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  1. Hi pal, Good to hear about your recent ht. I was sure it was meant to be over 2 days but was told one day was sufficient so did it in one. I am not to worried about any of the finer details such as time out of scalp as I trust dr b and if hes happy so am I. I will update my 6 week update this week, how did your 1st one turn out? Did you always plan on 2 procedures?
  2. Hi ftothe, Yeah see what you mean but we are still not even half way so no need to worry at the minute. I honestly don't think mine is to conservative but maybe never thought of going lower as its always been at that length but interesting to think about. Also my temples have always been poor so might look at them if I did another, have you got a thread to see your progress? Also can you comb yours easy or is it difficult?
  3. No I didn't tell anyone at work but my wife and some friends knew. I took 2 weeks off just to ensure it healed well but I had redness for a good few months so couldn't really hide it but its quite obvious now if you knew me before as I have hair there now ha
  4. Thanks pal it does make me 2nd look in the mirror can see the change all ready
  5. Thanks for the comments chaps hopefully all coming on well only time will tell. Lasercap I appreciate your comments and your observations. I did do my research and just felt dr b was ethical and professional with good results so that made my decision for me. I was already on regaine to help stop the hair loss and the doctor was not overly fussed about me taking fin but decided to do that myself to try and save my crown. I will get to the end if this process and look at the hairline then but happy with where it as the moment so don't think I'll lower it but never say never ha
  6. Right gents 5 months was yesterday so here's my update. Noticed good growth and think everything looks good for 5 months I am looking forward to behind the hairline thickening up but know next couple of months should hopefully do that. Growing it out abit at the minute, I noticed today that combing it over is easier than it was so that's good. Started fin 1 month ago no sides so far, so hopefully next few months it should all start getting denser but happy so far, any questions/comments fire away!
  7. Thanks raphael84 much appreciated just sick of looking in mirrors now ha. See next thread for my 5 months update
  8. Hi Ftothe hope all is well, yes the front of my hair known as the fringe the hair grows up and is different to my normal hair. I agree with you that hopefully once the hairs mature they will be more natural and blend in. I do not notice any colour difference on the skin maybe still a little pink but not really noticeable. Again not any bumps I've noticed but to I don't over analysis it just hope it grows haha. I am thinking about taking fin as my crown now looks weak.
  9. Looks good, he was my other option. All his work looks good, happy growing.
  10. Thanks guys, patience is the key. Still can't walk past any mirrors without checking it out haha
  11. Tried some wax on it the other day to see how it was coming on, all in different lights. Still only 4 months 1 week in so think am coming on nicely. Only thing I am unsure off is the new fringe line is straight up which is different to my normal hair. I noticed the doctor does this a lot and gets great results with it, it's just getting used to it i guess
  12. Gents, Quick update at 4 months. I have grown it out a little and looks on track in my opinion. Lots of hair now where once there wasn't just want to see how it progresses and matures. The hair is still a bit fluffy if thats the correct term so hopefully it will start thickening soon. The pics are typical selfies and then 2 out and about under harsh lightning.