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  1. dr b is a top doctor and a top team also, everyone is different but looking at your hair you should be in line for a great result. 3000 may seem alot but it will give you a front you can play about with rather than just comb one way! Good luck
  2. Will turn out well pal just try and enjoy the ride. Everyday am amazed at the difference keep well
  3. Quick update, All going good front top took nicely still 4 months left aswell. Crown thinning still as stopped minoxidil spray and hoping oral version kicks in soon, might try topical finestride in the future just not yet.
  4. Hi danny, That compliment made me chuckle Haha, thanks for the kind words. I am over the moon with my results get a bit addicted to it ha looking at my hair alor but why not as it used to be a tuffed and now a full head of hair which I am happy about. I seen your thread and looking really good already, dont stress about the end result as I found my front beefed up a lot after a year which I didn't really expect. Also as you already know dr b will make sure your results are top notch so if you need a top up sure he will look after you as he did me. I would wait maybe 15 months to see if it
  5. Well good luck choosing a doctor who you are happy with. There are some doc docs out there including dr b who do great jobs but as you probably know its about the patient aswell. I seen many results around 3-4k some outstanding some average, I would probably say hasson and wong are probably the only ones I haven't seen a bad case from but there maybe some but the ht is not a guaranteed results game even if done by the best. It depends alot on your charaterics I have quite thin hair and am not on finestride, stopped taking topical minoxidil before my touch up and hoping the oral minoxidil I tak
  6. I think it's all about your goals and realistic expectations. In my opinion the difference between the before and after is massive. I appreciate some peoples results are fantastic and others are terrible so I guess it depends on if you have realistic expectations. I am more than pleased with the result and also note I am only 5 months in from the touch up so probably have at least 7 months more growth/maturity to the end result. I am always eager to see and Learn about other people's experiences and their results, have you got a thread?
  7. Hi gents meant to update sooner but with lockdown etc not had chance. Hopefully everyone is keeping safe and hairs are growing well. I am currently 5 and a half months in after my touch up and am very happy. I have noticed my front has thickened up nicely and still have months to go, I go out no products or gels and it looks natural and never had anyone question if I've had a ht. I am waiting for the oral minoxidil kicking in apparently around 6months as I have noticed my crown thinning since I stopped oral minoxidil. Anyway pics below different views one lockdown no haircut and then one where
  8. Hi, If you read the full thread you will note I have only had my front done. Mid to back I am trying to restore via medication but will have another ht to address that area if required. Please see pics below to see the difference in my opinion hes done a miracle and I do not use any products or gels in the pics
  9. Hi lonely, I wouldn't say poor growth just 1 side was worse than the other I would of been happy but wanted more. They stated I had greasy pores and shown me some pics which looked like spots trapped under the skin causing irritation so recommend to stop the spray and move to oral minoxidil so hopefully that's helped on with the additional grafts
  10. I've seen bad reviews on ksl I would avoid personally. I wouldn't restrict your self just to the uk, I am from Manchester and went Belgium. Big decision so make the right one not just what's easy, clinics worth looking st in the uk imo are dr reddy, Fargo, crown clinic and maitland clinic. Good luck
  11. Thanks Melvin I actually did pal but they went their own way, everyone to their own choices. I think I was more concerned about a doctor taking ownership of their job and wanting a great result and dr b and hilde definitely do that. It would be great if everyone actually found forums like these before committing to a ht and using people's experiences wisely.
  12. The clinic is actually ran by 2 doctors and one is also called edorgen which confused me at 1st and I forget the others name. They use techs like 90% of the other clinics and they got standard fue as far as I know. Now any other details ie who does what, what punch size is up to a potential client to go into detail with them. Also I was not saying this forum cherry pics photos but some members will possibly not show pics they do not like and the forum has no say on that. I am also of the opinion and I think a lot of people would agree with me they would rather see results up close in person ra
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