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  1. Of course! My pleasure :). Emotions are going to be high because this is such an exciting journey to go through. Rest assure, you are only at the beginning of this journey. Ride the waves and the ups and downs, and be excited for how this is going to alter your appearance and confidence!
  2. The cracks around the recipient area are completely normal! If you look at my photo from day 4, it looks very similar. Also, you’re only going to see a small proportion of the the hair/grafts right now because the scab is thick. Once you’re able to start massaging them out, then you’ll start to see the whole hair follicle. As for the smoking, please make sure you do not smoke anymore, especially in the early phase. This is a very crucial time right now for the grafts to take and smoking and excessive alcohol consumption has been known to decrease blood flow and therefore, increase healing time. Take a breath, remain calm, and be patient with yourself. This process takes time and the more compliant you are to your post-op care, the better the result will be. We are always here to help
  3. You’re results are going to look incredible, man! I have no doubt in my mind. Patience is the name of the game and all of us have gone through (and continue to go through it). There will be ups and downs, but the end result is going to be fantastic, even if you need to have a second procedure down the road
  4. Thank you so much, man! That means so much! I’m happy my experience has been able to help in your process in your hair restoration journey! Excited to see how your results play out!
  5. Looks great man! Excited for your journey and to see how this turns out for ya! I had my procedure done with Cinik 4 months ago and am SUPER happy with the results so far. You can check out my forum to see how it has gone. Cinik is the man!
  6. There it is, man! That fresh cut definitely cleans everything up nicely! Glad you’re feeling about it, too!
  7. Great update, man! It’s challenging because you are seeing yourself everyday and looking for small changes (which of course is the hardest part!). But rest assure, it looks great right now and you’re still ahead of the curve in terms of what people should normally expect. Those small hairs that are sprouting will continually grow and mature and gain more follicle pigmentation and therefore create a thicker and fuller appearance. It is still an impressive result and impeccable work done by the surgeon! I have a feeling that month 6 is where things are really going to take off! And the haircut is going to clean it up nicely!
  8. I’m still on 1 mg fin (no side effects), saw palmetto, and biotin daily
  9. Thanks man! I received 3200 grafts with the DHI technique!
  10. Thank you so much! Very happy with how things are coming through! No worries, man! That’s why I didn’t want to assume the worst because sometimes things get lost in translation! Thank you for your kind words!
  11. Oh, my haha! I hope that this was meant to be a typo and that you actually meant to say uphill 😂 Thanks for the encouragement and kind words, man! I appreciate it! I’m wondering if Egy made a typo. Either way, I’m super jacked and nothing can change that! Excited to see where the next month takes me!
  12. Gentlemen! This is month 4! I am feeling such an overwhelming feeling of happiness and excitement while writing this update today! Today was the first day that I was allowed to style my hair after getting a fresh cut. When I looked in the mirror, I saw a completely changed man. Being able to see the changes that have happened in 4 short months was nothing short of extraordinary. I am beyond happy with how things look right now and am excited to see where the next few months will take me! I just have to say that this has been such a life-altering experience and I am beyond happy that I decided to take the plunge and have this procedure done. Who knew something as simple as hair could play such a huge role in our confidence! I want to thank this network for always being so supportive and informative. I look forward to continuing with my monthly updates. Just had to say how happy I am right now 😭!
  13. Thanks man! Slowly but surely things are coming together! Patience is the name of the game!