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  1. Thanks Melvin. I thought it looked a little thin in the harsh light but when I compared it to a pre-op photo (same grade 1.5) it didn’t look any different. Not to me at least. Dr B definitely seems to be a master of donor management 👌
  2. Thanks mate. I feel pretty lucky to be fair. I’m already more confident. Let’s hope it continues to improve!
  3. Thanks Abi28. Let’s hope it continues to improve! Cheers
  4. Thanks Ian, looking forward to the next few months. I can’t tell you how liberating it is to not use hair fibres any more! Thanks for your assistance and support as always. Now fingers crossed for a Pat Sharpe Mullet one day haha!
  5. Hey Marshall thanks for the positive comments. If my hair turns out to be as good as yours I’ll be a happy boy! Are you still pleased with it? I think I read that you were considering a small touch up, did you go back to BHR in the end? Cheers bud
  6. 3 Month Update.... 3 months have passed already and although still quite thin in places I think there is an improvement compared to how my hair was pre- surgery. I don’t think I shed all of the grafts placed in the crown, maybe 30%? I don’t use concealer any more which is amazing. I’m really hoping it thickens up over the next few months although I keep thinking that this could be my final result, but research has told me it really should only be the beginning! Still on Propecia Monday, Wednesday and Friday and oral minoxidil daily. In darker lighting I’m quite pleased with my mature hairline and wouldn’t want to lower it any more. Any questions or comments please fire away.
  7. Looking great Jron! 6 months is still early days but looks to be ahead of the game. How’s the scar doing? Have you experimented with shorter back and sides to see if it’s noticeable? Happy for you mate 👍🏼
  8. Your hair loss 9 years ago was very similar to mine before I saw Dr Bisanga in October for 4300 fue grafts. I had a great experience there and at 2 months in, there is already an improvement. I’m sure you will get a great result. What did Dr Bisanga say about your donor supply in terms of density and hair characteristics and groupings? The hairline looks design looks great, did the Dr advise a conservative approach or happy to be less conservative? Hope you heal well I look forward to following your journey! Cheers
  9. Hello all, It’s now been 2 months and 5 days since my procedure with Dr Bisanga and thought I’d be a good time to give an update. Things seem to be progressing well. Everything is fully healed and I can’t see any redness at all which is good and also the numbness has pretty much gone. As for the shedding, I actually retained a fair few grafts which have continued to grow, and weirdly they grew faster than the rest of my hair, very bizarre. I’m not sure if any new hair has grown but it definitely seems like my hair overall is covering fairly well which I didn’t think was possible at this early stage. I was expecting a far worse ugly duckling stage to be honest. So I guess I’m actually pretty chuffed about that. I wonder if maybe I’ll be a late shedder... The best thing is that I’ve actually binned off using hair fibres, I feel fairly comfortable going out and about without them now probably because my hairs a bit longer and to me that’s unbelievably liberating to not be a slave to the fibres!! Obviously there are still the thinning areas but in certain light they look worse. In contrast though I can see what it will look like if it all fills in and grows like it should and that excites the sh#t out of me! The photos are with dry hair and straight out the shower with wet/ damp hair. Oh and I got my second hair cut, grade 1.5 back and sides and trimmed the very ends of the hair with a scissor cut. Any questions or comments please fire away. Cheers all
  10. Thanks for the advice guys. It’s such a crazy journey so far. At 7 weeks I actually have slightly more hair than I did at day zero which is completely unexpected. I guess I could be a late shedder. The waiting continues! Let’s hope it all fills out in a few months....
  11. Hi everyone, Just wondered if it’s normal to not shed some of the transplanted hair after seven weeks post-op? I reckon about 50-60% have gone maybe a bit more but the shedding seems to have slowed right down. At one point if I messed with my hair over the sink, about 20-30 hairs would fall every time both transplanted and native. It’s now between 3-8 hairs. Could it be the daily minoxidil tabs or the Propecia that I take 3 times a week? Basically I’m worried that if the hairs haven’t fallen then it may effect the end result negatively. Although the hairs that haven’t fallen are growing faster than the native hair and looks a bit strange. If anyone has experienced this I’d love to know your thoughts, and how did the end result workout, or not, for you? Thanks all
  12. Hey Kondofoni, Yes it’s strange that the hairs look like they’ve been cut with scissors! I’m losing more by the day but I know it’s part of the process so I’m ok with it..... as long as they come back 🤞🏼! Are you telling people about your procedure? If I’m honest, it was not wanting to tell people at first which is why I delayed getting it done for years. I’m a firefighter who works at a station with 60 people! And most of them now know what I’ve had done. I was worried about what people would think of me but actually people seem to be genuinely interested and say ‘good for you mate’. So it’s actually quite liberating to tell people in my opinion. Patience is key, let’s hope the hair grows so others will be encouraged to do the same if they feel crappy about their hair!
  13. Thanks Ian, I’m actually feeling more relaxed about the whole thing now and appreciate it’s a waiting game. The first couple of weeks were tough but I’m sure in a few months I’ll be in a better position all round. I fully trust in Dr Bisanga and his team especially when looking at all the case studies from previous patients. Thanks for your support as always. Fingers crossed it turns out great!
