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  1. Hey all, Ive been using minoxidl for the last 8weeks and am getting too much daily loss and shedding. Started off with liquid 5% then switched to foam 5% twice daily. Im easily loosing well over a hundred hairs daily, this was alot less before I started. Theres hair everywhere and considering my hair was already thinning I really dont know what to do. Also I get healthy thick hairs being shed, not just thinning hair. Most of it is also coming from top of head. I get really concerned when i read that Minoxidl has caused permanent hair loss in other users. What does everyone think? When did shedding stop for other users? Im genuinely afraid im going to go bald real fast with this drug. Thanks, Sam
  2. Maybe an option to get a mini procedure to fill in the gap? Maybe like 700 grafts as a guess? It would really improve the look, just a noob thought.
  3. Looks nice man. Hope you get nice results and all the goodness it brings with it!!!
  4. Thanks for your reply, its great youve held onto so much hair. Hopefully ill look like that when im 40!
  5. My friend, this is something I should probably not say.... but you have been so lucky with your hair and over all look. Why would you consider nose job etc? This is none of my business but these procedures can become addictive and the end results I find look worse and sometimes clearly altered especially on men. I would be so happy how your hair went and would be so happy to get your HT results haha! Again I apologise for saying this but I would just be happy with the hair and stop there, be grateful for what you have
  6. So since youre hair situation has been stable for so long, have you been on medications this whole time? Are you on finasteride/propecia or other DHT blockers?
  7. Looks good, I would expect it to thicken further in the following months. Keep us updated :)
  8. Hey Jjsrader, Thanks for your feedback! yeah I guess the emotion and guilt comes from the fact that I didnt naturally go bald initially. I basically ruined my teenage years through the use of anabolic steroids and the resulting hair loss. I have been balding and isolated from social life since age 17. I want to turn things around this year as since im 25 I can now understand my time to do so is very limited, I have also lost 26kg and gained an athletic physique. I was thinking oral and topical finasteride combo, minoxidl foam and possibly oral minoxidl, saw palmetto, zinc and biotin I will also look into the laser cap treatment. I think I will get DHT blocking shampoo from Hair transplant clinic. Basically I chose Cinik as have seen a fair few extraordinary HT by him on this forum and only a single bad one. He also seems to be a trustworthy person at face value and this is valuable to me. I have seen some really expensive clinics get bad results on here also one of which is meant to be the best in Turkey. Also their replies and customer care thus far have been on point and timely unlike other clinics. I am also offering to send them an extra $1000+ if my HT goes well, it will mean the world to me. I am also hoping I have a strong and thick donor area but only the dr can verify this. I only get 3 weeks off a year in December so I have to bite the bullet and do it within this time frame. In honesty im not too fussed about double grafts on hairline etc as my hair is always longer with fringe hairline is never visible, I am mainly after total cover and frontal density at this point. Ofcourse I would appreciate and prefer a neater job that looks natural. I am also happy to transplant beard and body hair, doesnt bother me at all and in honesty my body hair is very similar to some of my thinning hair in being black, wavy and similar-ish texture. Some spectacular Cinik results ive seen: https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/52116-dr-cinik-june-2018/?tab=comments#comment-481551 (this one is unbelievable!) https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/50151-3500-scheduled-with-dr-cinik-1212/?tab=comments#comment-463171 https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/50215-drcinik-hairtransplantation-3600-grafts-from-headchest-and-beard/?tab=comments#comment-463746 Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated. Sam
  9. Thansk Melvin, I have chosen to take your advice and first maybe 2500-3000 grafts in frontal area. this is because the crown isnt that bad, pics ive supplied have Minoxidl shock loss which was bad. This is how crown looks like now, both minoxidl and finasteride work well on me albeit with bad side effects. Ive chosen to prioritise getting my hair back above all else and will go all out military style with meds regardless of side effects. Ive also restarted Minoxidl as was noticing thick new hairs that it had just regenerated falling off when I stopped it. Ill probably stop it for a week before HT and then restart straight after. Doctors said to not use Minoxidl for 6 months after HT? Others suggest using it straight after, does anyone know the risks of using minoxidl on freshly transplanted hairs? Current pic of crown attached im sure itll ticken up with finasteride plus minoxidl, ill re visit the doc and get crown FUE as second procecedure. Thanks greatly for your help guys!
  10. Very keen to see update. Ill be doing DHI with Cinik very soon. Thanks Sam
  11. Thanks Melvin, I had already watched that video and most of your others, very informative. I guess I plan to do more bodybuilding in my late 30s- 40s and will be happy with a shaved head when I have a family etc. But in my 20s- early 30s I want hair. I thought to go with DHI pen implants to minimize scarring as much as possible for when I do eventually shave my head. I understand there may be possible scarring but should be less compared to FUT. The clinic said DHI gives better density too. I would also be happy doing 2 HTs if I have to. Maybe 2500 on front with conservative temples and then another 2000 in crown and mid scalp with beard or body grafts if needed. It also depends on how good my donor is. I am also considering taking both oral and topical finasteride for a DHT blocker combo and then also minoxidl 6 months after HT as clinic suggested. Am also on multivits and saw palemetto, will get biotin soon also. I must admit the temptation for 3500-4000 graft mega session is real and ive seen some succesful ones performed by this clinic but I understand the risks are higher for shock loss. As a pro it would save me going to Turkey again. Im looking at getting my first HT next month. again I wish to thank your for your informative and realistic feedback, Sam
  12. I thought the following image was norwood 5? what does your crown look like? I am not the ideal person to comment on Norwood scale but cannot see you being a Norwood 5? I know im headed there (5) if I dont do anything about it.