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  1. I can attach some pictures when I get off of work but it was pretty severe. I had scaling and bad inflammation and I’d lose hair with scales attach to the end of them. I’ve since then gone to a dermatologist and used ciclopirox(antifungal) clobestol solution(for the inflammation) and oral antifungal. It’s gotten way better and hair thickness has gotten better, just the hair line has been coming back slowly but unsure if it’ll come back to how it use to be. The consultations I’ve had I’ve been told that it’s mild mpb but that the seborrheic derm could have sped up the process of my hairline thinning. If that makes sense
  2. thank you very much. i have been doing a lot of research because of this site and its awesome members that seem to help everyone and pretty much positive and uplifting for the most part. i guess im just pretty nervous because you never think itll happen to you until it does and ive never have had sugery before.
  3. do you think he would be a good choice? also i was recommended that i should take finasteride by both gabel and varona. im 31 and have never had hair loss prior until last year when i got seborrheic dermitis on my hairline, i have been dealing with it and my hair seems to be coming back in thicker but the hair line is taking a lot longer and not sure if itll come back to how i was before
  4. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond, can you elaborate on him needing more grafts? he quoted me at 1600 but said if he went over it would be at no additional charge and he uses implanters and does a lot of the work himself. As you pointed out, i like him because he seems dedicated and caring as well.
  5. Hey guys, first time poster, this site has helped me so much in becoming informed and well researched in hair loss and with helping choosing a doctor based on patient reviews and experiences. ive had a couple of consultations with dr gabel, and have one coming up with rahal and have had one with dr christopher varona so far. i will continue to do my due diligence, and seek other consultations. i really liked doctor varona and his price per graft fue($7) is the same as doctor gabel, he didnt try to up-sell me, or sound like a salesman. He's not on the recommended doctors on this website as the ones that im going to have consultations with but was just hoping to get some advice and feedback on what you guys think? my english isnt very good, so my apologies in advance if this post is hard to read or understand. thank you.