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  1. Thank you so much! It still doesn’t get old for me and love having new styles to work with. Currently, I’m growing out the top a lot more to move toward a different style
  2. Hahaha! I most certainly could! I’ve wanted to play around with the idea of growing a wicked beard!
  3. Hey man! Most certainly! Here are some photos from today! Still super happy and loving it! No complaints at all!
  4. DUDE! This looks phenomenal! This is exactly how mine was looking at the 4 month mark and I remember feeling exactly how you did! You think that nothing else can change, but honestly, it does get better and thicker! So happy for you!
  5. Thank you so much for the kind and thoughtful words of affirmation and congratulations! I am in Calgary Alberta Canada, which by this point in the year, it is already heavily snowing 😂! I hope these pictures can help encourage someone to take the leap and have a hair transplant procedure done so they can see how their results may show up!
  6. Quick update on my end! Today, was a special day, as it was the day I decided to propose to my now fiancée! The reason I’m bringing this up was there were multiple shots taken by the photographer from my side profile. In the past (before my HT), this is something that would have been an absolute NIGHTMARE and something that I would cringe (something we are all too familiar with). I saw the photos and my mouth dropped! I was so thrilled with how they turned out and I wanted to take the opportunity to share with everyone on the forum. This is the reason I stand so strongly in support of hai
  7. Looks fantastic man! The concealer adds a nice touch to it while it grows in properly! Great update and you’re on your way to great results!
  8. Fantastic man! Great progress for the 3 month mark! Ugly duckling phase is almost over. I found things really came together for myself at month 4, which is when I started styling my hair as well! Hopefully you got some nice locks for Christmas!
  9. That’s the best way to do it or else you’ll be hyper focusing on it every day haha!
  10. Off to a fantastic start, man! It’s looking great and you can already start to imagine how the end product is going to be! Really digging the hairline you have going on and think you are really going to like how it looks when it’s all filled in! Keep up the great attitude!
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