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  1. true... but you have to say, just in hair transplant technology, we have come a loooong way in the past 10 years! so... why not even better in the next 10
  2. no, it's because from what I read, even places where they charge 20k don't necessarily get better results than the 3k places... so why should I waste so much if I'd get just as good chances for way less?
  3. just not interested in the FUT and the scarring, I'm kinda betting on science for my future problems with further thinning of my hair lol the temporary solution that FUE will give me I'm guessing will last around 0 years until it's more noticeable, after that, science will take over, hopefully.
  4. If I compare with my dad and grand father, it kinda stops, it won't turn into a full crown. I will never take the medication because the effects are even worse for me than the loss of hair lol IMHO
  5. I DO NOT WANT medication, don't want to fix a problem by creating another one, and I really don't want to go FUT, the scar is just terrible... I've seen a lot of adds about 5000 grafts for 3000$, was just wondering if you knew of one of them that could be ok! was looking into MCAN just now actually. waiting on a hairdresser that got a client that got one for 3000$ and results are amazing! I'd say max 5000$ all included would be my budget. mind you plane tickets are about 1300...
  6. just turned 36, what if I want more grafts? to help for future loss let's say, would that be ok or useless? It already looks time consuming, might as well go for max grafts no?
  7. I've been reading for quite a while, looked at the doctors that you recommend, only 2 seem to come from turkey, one has a bunch of negative reviews... not too sure I want to go there... I live in quebec Canada, I'm a teacher and looking for the best bang for the least amount... about a yeah ago, I kept seeing FUE transplants in turkey for 3000$, which is a great price! but finding reviews for those clinics were next to impossible. Since I've seen people pay almost 20k and get bad results, I'm guessing it's not about the cost, but about who does it. have A LOT OF HAIR in the back and sides, and if I compare with my dad and GF, they both have this pattern of baldness, back and sides will never be a problem. so donor hairs should be ok. I was then wondering, who here got good results by a clinic that made those 3000$ HT?? are they a myth or what? is turkey really the best solution in terms of $ for me, or should I also look at south america or something? brasil maybe? I'm portuguese, so I do speak the language. any help would be greatly appreciated! I feel almost more lost after reading for a year than before...