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  1. Wow your donor is looking insane! Mine looks way worse. Maybe it is an age thing. You younger folks heal faster.
  2. Wow, doesn't seem like there is any shed so far. I wouldn't shave it to even out just yet though, I saw some guy who thought he was safe from the shed shave it...then it shed right after. I started going back to the gym at 3 weeks.
  3. Finally got my graft count (it's actually 2,041 grafts) Singles: 314 Doubles: 1,008 Triples: 587 Quads: 132 Total Grafts: 2,041 Total Hairs: 4,619
  4. I went to Dr. Diep, seems to gets good results (I'm only one month post op, so no personal experience). However, my donor feels a bit more abused than others I have seen. Wasn't a bad process overall though. Canada is pretty close, why don't you also check out Hasson and Wong? I chose Dr Diep for his hairline skills and familiarity with Asian hair. However, if I ever need another, I'm checking into H&W for the area behind hairline
  5. Month 1 - back and sides. Some shock loss in the back created bald spots. Not sure if it is my imagination, but I have a lot more white hairs on the harvested side now lol.
  6. Month 1 - a good amount of hair has shed, this began in week 2 and now looks like this on top at month 1.
  7. Yeah, I'm hoping so. It's sort of the spot where I was sleeping on with the airplane pillow they gave for the first few days. It's also pretty itchy. Your donor area is looking great!
  8. @Melvin-Moderator The bald spot is right at the border of the donor area (moreso on the donor side). Do you think it could be alopecia areata or just normal shock loss? My donor area in general is looking pretty rough. Attached is a close up and slightly more zoomed out picture of the back of my head.
  9. It's still a bit short so looks goofy. yeah I plan to grow out everything a lot more. Hopefully that helps.
  10. Went totally normal. I'll let you know how it works out in 8 months lol.
  11. There's a guy on YouTube who did daily vlogs and he escaped the shed. Life of Steve
  12. The last picture is amazing. You probably look 10 years younger! I'm also impressed with your donor area immediately post op and on day 5. I only had about 2k grafts and it looks way more harvested than your total.