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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 5 years
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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    Dr. Jim Harris
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    Propecia (Finasteride)
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  1. ^^^^this Excellent result dude. Looks amazing!
  2. Vermaj my friend, You got a nice looking result, happy for you!
  3. Hey all, A bit late but attached are my 12/14 month update pictures. I grew my hair a bit longer per forum recommendations. Looking for honest feedback, advice moving forward, as well as styling options.
  4. Per the suggestion of many in this thread I emailed Dr. Harris with my concerns and pictures. He agreed that the growth was not as expected and that if things don't improve by the 12 month mark I have two options: 1. Additional surgery at no charge 2. Refund Although I'm not pleased with my results thus far, I am happy that Dr. Harris is standing by his work and not trying to bullshit me by either saying the results are good or blaming my physiology for the poor growth. Not being able to leave the house without concealer is tough enough without being blamed for it as well. It's unfortunate because I have a friend who got a similar sized procedure (~1500 grafts) with Dr. Harris and his results are looking good so not sure why mine didn't turn out well. Regarding the options, as alluded to here, I'm leaning more towards getting a refund and going to a different doc. As has been discussed, all doctors have different methods and some methods work better on certain patients than on others. I'll be out in the Bay next month for a week or so and I reached out to Dr. Diep's clinic for a consult. I'll need to dig back into researching other FUE docs, I know Konior has a good reputation on here too so maybe I'll reach out to him this week. Also open to suggestions if anyone has any.
  5. Agree the crown looks great with the concealer in, don't really notice a darker spot on your video.
  6. Lol'd at the John Tesh music in your video. You ever think about using any concealer so you can keep rocking the side part? Or you like the slick back style?
  7. The man, the myth, the legend -- HT soon. Glad to see your crown looking good in your update video! Actually had an in-person consult set up with diep but had to cancel due to a work commitment. May need to reach back out to him for a second procedure.
  8. Appreciate the response Jean, and glad to see your recovery is going well. Afraid you may be right regarding my result as it's not really improving much. I just booked time off work for next may for a potential second surgery to remedy the current situation (which looks worse than pre-op tbh). You made an interesting point regarding asking for a refund and going with a different doc. Is that common practice? My thought was that a refund would only really be in play in the case of some kind of negligence (which is not the case here, just shitty growth). Anyone else have any insight on this? Unless things drastically improve in the next two months I'm going to need another procedure and even with no refund/discount I'll need to consider going elsewhere to avoid potentially burning through more grafts with poor aesthetic improvement.
  9. Attached 9 month update pics. Still room for improvement, but I think the growth in the last two months is encouraging. Also, there are small vellus (sp?) hairs that seem to be new. Hoping these darken in the next few months. Also of note, the hair that has grown in is somewhat coarse and wirey when compared to my native hair. I believe this is part of the hair maturation process which would indicate that things are still developing. One win to note is that after growing my hair out a bit I can use Toppik and it really improves the appearance of my hair. Still clumps a bit in the areas that are lagging, though provided these areas catch up in the next few months this might be a viable option going forward.
  10. Hi everyone, Thanks for all the responses. Not much change at month 8, and I was very busy at work, so elected not to post an update. A few items though: 1. David -- For what it's worth, I think you do an excellent job with this forum. Not sure what the cause of all the animosity towards the moderators and this forum is, but it seems somewhat strange to frequently use a forum and then complain about said forum. I know that I was in a much better place to make an informed decision as a result of primarily this forum, as well as other similar resources. 2. Dr. Harris -- I appreciate the response. You're correct that you did not have an email from me. In my 6 and 7 month updates, where I said I was waiting for growth, I was in no way insinuating that my result was bad -- just that I was impatiently awaiting my growth. I only really started to be concerned after the myriad of negative responses saying "get a refund!", "bad result!", etc. after my 7 month update. I re-read through SPEX's thread on patience, took a deep breath, and decided I'd hold off final judgment until 12 months (like is preached ad naseum on this forum).
  11. Decided to let it grow a bit as HTSoon recommended but it looks patch af and i'm positive people are staring trying to figure out wtf is going on up there. Might have to go back to the buzz.
  12. Thanks Bill! Tbh I wasn't really panicking until reading through all the responses on here saying that my growth is bad lol. All joking aside, I think it will turn out fine -- I just want it to happen a little faster.
  13. Thanks HTsoon. I was planning to leave buzzed at 1mm until the gaps between grafts close a bit more before growing it out. Perhaps i'll try growing it out now and sprinkling a bit of Toppik in.