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  1. Cher’s Marshall that’s awesome. How are you getting on a year on? Are you pleased with the results? I’ll try find your progress pics if you’ve done any? thanks again 👍🏼
  2. Thanks Marshall that’s good to know. How did you find the flight? I know Ryanair can be quite cramped, were you able to spray the grafts ok? Did you pre book the coach or can you just jump on? Cheers mate
  3. Hello all! I have finally booked a procedure with Dr Bisanga at the BHR clinic in Brussels on 7th 8th October! I am now sorting out the issues of travelling there from Dorset UK and staying etc as well as aftercare. Has anybody done this trip to Brussels? If so where did you stay? Did you go by Eurostar? And how long did you stay and do you wish you had done anything differently? I have been advised to go home the day after the procedure however I’m a little bit worried about damaging grafts when I’m travelling. I also don’t want to look like Hellraisor when I return home and scare the crap out of the kids! How easy is it to get to the BHR clinic from the train station? Any advice for any part of this will be greatly appreciated! Thanks all
  4. Thanks for the info! That price per graft is actually cheaper than I imagined. I’ll wait till the 12th to find out a bit more and hopefully decide finally between Rahal and Bisanga. Both great Doctors in my opinion and give natural results. But is the Rahal hairline slightly better? 🤔
  5. Thanks for the advice, glad you had a successful trip! I have a Skype consultation with a Rahal rep on 12th September so hoping I can get an idea of cost for fue as it seems to be a bit of a secret! Are you from the UK like me? Which airline did you use and was the flight bearable? I've been on Propecia for 7 weeks now and can’t say ive noticed any changes good or bad so I’ll persevere. looking forward to some updates!
  6. Ps how much involvement did Dr Rahal have in the process? Did he do the punching, removal, incision sites and placement, or did techs do some of it? Either way I’m sure it will be a great result.
  7. That looks like it’s going to be a great hairline, I really love the irregularities of the graft placement. I think I have a similar ish pattern to yours so I’m keen to follow your progress. I’m seriously considering getting my procedure done with either Bisanga or Rahal. Did you have to travel far for surgery? Are you able to tell me the cost per graft both FUT and FUE at all? Best of luck with it, growth is on the way so stay excited!
  8. Thanks Gillenator, that’s definitely some food for thought. I’m hoping that Propecia will stop further loss but don’t want to totally rely on it in case I have to stop for any reason. SMP isn’t something I’ve really looked into, I kind of assumed it was for the guys who want the look of a shaved head. Is it a common thing to get smp along side a hair transplant? Can you recommend a place to get information and pictures?
  9. I actually had a procedure booked in Athens when I learned on here about the new clinic. After speaking with Raphael84 ⬆️ who is a fantastic rep for Bisanga, I learned that the techs and newer doctors actually were planning to do more of the work than I’d have liked so therefore started looking into BHR Brussels. That way I know I’d get that little more from Dr Bisanga himself. I’m sure I would have gotten a great result in Athens but it’s just personal peace of mind. Ill enquire more about Rahal as actually it’s quite cheap to fly to Canada. Still very close to booking with Bisanga in Brussels and I’m kind of exited to have hair a can style again! 😀
  10. Cheers for the input guys it really is useful stuff. I’m edging towards Bisanga out of the two, simply because the results seem generally very good to me, I can achieve more coverage in one procedure over 2 days at the same price as the Maitland Clinic. I know cost shouldn’t be a factor but it kind of is really. largechris we probably passed in the hotel lobby ha! Slightly off topic but one more surgeon I am suddenly considering is Dr Rahal. Does anybody have any experience with him surgically? Any idea of cost per graft and his general planning? His work like Bisanga and Ball looks very very good. Worth a look I wonder? 🤔
  11. Hi everyone. I’m after some advice.... I have finally had consultations with the two surgeons I have narrowed down to after years of research. Dr Edward Ball of the Maitland clinic and Dr Bisanga. Both doctors have said that I am an excellent candidate for fue surgery, however the plans for my surgery in terms of graft numbers and hairline design are very different. I am a apparently a Norwood 3v diffused pattern and it’s fairly obvious where I will eventually go bald. Dr Ball measured a donor density of 80 and 70 fu, and total donor capacity of 6000 grafts. He drew a very conservative hairline and advised against really touching the crown. Graft proposal was 1800-2000.After seeing Dr Bisanga today in London, he measured my donor density at 80 and 90 fu with total donor capacity of 8000 grafts. The hairline he drew was still fairly high but much less receded in the temples compared to Dr Ball if that makes sense. The proposed graft numbers were 4000 and he said he would cover the crown (although not full density) in one hit.When I asked Dr Bisanga if that was a wise option considering my balding future pattern he said I didn’t need to worry as I am 37 not 25, I have high sides and above average donor density.So now I’m confused!Obviously I would love to get almost full coverage and stop drowning myself in consealer so hearing Dr Bisanga’s plan was music to my ears......but is it too good to be true? 🤔Also FYI I started Propecia 7 weeks ago, use regaine once a day, Nizoral sometimes and biotin. No effects from Propecia yet good or bad. I also asked both Doctors to plan for me assuming I don’t take Propecia in case I need to stop.As well as this, do you think I should be considering other surgeons? Maybe I’ve missed some!Thanks all, your opinions and advice are most welcome.
  12. Thanks for the response Lazercap. I agree with the crown work being left alone for now. I see what you mean about the smile shape being left if my hairloss progresses further down. Do you think Dr Bisanga would suggest this at an in person consultation? So far it has only been online. In answer to your question about Rogaine, I have been using it since 2011. It seemed to slow the process but the thinning has certainly progressed in that time. I fully intend to have PRP therapy as another measure but I am scared of finasteride to be honest. I hear bad things all the time and I don’t want to risk ruining a good sex life with the wife. Have you got on well using finasteride? Would you advise I try it? What are your thoughts on the topical version? I want to be realistic when it comes to my procedure and be fairly conservative. Like I’ve said before, I would like a good hairline and top and wouldn’t mind the look of a thinning crown/ vertex ( as far back as possible) for my individual case. Fingers crossed its a positive outcome for me!
  13. Thanks all for responding. Looking forward to getting this done!
  14. Thanks for the reassurance Melvin, I hope you’re right! I will certainly be documenting my restoration journey from start to finish. I’m getting excited now about the possibility of having a hairline again. Ironically I’m nervous too because I feel like I’m admitting to others that I’m insecure and unhappy with my appearance, and perhaps not the confident Witty guy people say/think I am. Seems so unfair! Not sure how I’m going to tell a crew of firefighters who just love an excuse to make jokes! Fingers crossed anyway cheers