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  1. Hi smp Yes in theory smp can be lightened however, it is always best to wipe off and start again. You want to maximise any existing hair you have and have a smp practitioner who does small dots. Smaller the needle more real the results look. Where are you based? With the Quanta Q+C one session can be enough if you require rework, as the canvas does not have to be 100% clear. You can get it to around 95% clear if you go to the right laser tech. I went to beautycarenederland to see Isabelle van Rijn. You'll find nobody better for laser. Had my 4th and final amp session yesterday. Pics taken yesterday still a bit red but redness gone down today. Procedure was painless. I would highly recommend elixir as he is from a barbering background originally and has had a hair transplant like me too.
  2. Laser that removed my previous bad SMP is the Quanta Q+C laser. This is the most efficient laser to wipe SMP off. I tried other lasers that were not successful. I also sought advice from Dermatologists and skin specialists who advised Alexandrite lasers are dangerous for use on the scalp. Quanta Q+C only way to go. Here in London, hospital laser removal Dr's only use the Quanta. It is Gold standard. I had mine removed by Isabelle van Rijn at beautycarenederland in the Netherlands. She is extremely experienced, over a decades experience with lasering SMP and tattoos. She also has an smp clinic. Cannot recommend her enough.
  3. 3rd session complete. 1 more to go next week then all done! I cannot recommend Elixir pigmentation enough.
  4. If this is an smp recently done, then the top must have time to settle and blend into the sides. It looks a lot better than he was before. Personally I'd have gone more aggressive on the hairline as this is one advantage smp has over other options if done in the correct way. Some smp artists can create a fade haircut look by blending the sides into the top, with a skin fade effect. When pulled off well, and done by artists that specialize in this kind of smp, it is very good.
  5. Final laser session complete. To wipe this off, I discovered the hard way that the QUANTA Q PLUS C is the most efficient laser. It literally erased everything in one sitting. So I wasted the other 2 laser sessions with lasers nowhere as good as the QUANTA Q PLUS C. This laser is gold standard in tattoo removal, used by hospitals. New procedure of SMP due in 8 weeks
  6. The ink that company is rumoured to at least contain, Talens drawing ink which says 'NOT SUITABLE FOR TATTOOING' on the bottle. I've had people in the SMP industry confirm this. When I questioned the CEO of that company around the ink they use, it seemed to hit a pressure button. He raised his voice, used bad language etc and said due to 'Health and safety' he can't disclose what's in the ink HIS use. He then went on to say that he gets the ink in big bottles from the USA and it's FDA approved. I can write a book on the amount of dangerous, destructive and even deadly things 'approved' by the FDA. Yep that is definitely the Paul Clarke look. Signature. Suits you well buddy and completely natural. I have another laser session in September. Bear in mind this is only week 3 post 1st laser with the ATV 755 wavelength. I had 1 session with 1064 before and it shifted nothing. I'm told real fading starts at 4 weeks onwards, plus another session in sept. Then I've booked for rework in late Nov/Dec subject to fading. I will not have any goofy hairlines or side profiles. I may go a little lower than yours with the hairline though, and go for a skin fade look, which when pulled off by the right practitioner, looks unreal. It all depends how one Carrys themselves, how they dress etc. This will play a big part in the smp style.
  7. 2 and a half weeks post laser 1st session with alex trivantage 755 wavelength update:
  8. I've had 2000 FUE to front and they seem unaffected by laser. Once I'm re inked with quality vegan pigment, those FUE will add some texture to new smp.
  9. Hairthere exactly. Fact is, SMP has exploded now with the evolution of vegan smp designed inks, low maintenance, and choice of jagged, shaped up, natural, or even skin fade looks on offer from the best practitioners. To achieve those hairlines you posted plus the grafts in middle and crown or even just 2 areas of the head, you have to have a great donor area. Even then, in certain lighting, even with the best Doctors in the world, the grafts will look a little spaced out compared to natural hair. There are a huge number of people now that have a hair transplant, rock the slick back HT look, and get smp in between the grafts to add density. HT and SMP are both limited, yes. But for a youthful hairline and overall coverage, plus low maintenance and not having to worry about chasing grafts in future, SMP is becoming the preferred option for many. I'm not dismissing HT's just saying the industry has to accept smp is now a real solution and real alternative. With a properly done smp, and even before, I'd use Barbour clippers no guard twice a week. SMP and say, 2000 grafts 'sprinkled' to add texture can be a super tidy look. Heck, even SMP alone can. I had a bad procedure. But I've every confidence now I'm going to have rework by a industry leading SMP clinic, that I'd look better with a soft but full smp with faded temples, sides blending from light to slightly darker on top, much lighter than before to match my skin tone and hair colour. AKA the 'skinfade' SMP look with no sharp lines just soft but slightly shaped like the last pic hairthere posted.
