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  1. Thanks for the response Lazercap. I agree with the crown work being left alone for now. I see what you mean about the smile shape being left if my hairloss progresses further down. Do you think Dr Bisanga would suggest this at an in person consultation? So far it has only been online. In answer to your question about Rogaine, I have been using it since 2011. It seemed to slow the process but the thinning has certainly progressed in that time. I fully intend to have PRP therapy as another measure but I am scared of finasteride to be honest. I hear bad things all the time and I don’t want to risk ruining a good sex life with the wife. Have you got on well using finasteride? Would you advise I try it? What are your thoughts on the topical version? I want to be realistic when it comes to my procedure and be fairly conservative. Like I’ve said before, I would like a good hairline and top and wouldn’t mind the look of a thinning crown/ vertex ( as far back as possible) for my individual case. Fingers crossed its a positive outcome for me!
  2. Thanks all for responding. Looking forward to getting this done!
  3. Thanks for the reassurance Melvin, I hope you’re right! I will certainly be documenting my restoration journey from start to finish. I’m getting excited now about the possibility of having a hairline again. Ironically I’m nervous too because I feel like I’m admitting to others that I’m insecure and unhappy with my appearance, and perhaps not the confident Witty guy people say/think I am. Seems so unfair! Not sure how I’m going to tell a crew of firefighters who just love an excuse to make jokes! Fingers crossed anyway cheers
  4. Thanks Fozzie that’s reassuring to hear. I have chosen Dr Bisanga as I had read that he has a very ethical approach and is keen to plan realistically for the future. Please see the below photos of my donor area grown out to I think a grade 5 ish? What do you think? cheers
  5. Hello all, I recently posted some pictures of my current state of hairloss. My hair at the time of the photo was probably a number 5 guard at the back and sides. It was that photo that I used for an online consultation with Dr Bisanga who said I had a good looking donor zone and was likely a great candidate for fue. Yesterday however I returned from the barbers after having a 1.5 grade back and sides and noticed the back of my head looked thin quite far down. So far, the plan based on the photo originally submitted was to take 4000 grafts and put 3000 into the hair line and mid scalp and put a 1000 into the crown. What is your opinion? Do you think I’m going to go thin further down the back? And if so would that change the current plan? Im 37 and use rogaine foam once or twice daily and nizoral shampoo once every 2 weeks. Propecia scares me too much to take orally but have been recommended topical finasteride which I’ve heard can be effective. Ultimately, I’d like a strong but age appropriate hair line and mid scalp, but I wouldn’t mind the look of a thinning crown if I were not to have enough grafts. I guess I would like to be able to buzz it off one day if it doesn’t fully work out but it to look natural. Hope that makes sense! Im looking to get this booked for October and stop worrying and obsessing! 12 years is long enough! Thanks in advance for your opinions, tips and advice 👍🏼
  6. Ok so now I’m a bit worried! I have just returned from the barbers and had a grade 1.5 back and sides and noticed that it looks like a may be thinning lower than I thought. To me it doesn’t look like a typical balding pattern in the average man but I’d love to hear your thoughts. Should my strategy change in terms of future planning if this will go too? Do you think I’d have a dense enough ‘safe donor zone’ to have a good hairline and mid scalp or is it game over? what would you do?? cheers all
  7. Hi there, Im dead set on fue as I like to wear my hair very short sometimes especially as my wife likes that look. An fut scar is something I’d like to avoid if possible. I can see what you mean about yield etc. thanks for your help 👍🏼
  8. Thanks Dr T, Can I ask what you mean when you say maintain what I have aggressively? Are you referring to medication or transplanting into the area of scalp that currently has more hair on it? I’m certainly getting a general vibe that it’s maybe a little early to start filling the crown. I’d like to be able to shave my head if it eventually does not work out by running out of donor hairs etc and for it to look natural. I actually don’t mind the look of a strong hairline and frontal third with a thinning crown. That’s a common balding pattern that I’m sure I’d be fine with especially as I get older.
  9. Thankyou for the replies all. I forgot to mention that I use Rogaine foam once or twice daily, and every week I use Nizoral shampoo. I’m scared to use Finasteride due to the potential side effects although sometimes I just think sod it I’ll give it a try! Dr Bisanga’s rep advised I try a topical finasteride as there are some cases where results have been positive. Dr Bisangas rep suggested 3000 grafts into the hairline and frontal 3rd and 1000 into the crown area. I guess I like the idea of hitting all the areas that are thinning, but my concern is whether or not my donor area has enough supply to keep up with my hairloss should I decide to not take finasteride or don’t take well to it. I guess without an in person consultation with the doctor I’m not going to know the official donor density. I am fully expecting to undergo more surgery as time goes on but would rather not be left with a ‘bullseye’ in the crown. Man I wish I was more decisive!!
  10. Hi all, I’m new to the site so apologies if I’m posting in the wrong place. I’m nearly 37 and I’ve been losing hair slowly since 2008 so about 11 years. I won’t bore you with too many details about lack of confidence etc, we all know hairloss is crap! I think I’m currently a norwood 4-5 but not totally sure. I feel I’m very close to pulling the trigger and getting an fue procedure. I’ve narrowed my search down to 2 surgeons who are Dr Edward Ball and Dr Christian Bisanga as I have been really impressed with their results. My question is, from my pictures, what are your opinions regarding realistic expectations in terms of hairline, density and numbers of grafts required for good coverage. Should I get all balding areas covered? I have had an online consultation with a representative of Dr Bisanga who has been extremely helpful and have a consultation booked in with Dr Ball next month. 18 months ago I had a consultation with Dr Shamalak of the Crown Clinic and he recommended 1200 grafts into the hairline, and said he wouldn’t touch the crown. Dr Bisanga has recommended 4000 grafts.... Im confused! Any opinions welcome, and thanks in advance!