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  1. Hey Marshall, that head of hair is like a rustic thatched roof! Excellent mate I’m well pleased for you. I saw Dr B last month and he said he was pleased with the progress. I mentioned the part on my right hand side that was thinner and lacking a bit but he said I need to wait the full year before he considers it an issue. If it’s still the same I’m hoping he offers me a minor touch up like he did you. Either way I’m a changed man for the better. Cheers for the updates, take care 👍🏼😎
  2. Hi there, How long have you been taking Propecia and Minoxidil for? I’m curious as to why your pattern of hair loss was not diagnosed initially before the procedure. It seems quite rapid in terms of native loss. Propecia should definitely help. Did you get an idea from the doctor of donor supply in terms of graft numbers etc? It would seem that potentially the heavy crusting during your healing process could have played a part, did you get that resolved with any medication? I think that the work done looked very clean and with good density so surprised it isn’t more dense. However it is only 10 months and many people don’t blossom for the full year so don’t give up hope yet!
  3. Looking good Jron what a difference! I feel kind of the same in that I’m overall happy but would like a little more density behind the hairline. The main thing is you have a great age appropriate hairline framing your face and taking you back 10 years! You can always have another procedure a little while down the line to add density. From my research that’s what most people do to get their desired results, sometimes 3 passes. You could always opt for an fue to reduce healing and down time. Overall it looks great though, a different person! Did you discuss future donor supply with the doc in terms of graft numbers potential etc? Glad it’s worked out well for you congrats mate 😎
  4. 6 Month Update: Hi guys apologies for the late update. Time has flown by and I can’t believe 6 months have passed already! My hair is continuing to grow although I’m not sure there has been a huge change from 5 months, I’ll let you be the judge. There are still some areas that haven’t grown as densely as I’d hoped especially on the right hand side of my hairline into the mid scalp but hoping they’ll catch up with the rest as it’s still early days really. The crown is still a little thin but nowhere near as bad as it was. I can totally see how a hair transplant works as more of an ‘illusion’ of density. When my hair is wet through and in certain bright daylight it looks a lot thinner. However when dry or styled to the side or messed up it looks really thick! You can see this clearly in one of the following photos which was taken in broad sunny daylight with wet hair combed forward and another one spiked up showing the thinnest areas. I never wear my hair like this but thought it would be useful for those thinking of getting a procedure done to see the reality of it. The other photos are taken in a more ambient light which in my opinion looks best. The patch in the middle of my scalp that wasn’t worked on looks thinner in contrast but I’m getting pretty good coverage anyway. I’m still taking oral Minoxidil daily and propecia every other day to hopefully bide some time, however, when I meet with Dr B for my progress check I might discuss options for sorting this area in the future. I’ve also heard that if he’s not totally happy with the work or if some grafts didn’t want to grow that he offers a free touch up which demonstrates his commitment to excellence and professionalism. Overall I’m amazed at the difference from where I started from and I’m much happier with my hair. To not feel the need for concealer is priceless. If you are thinking of getting this done, do your research, ask questions, and ask more! Having realistic goals and expectations will put you in the best starting point. Then you can enjoy the journey! Sod’s law we are in lockdown 😂😂 Any questions please ask 😎
  5. Thankyou for all the positive comments guys! I have recently seen that my 4 month update was posted on Instagram, which I don’t mind, but noticed that there were a few comments challenging my results so far. In particular, a couple of people were convinced that I used hair fibres to enhance the results. This was due to ‘obvious difference in hair colour’ which honestly I can’t explain! I feel I need to set the record straight and tell you that I absolutely did not apply hair fibres or any other concealer for that matter. This in my opinion would be a pointless action in the fact that I’d only be cheating myself and all of you guys. I am genuinely giving a very honest account of my experience that will hopefully help others in making decisions about getting a hair transplant, and the emotional ups and downs along the way. For the record I am in no way receiving payment or any discounts for surgery from BHR or anyone else for my updates. The photos I took at 4 months were in a less harshly lit room where I looked in the mirror and for the first time in years thought I looked pretty good. So I took some photos to show you guys! Below are some photos taken at 4 months and 17 days, in the same harsh daylight in my bathroom, with wet hair, straight out the shower. Obviously it looks thinner, but when it dries it kind of fluffs up and covers well. So I’m pretty pleased so far!
  6. Agreed. It’s a huge step and emotions are all over the place at the beginning of the journey. So glad I chose Dr B. How’s your journey are you pleased?
  7. Cheers buddy I’m so chuffed. It really is life changing 👌
  8. Thanks Melvin. I couldn’t agree more. What a talented man he is.
  9. Ok guys sorry for the lack of updates but here are a few pics at 4 months. Thinks have definitely improved and I’m very happy with my hair right now. It’s still quite thin behind the hairline especially on the right hand side but hopefully that will fill in as the months go by. All I can say is Dr Bisanga and his team are all amazing. My hair is fuller and covering well and more importantly I feel confident in my self. I’m starting to feel like the old me who I’ve missed so badly. Thanks to BHR! I’m growing it out a bit and it looks really thick especially with a bit of styling putty! Can’t believe I can use styling products. Dint delay guys if you’re suffering. You don’t need to. Make the trip! Below pics are in less harsh lighting with no product. I will update shortly with day light pics like my pre-op photos....
  10. Thanks Melvin. I thought it looked a little thin in the harsh light but when I compared it to a pre-op photo (same grade 1.5) it didn’t look any different. Not to me at least. Dr B definitely seems to be a master of donor management 👌
  11. Thanks mate. I feel pretty lucky to be fair. I’m already more confident. Let’s hope it continues to improve!
  12. Thanks Abi28. Let’s hope it continues to improve! Cheers
  13. Thanks Ian, looking forward to the next few months. I can’t tell you how liberating it is to not use hair fibres any more! Thanks for your assistance and support as always. Now fingers crossed for a Pat Sharpe Mullet one day haha!
  14. Hey Marshall thanks for the positive comments. If my hair turns out to be as good as yours I’ll be a happy boy! Are you still pleased with it? I think I read that you were considering a small touch up, did you go back to BHR in the end? Cheers bud
  15. 3 Month Update.... 3 months have passed already and although still quite thin in places I think there is an improvement compared to how my hair was pre- surgery. I don’t think I shed all of the grafts placed in the crown, maybe 30%? I don’t use concealer any more which is amazing. I’m really hoping it thickens up over the next few months although I keep thinking that this could be my final result, but research has told me it really should only be the beginning! Still on Propecia Monday, Wednesday and Friday and oral minoxidil daily. In darker lighting I’m quite pleased with my mature hairline and wouldn’t want to lower it any more. Any questions or comments please fire away.