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  1. That’s the best way to do it or else you’ll be hyper focusing on it every day haha!
  2. Off to a fantastic start, man! It’s looking great and you can already start to imagine how the end product is going to be! Really digging the hairline you have going on and think you are really going to like how it looks when it’s all filled in! Keep up the great attitude!
  3. Hang in there! It’s coming along! Expect a fantastic result!
  4. Honestly, I feel that haha! I remember at the 2 month mark, they told me to start massaging my head lightly to stimulate growth. I was bad at staying on top of it, so my girlfriend would do it for me and I’ve never experienced something so good and therapeutic! So I’m giving her credit for how much hair growth I’ve had!
  5. Thank you so much! Patience, patience, and more patience! Your result is going to turn out sooooo well! Just needs time to grow!
  6. Hello everyone! 6-month update today! Still happy, still loving it! Novelty hasn’t worn off and loving all the compliments I get daily ! Moving forward, I’m going to take a page out of @83mjs book and go a bit quiet with the monthly updates until closer to the year mark! Of course, I’m always happy to answer any questions people may have and will check in regularly to see other people’s forums! As always, such a great community and so happy to have been able to share my experience with others! Chat soon!
  7. Hey man! Congratulations on your new do! You definitely won’t regret and the best is yet to come! Sounds like we had the same team and so glad to hear they were as good to you as they were to me! Your end result looks spectacular and I’m very excited to follow along your forum to see how it all plays out! P.S. Oh yeah, I remember the length and pain very vividly 😂! But trust me when I say, it’s going to be very short-lived and you’re going to be so happy in the end!
  8. Looks great! Unnoticeable to even my eyes! Glad it’s coming along!
  9. Hello! First of all, thank you so much! I’m excited that you are thinking about having this done for yourself - you won’t regret it! As for shave vs non-shave, I don’t think this should impact your end results in any way (or at least I can’t imagine it changing the results). I went with the shave option because I wanted the simplicity for my post-op care (and so that I could experience the feeling of a shaved head 😂). However, this might be a question better asked during your consultation either through WhatsApp or in-person! I can’t remember the name from the people on my team but t
  10. Thanks man! Appreciate it! Honestly, my experience and many others on here who had Cinik are super happy!
  11. Looking good, man! Things are coming together nicely. I’m sure the sparseness along the hairline will work itself out and will become thicker over time! Looking forward to seeing where you are at in a few months time!
  12. That’s great, man! You won’t regret it! Also, if it helps at all, I booked in mid February to go in early March and had lots of choices of days that worked!
  13. So exciting, man! Very stoked to see how this one plays out!
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