. Donor is still a bit thin, though recipient is looking better everyday. I have stopped using concealer (which was one of the main goals of this procedure) and instead just style my hair with minoxidil foam in the mornings. Obviously it's not perfect, but it doesn't look like an obvious transplant at this point so not a big deal. Overhead Frontal Donor (right) Donor (back) Donor (left--for comparison) Frontal (soft lighting) Overhead (soft lighting)
  3. Thanks Shoowon! Yes, to clarify the "harsh lighting" pics are comparable to my prior pics and were all taken in my bathroom with the vanity lights on. The soft lighting is just in other rooms in the house, not directly under a light. I think the combination paints a more complete picture. Thanks RecessionProof! Yes, Toppik is more effective now, although not perfect since my loss is in the very front. I've had a bit of luck applying Toppik to the mid scalp and leaning forward while patting my head. This disperses a more conservative amount. I did get called out by a friend who knows I had work done for having powder on my head so my technique still needs some refining lol! Thanks Vic! Dr. Diep did the extractions himself. Not really sure on the manual vs motorized punch as he gave me his "Bill Cosby Cocktail" beforehand, so I don't really remember the details--but I'm assuming it's just whichever one he usually uses. Thanks HLP! Not really sure on donor healing timeline but I've read it's pretty consistent with the 1 year growth period. Melvin saw continued healing after the 5 month mark if i remember correctly, so that's encouraging.
  4. Alright Fellas, Got a haircut yesterday so figured I'd add a few pics. Overall I'm very encouraged by the progress in the recipient area (I'm at about 3 and a half months). Donor is a bit rough, below is cut at a 3 guard. Hoping this continues to heal up as expected. Will post 4 month update in a few weeks. Donor (right) Donor (back) Donor (left for reference) Donor (left 2) Overhead Overhead (2) Overhead (soft lighting) Frontal (soft lighting) Frontal (soft lighting 2) Overhead (soft lighting 2)
  5. LOL! Right to the important stuff! Love it! I actually pumped the brakes a little bit on dating. Not gonna lie, the last 2 months have been a bit of a rollercoaster with me oscillating between being encouraged by seeing budding hairs and worrying that it's not filling in and i'll have a shitty result. Not the best headspace to be wife hunting, IMO. Also, figured that the hat route is OK for a first and maybe second date but after that it starts to get a bit suspect. Hard facade to keep up for multiple weeks/months. I do have a date tomorrow though so we'll see how that goes. I did start training for a Spartan Race though so that's helped keep my mind off the plugs. Dude, that's so good to hear considering you got the GOAT FUE Diep result! Just checked your thread and looks like I have about 6 more weeks until it really pops. Just in time for summer! Exciting times!
  6. Alright boys, month 3 pics below. This month was hard as I was hoping for early growth (given Acell and Minoxidil) but haven't seen any. Native hair is still not quite long enough to use Toppik/Caboki without it looking like powder (hairline is always the hardest place to apply) so I've been wearing hats pretty much every time I go out. Noticed some buds so hopefully this is the month they sprout. Still looking better than at 2 month mark so hoping for continual improvement. Overhead Frontal 1 Donor (right side) Donor (back) Donor (left) Frontal 2
  7. Ask and ye shall receive I wouldn't necessarily say untouched, but I think it's healing well and encouraging for 2 months post-op. Right (closer) Left (untouched side) Back Back 2 Back 3
  8. Got a haircut today on the donor area only. Given the interest in the donor area and the extraction pattern figured I'd post a pic. This is exactly 2 months (to the day) at a 2 guard.
  9. 2 Month update Ugly duckling phase is no joke. I shaved my head weekly with a 0 guard for my first procedure so it wasn't as tough but this time I've just been letting it grow as I've read some claims of hair clippers damaging grafts. Even though Dr. Diep says it's fine after 2 weeks, i'm erring on the side of caution. Currently looks like shit though. Caboki still looks a little powderey in the hair, due to lack of length and density. I wore it to the gym today and I think it was passable but not great. Probably give it another week or so before wearing it into the office. Also added minoxidil around week 5 to help speed up the growth and have been taking biotin since about week 2 post-op. Seeing little sprouts but not sure if they're transplanted hair or just shock loss hair growing back. Front Overhead Overhead 2 Donor
  10. Hey Guys, Noticed a few pimples, which I believe is a sign of hairs trying to push through to the surface. Does anyone know if this is what these pimples are? No real growth yet. Will post full update pics at 2 months.
  11. Just ordered some Caboki boyos! Free offer through a youtube commercial, just have to pay shipping. Will report back.
  12. Ha, I see you've read my thread! TBH, it may still look rough at 3 weeks post-op returning to work but I'm about 6 weeks and the donor is not too noticeable. I would imagine that if there were really issues with how Diep does extractions then enough people would've complained over his 14 year career and he would've changed his style. As for the weed, maybe try vaping it instead of smoking? My understanding is that smoke of any kind reduces blood flow, which can hinder healing, but I think you'd avoid that issue with vaping.