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  1. Hi Ftothe hope all is well, yes the front of my hair known as the fringe the hair grows up and is different to my normal hair. I agree with you that hopefully once the hairs mature they will be more natural and blend in. I do not notice any colour difference on the skin maybe still a little pink but not really noticeable. Again not any bumps I've noticed but to I don't over analysis it just hope it grows haha. I am thinking about taking fin as my crown now looks weak.
  2. Looks good, he was my other option. All his work looks good, happy growing.
  3. Thanks guys, patience is the key. Still can't walk past any mirrors without checking it out haha
  4. Tried some wax on it the other day to see how it was coming on, all in different lights. Still only 4 months 1 week in so think am coming on nicely. Only thing I am unsure off is the new fringe line is straight up which is different to my normal hair. I noticed the doctor does this a lot and gets great results with it, it's just getting used to it i guess
  5. Gents, Quick update at 4 months. I have grown it out a little and looks on track in my opinion. Lots of hair now where once there wasn't just want to see how it progresses and matures. The hair is still a bit fluffy if thats the correct term so hopefully it will start thickening soon. The pics are typical selfies and then 2 out and about under harsh lightning.
  6. Pics attached in my bathroom with just the mirror light on looks best in this light for growth and new hairs, all just a waiting game now
  7. Ahhh great stuff hope all went well it's just a waiting game now for both if us! I would be interested in your case as I may opt for a 2nd one for my crown down the line and my beard and chest are plentiful, good luck growing
  8. Hi Ftothe, Unsure why my response didn't register I must not of pressed send ha. I am only taking biotin 300 per day(may up soon) and a multi hair vitamin called follicle or something along them lines. Some updated pics attached mid dec and today both are around 1 week after trimmed to a number 1. I have been shaving my hair every couple of weeks to keep it looking normal. I am currently 3 months 2 weeks and I have noticed the redness has nearly gone and hairs seem to be doing well, I defiantly have hair where once there wasn't which is good. Under a dull light my recipient area looks well and filling nicely but under daylight/bright lights it looks like below. When I shave my head no one would have a clue I have had a ht but obviously as it grows at different speeds it can be seen. I am now going to start growing it to see how it grows so we update once there is anything to see, wish me luck.
  9. 6 weeks today, still red. Some of the hairs have stayed so hopefully will not shed but who knows
  10. HI Ftothe apologies on the wait to reply. My post op is the same yours but I was using the vitamins I asked the doctor about. I have told all my friends about my ht but no-one at work but they will find out soon ha
  11. Hello Ftothe, I am well feeling good. I think I am in the same boat as you as only 50% of my hair has shed. I am unsure if this will stay or if it will all shed in the next few weeks.I have just had my first haircut to tidy my hair see below. Are you trying to hide the HT or are you just telling people?
  12. Agreed a small world! I didn’t see anyone while I was there so we probably just missed each other. Am sure the dr will sort any issue you may have, I am very happy so far so hopefully all grows well! Good luck with it all!!
  13. Good Afternoon, After Months of using this and other forum sites to educate myself on all things hair transplants I would like to give back and document my experiences. I am 33 and have been receding from the front with the classic M shape for years now. Once I decided to look into a transplant seriously I set up some consultations and started doing extensive research to hopefully make the right choice. I will section off below each part of my journey to hopefully help anyone else who was in my position. Research and Consultations I started my consultations at Vinci in Manchester as I have seen them online quite a lot. There sales rep was a nice man and gave me my first insight into the options and costs involved. I came out impressed but decided to do more research online and finally discounted them due to lack of results online. I then had 2 consultations at Fargo's in Manchester. I met with Mick and DR Racheal Kay who were both very nice and professional and I was impressed with the clinics setup, I was offered 1600 grafts and met some of there patients who were there getting a check up. After doing more research I was keen on having more grafts than 1600 due to the case studies I had seen on these forums. I was offered 1800 once I asked for more but got the feeling they wouldn't go much higher. I also was waiting a good few days (sometimes a week) for replies to my questions on email so that made me start looking elsewhere. I had seen Dr Bisanga was in London for consultations so decided to book in as he seemed well thought off online, I took my wife for a day out to London and went to the consultation. The Dr and his assistant Hilde were very welcoming,helpful and knowledgeable. The Doctor told me he would recommend 3000-3500 grafts to get my desired results which seemed higher than I expected but made me research even more. I had also contacted Dr Demisroy whose work seems very good at a good price and I couldn't find any negative results even on the German forums. He Also quoted for 3000-3500 grafts which made me a lot more comfortable with that amounts of grafts I required. I narrowed it down between Dr Bisanga and Dr Demisroy and struggled with the decision as we all know its a tricky one ha. I found that Dr Bisanga had lots of cases on forums and was very impressed with his results and especially with grafts numbers similar to mine. Also I was impressed by his professionalism and his after care if results were not up to his expectations, so that along with everything else made me pick Dr Bisanga!!!! About time haha. Travel and Operation I booked the Op for Wednesday 19th and was told to be at the clinic for 7am and expect a long day. I flew Ryanair from Manchester £47 return to Brussels Charleroi and then used a coach service called Flimico it takes 45 minutes to Brussels midi and then a 30min walk or 5 min taxi to the Hotel Catalonia which is recommend by the clinic as its literally down the road (2minutes walk). The Day went well we agreed the hairline, took pictures gave blood and then shaved my donor area. I must say I was not looking forward to the injections but found them really straight forward and literally like a pin prick for a second they didn't bother me at all. The Op went well the Dr did the extraction and insertion holes and the tech removed and placed the grafts as discussed. We were complete for 7pm with a 10-15 minute dinner break which I had chicken and cheesecake not together ha, the bandana was put on and all after care was explained. I have honestly not had any pain or itchiness so far but my head has swelled quite a lot and I look like Quasimodo ha, I stayed in Belguim until last night so tuesday night untill Friday night in total. I attended the clinic on Thursday and Friday for check ups and they applied my aftercare for me which was very nice. While in Belguim I was more than happy to go out site seeing, shopping etc as with the bandana on no one could really tell and I was comfortable going for coffees and food etc with no one really staring. I was going to get a taxi on the way back but as I felt comfortable enough I got the metro and coach again with no problems saving 55 euro!! At the airport I felt a little self conscious as my face was swelling and I had no ice to help reduce it but I soon realised I didn't care what people thought and was ok after that. The customs in Belguim asked me to remove my bandana and I showed him my hairline and he quickly let me through. The clinic does give a letter to get a private room but security was quiet and it was alot quicker just removing my bandana a liitle bit and no issues. In the Uk they didn't even bother they just scanned my paasport and waved me through, I was keen to get out of there as I was delayed 1 hour in belguim and just wanted to get out of crowded places and chill. Summary So far so good! I am early days but happy with the process and clinic etc. I am following the clinics guidelines and just glad I did what I wanted to do and not worry about other peoples opinions! I am a great believer we only live once so if you want to do it get it done!! Dr Bisanga and his team especially HIlde are great and I highly recommend them! Obviously if I don't have a Mullet in 12 months that may change haha. Below are some pics by me before and after including the pic which made me decide I wanted a HT. I will upload the clinic pics once I get them. Any questions feel free.