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  1. Sorry mate! Yes crusting is normal as I’m sure you know. Good luck with your journey 👍🏼
  2. It was the only thing about your whole process that I thought looked slightly out of the ordinary. I know there is no ‘normal’ as everyone is different but from your photos the crusting did look pretty severe so thought that could have had a part to play. Have you been back to see Dr Bisanga? I’m really interested to hear his thoughts and what the next steps are. Please keep us updated. Here for you if you need support mate 👍🏼
  3. Thanks for the comments, I hope my story helps others in the same seemingly hopeless position I was in a year ago! I was worried about taking finasteride for years. I nearly started taking it when I first noticed my hair thinning in 2007! I wish that I’d tried it back then as I may have saved a good amount of hair. I’ve been taking it for over a year now but not consistently every day until 3 months ago. I started low and gradually upped it and I think that helped psychologically. If I suffer side effects I’ll stop but strangely my libido is if anything slightly higher. Strange. The Dr as
  4. Thanks for the positive comments guys it really is confidence boosting. Really the hardest part of the journey was the first 2 months, the classic ugly duckling phase, but thanks to this life saver of a forum, I was fully prepared for it. I’m hoping to meet with Dr B soon as it’s exactly a year since my procedure. I’ll discuss the areas that are ‘niggling’ me to see if I could get them touched up. Overall I’m amazed at the difference compared to a year ago! Best of luck with all your journeys, and don’t hesitate to contact Dr Bisanga for a consultation, I think you’ll be glad you did....
  5. Considering your level of loss and the amount of grafts used I would say this is a fantastic result. Looks very natural and I would suggest there are plenty of donor reserves in the bank for the future in my opinion. How has it improved your self confidence? Looks fantastic mate congratulations
  6. 11.5 Months update Hi all, here is an update of progress after 11.5 months. Not a huge amount of change really in the last 5 months although the transplanted hair is a little thicker maybe. The right side behind the hairline is still sparse and I’d had hoped this would’ve thickened up by now but doesn’t look like it will happen. I’m really hoping Dr B will offer to touch up this area. The area in the mid scalp that didn’t receive any grafts has unfortunately continued to thin despite taking finasteride. I think the hair was just to miniaturised here but this was fully expected. D
  7. Looks fantastic to me! Did the doc give you an idea of the amount of donor grafts you have left to use in the future? Is finasteride working for you? I’ve been on it for a while now but still shedding unfortunately! thanks for sharing
  8. Hey Marshall, that head of hair is like a rustic thatched roof! Excellent mate I’m well pleased for you. I saw Dr B last month and he said he was pleased with the progress. I mentioned the part on my right hand side that was thinner and lacking a bit but he said I need to wait the full year before he considers it an issue. If it’s still the same I’m hoping he offers me a minor touch up like he did you. Either way I’m a changed man for the better. Cheers for the updates, take care 👍🏼😎
  9. Hi there, How long have you been taking Propecia and Minoxidil for? I’m curious as to why your pattern of hair loss was not diagnosed initially before the procedure. It seems quite rapid in terms of native loss. Propecia should definitely help. Did you get an idea from the doctor of donor supply in terms of graft numbers etc? It would seem that potentially the heavy crusting during your healing process could have played a part, did you get that resolved with any medication? I think that the work done looked very clean and with good density so surprised it isn’t more dense
  10. Looking good Jron what a difference! I feel kind of the same in that I’m overall happy but would like a little more density behind the hairline. The main thing is you have a great age appropriate hairline framing your face and taking you back 10 years! You can always have another procedure a little while down the line to add density. From my research that’s what most people do to get their desired results, sometimes 3 passes. You could always opt for an fue to reduce healing and down time. Overall it looks great though, a different person! Did you discuss future donor supply with the d
  11. 6 Month Update: Hi guys apologies for the late update. Time has flown by and I can’t believe 6 months have passed already! My hair is continuing to grow although I’m not sure there has been a huge change from 5 months, I’ll let you be the judge. There are still some areas that haven’t grown as densely as I’d hoped especially on the right hand side of my hairline into the mid scalp but hoping they’ll catch up with the rest as it’s still early days really. The crown is still a little thin but nowhere near as bad as it was. I can totally see how a hair transplant works as more of an ‘ill
  12. Thankyou for all the positive comments guys! I have recently seen that my 4 month update was posted on Instagram, which I don’t mind, but noticed that there were a few comments challenging my results so far. In particular, a couple of people were convinced that I used hair fibres to enhance the results. This was due to ‘obvious difference in hair colour’ which honestly I can’t explain! I feel I need to set the record straight and tell you that I absolutely did not apply hair fibres or any other concealer for that matter. This in my opinion would be a pointless action in the fact that I’d on
  13. Agreed. It’s a huge step and emotions are all over the place at the beginning of the journey. So glad I chose Dr B. How’s your journey are you pleased?
  14. Cheers buddy I’m so chuffed. It really is life changing 👌
  15. Thanks Melvin. I couldn’t agree more. What a talented man he is.
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