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  1. Thanks. I was a little worried about this incident)
  2. How long after the transplant do you mean? The hair transplant was over a year ago.
  3. Hello guys. I'll tell the story as it is. After the transplant, I'm very careful with my hair. But. I met my new girlfriend, and in certain "moments of passion", she played very hard with my transplanted hair. I didn't tell her that I had hair transplants. After that, there was a some amount of my hair on the bed. I was a little scared. I want to ask, does new hair grow back after it has been pulled out?
  4. Thanks guys, but at the moment I just like to grow long hair as I couldn't afford it for a long time. Maybe in the future I'll think about the style
  5. Thank you guys. The HT cost me 4,490 Euros, at 1.25 Euros per graft. Dr. Demirsoy (Armamed Clinic)
  6. I tried:) I just combed my wet hair back after a shower. It was difficult because i already have quite long hair. But I think from the photo it will be clear what you asked about. And, definitely, this is not my style
  7. Thank you guys! Ok, I'll do this. During the surgery the doctor's assistant said that a good amount of double and triple grafts had been harvested. I'm not sure what is this, because I didn't notice it before. Perhaps I got to a bad hairdresser.
  8. Hi guys! Delayed the update a bit. Here is photos with the result of 9 months and 2 days.
  9. Thanks! About self-confidence. You know, I wore a cap all the time. With a cap and without a cap, they were two different people. Now, of course, I like the way I look. It's like I came back when I was 20 years old. Also, the donor area on the back of the head really has a good reserve. Soon I will post a photo of the progress for 8 months, and also show the donor area.
  10. Thank you guys! I don’t style my hair, don't comb my hair up or otherwise. I've always wore fringe hairstyle, and at the moment I'm growing my hair. P.s. I was worried about the angle of hair growth before the surgery, as I've seen photos where the transplanted hair was not at its natural angle and grew straight up. But Dr. Demirsoy has done excellent job about this, the transplanted hair has a natural growth angle, so I can wear bangs as I did before my hair loss.
  11. Hi guys. Today i've made fresh photos with the different light and different hair condition. Direct sunlight, and wet/dry hair. Also as i promised, i post hairline photos. P.s. Idk why some photos became upside down. I tried to rotate them, but when upload here it looks like this.
  12. Thanks! I'm satisfied with the hairline. I'll post the hairline photos.
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