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  1. I will say though, looking at earlier pictures of myself there's definitely a huge improvement. I guess I sort of forgot where I started...
  2. Yeah, the same sentiment here. I think it was just expecting too much after seeing others. However, I think I have thin diameter hair compared to other asians, which makes their results look more full. Also, I agree that the area on the right was harvested a bit heavily.
  3. Left side was not harvested...he doesnt go all the way around. I guess there's a positive in that I have an unharvested area.
  4. Hi Everyone, Sorry for the delay in posting as I know some people rely on these updates for decision making (like I did). At first it was just slight disappointment that caused the lag and put me off to posting, then things just got crazy in the world recently. Again, apologize for the lack of updates. At this point, I believe I am 18 months in... The front is a lot more thin than I expected...I have to put some thought into it. However, when it is dry and a bit longer it looks ok. When it is wet you can definitely see through it. As illustrated below. I've also included some
  5. I have to say though, it has noticeably improved since the 6 month mark. Hoping for some more significant progress in the next month.
  6. Thanks @Melvin-Moderator. I am a little over the 7 month mark now. This seems to be the point where everyone is mostly satisfied, however I think mine still is still a bit sparse (still very see through). Hoping I am a slow grower and there is still much more to come.
  7. Wow man, so happy for you. I opened this thinking your first post looked terrible. Glad you persevered and did not give up. I am a bit concerned that my FUE isnt dense enough on my hairline. I still plan to have my hair decently long...will SMP to fill in the density help even if I have most of my hair longer or will it look obvious/ weird?
  8. Any pictures from the front (instead of top down) so we can see the hairline better?
  9. 6.25 months at this point, I think it is getting a little better day by day, but would not be happy at all if it stops here as it is still thin and frankly looks obvious. A few pictures from slight distance under dimmer lighting and a couple up close with harsh lighting. I don't comb it like this right now...I usually just leave product out and let it fall down to cover at the moment.
  10. Dang really wanted to see where he ended up as it looks like I was along the same path time wise....
  11. My donor area is a bit thin, but at a 2 guard cannot see the scarring. I am about 5.5 months post-op. Like you, I have fine hair, especially for an Asian person (normally thick), so am curious what my results will be at the 7-8 month mark.
  12. oh, also FYI, this is about 4 days after getting a 2 clip fade. LOL...finally get HT and now I got gray hairs growing in...oh well, can't win em all.
  13. Sick results so far man! I wish I was as fast of a grower as you. Hopefully mine catches up in time. Congrats on the progress so far though, pumped for you.
  14. Sorry all - not much was going on at month 4, which was discouraging, however I should have still taken some photos for others to reference. Here it is at a little over 5 1/2 months. Still not super thrilled and getting concerned about the density. I still have to cover it and can't brush it normally because you can still definitely tell something has been done. Harvested area looks kind of thin, but definitely not super obvious at this point.
  15. 3 Month Update: Things moving a bit slower than I would like, but looks like there is some stuff happening. Right side looks really thin still and I suspect it is over harvested. Gray hairs coming out like crazy, wonder if it is just a coincidence...
  16. Month 2 update - most of the hair has shed. A bit concerned at this point as not a lot of stubble/regrowth has happened. Also, not sure if this a coincidence or not, but I suddenly have a lot of gray hairs....comparing my pre-op pictures on page to now...it is a significance difference. Donor area also does not look good. I actually inspired one of my coworkers to go get a HT. He said he had been looking for awhile and after I did it...seeing how people didn't really think it was a big deal nudged him to just do it. He actually just went to a local HT doctor, Ken Williams. What was
  17. Wow your donor is looking insane! Mine looks way worse. Maybe it is an age thing. You younger folks heal faster.
  18. Wow, doesn't seem like there is any shed so far. I wouldn't shave it to even out just yet though, I saw some guy who thought he was safe from the shed shave it...then it shed right after. I started going back to the gym at 3 weeks.
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