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  1. Regardless of who wins we'll have a president with hair plugs. We've finally been accepted into the mainstream boys. God Bless America
  2. Ha! I never understand why you get shade on here. IMO this forum is very pro free speech which makes it an amazing place to learn and research. I've said dumb shit on here before and never felt censored by any stretch of the imagination. You got a great result from Diep, as did many other people, and that deserves to be communicated. Some people get less desirable results, with Diep or with other recommended docs, and that also gets communicated. Ultimately it's up to the researcher to decide for themself. Responding on this because i was tagged--I would say my procedures was
  3. Congrats, looks like great work. How long was the waiting list?
  4. It's quite possible I won't do anything. I've reached out to a few docs to get some options. I'm assuming the options will be: 1. Nothing 2. Fue scalp hair from left side 3. Fue beard hair 4. Smp I'm leaning towards option 2 or possibly 3.
  5. Would you mind elaborating on this? Not doubting you, just wondering why FUE would scar on the head but not the neck
  6. Thanks for posting this thread as many users, myself included, have interest in this topic. Could we see a pic of how your beard donor area is looking now? Any noticeable scarring on your face/neck? What's the benefit to using beard hair as opposed to chest hair, where the donor scarring would be completely covered by clothing?
  7. Ooo that's a good thought. I don't think i'd want FUE scars on my face, but could maybe use chest hair. Are body hair transplants reliable? I haven't seen much conclusive evidence either way on here (i might not be looking in the right places though)
  8. Wanted to get the group's thoughts on a potential FUE from my left donor to right donor to even out the thinness. Not surprisingly, taking grafts from one side leaves that side thinner--even with my donor area ~2 inches. I'm thinking something like 500 grafts above the ear area could reduce the contrast. My buddy had an Artas FUE with Dr. Alexander and that turned out well. Thoughts on strategy, doctor, recommendations?
  9. Around 18 months. Going for the gylenhal. Donor never recovered 🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. N=1 but still caused me to throw my tub away 😂 https://www.reddit.com/r/tressless/comments/elyekg/results_are_in_for_my_experiment_with_creatinefin/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
  11. Damn, might have to reconsider my use--been using it on/off for years and currently on for about 2 months. Noticed a lot of size gains but hair seems a bit thinner recently (hence searching this topic). Might drop to once a week. Combined with fin I would hope that's not too bad.
  12. Lol I know, I need to stop complaining about the donor. The number of compliments I've gotten on my hair has been insane
  13. Ask and ye shall receive 18 months, styled with minoxidil foam which thickens it a bit
  14. A few more donor pics. Decided against SMP. Bought some Dermmatch to test it out, but overall i think i just need to keep my hair a bit longer. Dermmatch could come in handy post-haircut if they go too short. Right Left (comparison) Right (Dermmatch)
  15. Does anyone have any thoughts on doing SMP in the donor area? It's still noticeably thinner at shorter lengths, and i'm thinking that quarantine might be a good time to get it touched up.
  16. Gents, Snapped a few pics pre- and post haircut this week and figured you guys might like to see them. No toppik, no dermatch, etc. Straight up. Pre-haircut (Bieber mode) Post-haircut
  17. Hey Shook, Tbh, I didn't watch it too closely after about the 7 month mark except for the donor. Reason being that I was happy with my recipient area at month 7 so any additional growth was just a bonus. I think there hair thickened/darkened a bit in the second half of the year, but nothing substantial. From looking at your 6 month update you already have a killer head of hair. Probably time to be less worried about your hair and more worried about getting fucked to death by the fairer sex 😜
  18. Thanks Melvin! Thanks for keeping this forum going with high quality posts. I know you have to deal with some BS drama sometimes, but this forum is incredibly valuable for those researching hair transplants (like my former self).
  19. Alright boyos, here's the final 12 month update. Overall I'm happy with the recipient area. Donor is still thin, but looks better with a bit of additional length. If I were to do it again, I would ask to have the donor grafts taken from throughout the donor, rather than just the right side--but whatever. I probably won't check this site very often now, at least not until I "need" another HT--but will try to login in occasionally to encourage other members and respond to any questions. Best of luck everyone! OH (harsh) OH 2 (harsh) Front (hars
  20. That's awesome! Happy to chat with him via PM if that's helpful for him. I've tried to keep (most) all questions in this thread to help it be a comprehensive resource for people getting a Diep FUE (similar to your thread), but happy to answer any one-off questions he might have.
  21. Just had a date with a total babe (like wifey material) but she sat on my bad side, so hoping that doesn't sink me for a second date. Feeling like Costanza
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