  10. That's cool. I wasn't directly referring you being grandiose. But a lot of people are. A properly done SMP on me, given the fact I have some hair on top, will go slightly further than a couple days shaven look. I could buzz with electric barber clippers with no guard twice a week. Plus I have about 2000 grafts left for FUE, which could be 'sprinkled' all over to create more of a 3d look. It's an option I may not even need as SMP done by top pracs is virtually undetectable due to the evolution of SMP techniques. There is a very good outcome to be had in my case. I'll put it to the test and I've every faith in my rework team. Even a NW7 with no donor hair would look better with a well performed smp than bald. Touch ups depend on how well skin absorbes pigment. Touch ups even every 2/3 years are cheap compared to FUE and often touch ups are not needed for years. Some have never had a touch up. It's all about finding the right SMP prac. With natural results. And not making the same mistake as I did with HIS HAIR who are a smear on the SMP industry.
  11. The SMP industry has evolved and is booming right now. I also have had 2100 FUE by Dr Feriduni to the frontal area. I do not have enough donor hair to transplant the crown, and I have slight diffuse thinning in the middle. This was a bad procedure by a company that produces constant bad results. I fell in to their marketing trap as they 'innovated' SMP. We all make mistakes. Now back so SMP. There has always been, or certainly used to be a belief that SMP was garbage, waste of time etc. Not the case now days. The very best SMP artists can produce 3d effect SMP, natural results. Just look at the before and after pics of Paul Clark and Jonathan Gerow. When combined, SMP/FUE combo looks very good, providing one can rock a short hair style. Results undetectable when done by the right practitioners and docs. The best artists now use vegan ink, no additives that can cause the head to turn blue and no longer dish out goofy hairlines. Best artists will measure a hairline properly according to clients face, raising of the eyebrows etc, to determine what hairline to go with. I do not think there is an argument for anything being 'fake' providing one goes with the best SMP practitioners out there. SMP is essentially doing what a hair transplant does, restoring what was once there, albeit with a short buzzed/shaven look but it frames the face. For clients that do not have enough donor hair for whole head FUE, SMP if done correctly, is a fantastic option. Permanent SMP is now as good as temporary, due to the evolution of the procedure and quality of ink used by the best artists out there. Furthermore, lots of people are now choosing SMP over a hair transplant. There are pitfalls to HT's as you're always chasing the hairloss. Lots if people are also using SMP to thicken a HT. I had a bad SMP. By a crooked clinic. And I advise anyone considering SMP to stay away from that clinic. My rework plan involves one of the best SMP practitioners in the world. I will be posting progress of laser fading, and new SMP once laser has faded the awful procedure I had. Some people with hair transplants get all grandiose and disregard SMP. But SMP has now exploded onto the scene and is now a first choice option for many. Not everyone wants a slick back HT look. Some people like low maintenance short hair.
  12. It's looking slightly better now after 2 laser sessions. I got a threatening call from the CEO of HIS saying if I take my posts down on forums he'll give me free SMP. No way am I letting that sunk to the bottom of the ocean company touch my head. He was swearing/cursing, threatening to blame his freelancers for the botched job even though it was done in a HIS CLINIC WITH A HIS CONTRACT HIS TOOLS AND HIS INK. He said he'll bend the truth and say that it's the work of his freelancers and HIS are not taking responsibility. He put words in my mouth saying when I complained, I said I was 'happy' with the treatment! He was livid. I asked what ink he used and he said he can't tell me that due to health and safety and it's all FDA approved from USA. He said that he trained all the best smp pracs and they all 'stole from him' He refused me a refund saying he ain't giving me a refund so I can get work done elsewhere. After the call I emailed him saying do not ever call my phone with threatening, intimidating language and blackmail again or I will take steps to report harassment. My plan is to get it reworked by Paul Clark once laser has faded it. It has faded, and I've another laser session booked for September attached pic of how it looks now.