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  1. I have basically restored my crown. Thats why.... I only got like 100 grafts on crown and no point having a nice front if my crown is visibly balding. I dont like the balding look and would end up shaving and being depressed. Being honest there have been no sides and ive been on 200mg Spiro for 2 weeks. The difference it makes is beyond beleif and except having sore left nipple I have 0 sides, I shed 0 hair. When there is no sign of balding I will taper down doses. I dont want to use more of my donor at all, ever if possible. I am now at 4.5 months after the op and 6 months into meds. I think I will have a ful l head of hair very soon with minimal signs of balding. Heres for hoping.
  2. Very happy to finally be seeing progress. compared crown pics from January to today and ive definately progressed in the crown area. Started 200mg oral Spironolactone and 5mg oral minoxidl about a week ago, I am hoping and praying I can recover to a happy NW2.
  3. Ok guys.... Im 100% im getting regrowth now. had some vellous hair down on my original lower hairline and I can see them slowly all going terminal. You can even see very few thicker hairs sprouting. Its very slow progress.... but atleast its something! Oral: Still on 0.5 duta x2 per week. 2.5 mg fina daily saw palmetto 200mg+ dermaroll 0.5 Topical: 15% minox+ fina+ topical Spiro. Soon starting 2.5 mg oral Minoxidl. Possibly try 100mg oral Spironolactone, libido is still good if not a little better possibly due to test increase via DHT inhibition. Worst side effects have honestly been from Minoxidl thus far....
  4. I agree, and must remember its only been 5 weeks since operation in those pictures and 3175 grafts were taken which is a substantial amount. Its also shaved down to lowest guard possible 0. Cinik and staff did a wonderful job, hopefully the growth in 3 months is just as good as the minimal scarring.
  5. So you want to see full pic of donor? or pic of donor before FUE procedure? i dont have any pics of donor shaved on low guard as I had longer hair before the clinic shaved my head. Am keeping hair shaved now since its easier and more effective to apply topicals (minox, spiro, fina etc) on a shaved head. Heres a pic of my whole donor area 1.5 month after FUE.
  6. Close to Invisible FUE scars- 3175 grafts. Only 2 months after the operation. im very happy I can shave to low guard if I eventually loose the battle against MPB.
  7. Updated pic on crown and me at baseline. I think magic is very slowly happening, hard to tell with a shaved head but I do think my hair is slowly thickening up. I see a small number of terminal hairs also sprouting at hairline. Which is great. Fue scars are invisible 2 months after the procedure. Im down to 0 guard and nobody has noticed anything was done to my head. A testament to Dr Cinik and his staffs extraction and scar-less tecnique (atleast in my case).
  8. Compared to where you where before these are wicked results. I would be very happy...
  9. Saw palmetto is alot weaker vs Finasteride. I would say anyone with significant Androgenetic hairloss should opt for Finasteride vs Saw palmetto. I take both but saw palmetto doesnt do much, I just have some from Cinik so I will use it. I dont think side effects are possible with saw palmetto unless in ultra-rare scenarios but I dont think it does much either. Just my gut feeling thats all...
  10. Lots of new vellous hair on temples, hopefully they will go terminal and thicken up as time goes by. I can defo see something happening on temples. Nothing on crown/ mid scalp just yet. Now on Minoxidl 3 months, Finasteride 2 months. Dutasteride approx 1.5 weeks.Topical spiro 1.5 weeks. Some side effects to report since starting dutasteride: Random minor ball ache slight tenderness in breast, keeping a close eye and there is no gyno just yet. Ill have Raloxifene at hand for peace of mind. sleeping seems a little more challenging, may have to do with meds or may not. Irregular heart beat with minoxidl and also some water retention from Minoxidl. Im also getting vellous hair everywhere on forehead/ face. Eyebrows growing longer. Black eye sockets with Minoxidl. Trying to counter all this with Aloe vera gel applied to face 2x daily. Less Libido and sex drive BUT I still get erections and still same consitency. Beards seems to be growing slightly slower.
  11. Yeah I get your point, its a hard one, but having NW7 in my immediate family and being a nw6/7 diffuser myself it was important to me that scarring is minimal so I can resort to shaving my bald head if I ever loose the fight or decide to give up meds for some reason which someday will happen (hopefully im 40+ years old). People change, mentalities change and I wanted to be safe. I also researched a good FUE doc with small punch size and my doctors used 0.7mm and implanted with choi pens. Its hard and hair loss is a cunt. I dont think I will ever extract more follicles from my scalp, If I had to do more HTs itll be chest and beard hair or shaved head for life. This is why im going hard on meds with dutasteride etc for regrowth as I basically have 1 shot to make this work.
  12. It depends how many grafts you get and if you go FUE or FUT. The recovery is very hard, harder than I thought. It plays with your head and your constantly looking in the mirror. I was wearing a hat after 2 weeks. I was on the plane for 28 hours with a hat from Turkey back to Melbourne. It was hard but I did it. If you can get more off time do it, the more the better. Transplant area will be red for months, donor should heal quick but was uncomfortable for me, kept using aloe vera gel from dr cinik.
  13. Well to each his own, unless I get my hair to grow thicker itll be a buzz cut for the rest of my life. I cant stand balding/thinning head and prefer short cut. FUE 3000 graft has given me a frontal hairline again and theres a MASSIVE difference between bald head buzzcut and short cut/buzzcut with visible hairline framing the face. I already shave my head 2 months post op and will do so until I get growth in another 6 months and in the same time frame thicken the mid scalp and crown. If that doesnt happen it will forever remain buzzed. Scars are barely visible in my case, nobody noticed on 0 guard. Im very happy about this as can keep shaving low guard until I need to...
  14. Ive seen some white spot FUE scars also. I did my op 3175 grafts at DR Cinik in Turkey on 13 th December 2019. So about a Month and 2 weeks ago. I have shaved my head to 0 guard. This is what it looks like, nobody around me realised anything was done. This is only a month after the procedure. I use Fresh Aloe vera gel on my whole scalp and it seems to help. Punch is 0.7mm and I think im very lucky with my tanned skin colour. Im almost positive the scars will be completely invisible in a few years.
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