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  1. Thanks! I do feel that tuft could have been reinforced with grafts but once it grows out I don't think anyone will be able to notice it's less dense.
  2. Thanks! Having the process documented is extremely worthwhile, as time passes you lose sight of how it was in the beginning.
  3. So far, about an 8. Ask me again at 12 months, hopefully it will be at 10!
  4. No flaking and usually to the recipient area
  5. 7 months A bald patch on my right side has started to sprout otherwise not a lot to report Still itching
  6. Thanks, yes I plan on letting it grow out now
  7. 6 months More growth and thickening Right side is lagging behind the left side Still itching occasionally
  8. 5 months • Hair growth and filling in since last post, still more hairs coming through so area is itching occasionally
  9. I decided on DHI from the beginning as it is supposed to have a higher success rate and can achieve greater density..
  10. 4 months • Hair slowly filling in, cut it down to a 4 blade on top and can see a lot of small hairs starting to sprout • Still itching in recipient area but nothing terrible
  11. 3 months Not a huge amount has changed within the last month New hair starting to grow, albeit only a small amount at this stage. I haven't cut the recipient area (top) since my procedure so all the hairs are at different lengths. Appears my left side is growing faster than my right? Some folliculitis in the crown recipient area Itching generally all over
  12. Thanks. Only the needles for the anesthesia were painful (7), other than this the whole process has been relatively pain free. I’m not entirely sure if DHI is less painful, however I’m told there is a quicker recovery time when compared to traditional FUE.