  14. And just noticed a shed hair on my forehead in the photo 😂😂
  15. So I’m at 4 weeks and one day after my procedure at BHR Brussels. Although I haven’t actually noticed much shedding I think it looks pretty Ugly Duckling like at this point. All has healed very well and I have zero pain, tightness or itching anywhere. I’m currently taking Propecia on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and 5mg Minoxidil tablets, Biotin, MSM and hair vitamins from Holland and Barrett daily. I’m sure this has made my hair grow pretty quick! Im a little concerned about the density in the temples either side of the forelock as I’m sure the hairs that were originally placed in this area were quite sparse to begin with. I’m hoping that they fill in to look full and give a good illusion of density in a few months as this area was my biggest concern. I’d like to know peoples thoughts on this when comparing my photos from 2 weeks to now? Im not sure weather to buzz it all off again or just buzz the sides or leave it all, any suggestions as to what, or when safe to do so? I thought I’d be 100% she’d by now but it seems to be very slow shedding. Im generally a bit more relaxed at the moment, I’m going out and about looking like someone has butchered my hair in my sleep or something but have told people at work and close family what’s really going on! Any thoughts, questions feel free to ask! Cheers
  16. Sorry for the late reply, I’m posting my 4 week and one day photos today!
  17. Thanks buddy it’s nice to have reassurance! I’m sure after a year it will be a big improvement. I actually love the hairline that was recreated for me. I don’t think it looks too Juvenile and it’s mature enough to hopefully last and still look suitable in years to come. I think I’m kind of similar to you in that on one side of the crown the grafts look more natural and seem to blend together, but the other side seem thicker and kind of stick up, therefore stand out. The fact that the square patch in the mid scalp wasn’t touched enhances the contrast between the two areas, but if I put my hand in the way, I can see that if that patch was to have work in the future it would definitely blend in better. That’s good I suppose but I still don’t think those grafts on my left side look as natural as the right and I can’t quite put my finger on the reason why? I guess I’ve now re-discovered the buzz cut, and I would love to have this option in the future, but can only do it if it looks natural. I guess having those 4 hair follicular units are great for coverage when it’s longer, but where is best to place them to get the best of both worlds ie good coverage when long, but natural when short? I don’t know I’m not a hair surgeon! I trust in the Dr and his work. Let’s pray it works out! Ive emailed the Dr and he has responded and said he will look at pre-op and post op photos and answer my concerns when he’s back in the clinic. Enough waffling from me any way! Happy growing 👍🏼
  18. Yep I think that was probably a better plan in hindsight. The original plan was to hit the front 1/4 with good density and also work on the crown to hit it all in one. I was expecting them to blend it in though to be honest!
  19. I have researched hair transplants for 5 years. Dr Bisanga was my number one choice after the hundreds of surgeons I looked at for good reason, his hundreds of outstanding results. His credentials are amazing. I can’t imagine he intended any bad doing, but I’d like to know the reasons it looks this way, all be it an early stage. I’m hoping to meet him in London in December to see if can give me some hope! Wish me luck 🤞
  20. There’s no product in my hair, the first 2 pictures were minutes after a wash so the hair is damp. The area that looks thin was avoided intentionally so as to not cause shock loss as they were mainly miniaturised hairs. I mean it looked weird on day one really but trusted in the expertise of Dr and team. I haven’t noticed any shedding at all yet, new or native hair. When I had my consultation and I was told I had ‘good groupings’ I was excited because I was told I was an excellent candidate for surgery but I guess multi grafts especially 4,s are a blessing and a curse! I had over 700 4’s. I have been in contact with the clinic advisor who basically said I need to let it grow and see! Almost feel like I need a repair and it’s only been 10 days 😕
  21. Ftohe yes all scabs we’re gone at day 9 and looks free of any crusting now at day 10. How’s yours turned out? Paddy, the donor looks pretty clean to me and only a couple of hairs shed so far. Not looking forward to the rest! And yes I had to pay extra for the grafts I signed a form at the start of the day saying I’d pay if the doctor used more. If I’m totally honest, I’m not completely happy right now. I was hoping to temporarily rock the buzzed look until the shed but I feel the crown looks very unnatural 🙄 There was a patch of native hair left completely alone, I think to reduce the risk of shock loss in that area, however the grafts up to that point look really thick like tree trunks and they were not blended into the native hair so it has left a very obvious line and square patch. I don’t feel confident going out the house like it especially in day light. I’ve emailed BHR to ask about it so waiting for a reply. I think if the whole top of the scalp was treated it wouldn’t be as noticeable. What does everyone think? Im very pleased with the hairline work so far. But the crown especially on the left side looks really pluggy, and nothing like I imagined as I’ve seen thousands of patient time lines and not seen anything like this. Do you think there was an error in graft selection for that area? Is the angle right?Could it have been blended? What’s my hope to sort this out in the future? I really would like the option of wearing my hair short all over occasionally like maybe a 2 or 3 guard but right now I can’t see it. It’s early days I know but I hope it’s fixable in the future some how!
  22. Thanks Melvin the Aloe Vera is definitely a big help. Great video 👍🏼
  23. Thanks Paddy yes it was two days. First day was 2000 into the mid scalp/crown and second 2300 into hairline and behind. All seems like a blur now, probably because I was off my tits on Valium!
  24. Looking great Ftothe, I also started with Aloe Vera today and I can definitely feel that it’s soothing the area. Day by day it looks better and cleaner all over. Dreading the ‘ugly duckling’ period but hopefully in a few months it will be all worth it.