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  1. Response from the clinic says the patch above my ear is shock loss that can take up to 1 year to regrow. They also suggested using rogaine on the area to speed things up.
  2. Yeah, I'm stoked on the recipient growth and would be happy even if it was done growing (which I don't think is the case). Never heard of retro alopecia but definitely a possibility. I emailed the clinic to see what Dr Diep thinks.
  3. @shookwon33 I'm happy with the recipient at this point and would be content if it didn't grow any more. I think the donor still looks pretty shitty on the right side. Not really sure how much this will improve as i'm already 6 months post op.
  4. Appreciate the encouraging words fellas. Head seemed to heal up pretty well after the incident so don't think there will be any issues in recipient area. Here are 6 month pics: Top (harsh lighting) Front (harsh) Right donor (harsh) Left donor (harsh) Right donor (soft) Left donor (soft) Overhead (soft) Frontal (soft)
  5. Bro, do you even lift back? JK man. Donor is looking awesome!
  6. Yeah dude, if you can find the thread it would be much appreciated.
  7. Yeah, not thrilled about the situation, but accidents happen. I was surprised to read online that most doctors suggest waiting only 3-4 weeks to return to contact sports (e.g., football, MMA, Etc.). Gives me a bit of hope that it's ok to bang your head at this point. Scarring is obviously a potential issue though.
  8. Hey Guys, Was going to post 6 month pics tomorrow but while I was out trail running today I managed to wack my head on a branch. It had a pretty sharp point so it punched a small hole in my recipient area (pic below). Obviously not thrilled about this. I came home immediately, showered, and applied some neosporin. Plan is to increase protein consumption and get a bit more sleep to hopefully help it heal up faster.
  9. The voice of reason--as usual After reading your comment I remembered that after my first surgery I had some shock loss above the ear on the right side (picture below). I didn't really monitor it but i'm assuming it grew back good enough that I never noticed it again so that's reassuring.
  10. Thanks dude! Per @Melvin-Moderator's suggestion i started using minoxidil foam twice a day. I've found the foam works like a mouse so i don't need other product in my hair. I would recommend you add into your routine around the 1 month mark (if i remember right i added around 6 weeks post-op)
  11. Appreciate the candor and also a fan of another Seinfeld avatar lol. I agree with you, I'm not fully satisfied at this point due to the donor area looking sparse. Very happy with recipient progress though. If donor heals up a bit more I would be over the moon.
  12. 5 Month Update Overall month 5 showed the most progress of any month so far. At this point I'm more or less happy with the recipient area--as it looks good in social situations IMO and i don't need to use concealers. Still hoping my donor area heals up a bit more. Overhead Frontal Right (donor) Left (donor) Back (donor) Right Donor (Soft Lighting) Left Donor (Soft Lighting) Back Donor (Soft Lighting) Frontal (Soft Lighting)
  13. Dude, 2K grafts in a relatively small area. This is gonna look awesome IMO. Make sure to follow post-op instructions and be patient. Mine looked worse for ~3 months and around 4 started to look decent. Steady improvement after month 3. Congrats!
  14. Lol, "baldies". That's OUR word! This site has been so helpful, i'll make sure to update at least monthly through 12 months post-op. After that, I'll likely be living the good life of a non-norwood (e.g., supermodel orgies, constant promotions at work, etc.) but i'll try to make some time to log-in now and then
  15. Dude, appreciate the update @shookwon33! Figured with the number of surgeries he does the one-side harvest is an okay method. Hope your procedure went well, and looking forward to following your updates. I'd recommend reading the post-op instructions at least once a day the first few weeks to make sure you don't miss anything. I'll post a 5 month update in a few days, but spoiler alert--it's lookin good 😎