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  1. Ahhh ok pal happy growing it's a rollercoaster but enjoy it
  2. Hi arminho, Congratulations on your ht and I hope you get the desired results. I must say though imo you are probably on the low graft side for a dense result as I would of thought 1500-2000 would be more appropriate but that's just my opinion. Also on 1 side there seems to be a gap between the new grafts and old hair if this is the case it seems unusual and I would ask the clinic why. As I say hopefully it will turn out well but just my observations. Regards
  3. Looking good already, I was considering doing this also but I am a bit lazy haha. Keep us updated
  4. Surprised how well in actually looks now, as I thought the graft num ers were far to low. I personally would try and add more density probably around another 1000 or so just behind the front to boost the cover but you have come along way from the start and overall looks well
  5. Agreed with above all looks on track, try and just chill it's a long process. Once your about 4-6 months in it becomes more enjoyable when you see progress.
  6. Thanks Cosmo I will check them out, think.ive had the gummies before but definitely look at the others
  7. Hi gents, I am 10 months post op now and so far a happy camper. My question is what do you more experienced ht chaps swear by in regards to shampoos/conditioners etc mainly for hair care and adding volume. Also any vitamins which incorporate all the right vitamins in one pill rather than taking loads? I am currently just using head and shoulders and taking local drug store hair vitamins but wondering if there is anything better I could be doing. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi Melvin, I will definitely get this done if it can help with anyone journeys then no probs.
  9. Hey pal am from Manchester so know about uk prices being daft. I went Belgium not much difference just better doctors imo. If you're not happy look seriously at Turkey such as edorgen, kesser, demisroy etc who are alot cheaper. Two of my friends have used smile clinic and have had good results for £1600 but I would probably go with a more established clinic for a top up.
  10. Hi tekken, I haven't had a ht in Turkey but have been many times from the uk on holiday and have never had any issues it's as safe as anywhere in this current climate. I am currently looking at my next holiday in Turkey without any hesitation whatsoever also a lot less guns than the US haha. Enjoy
  11. Most clinics dont do symmetric hairlines as apparently they look unnatural and once grew in you wouldn't be able to notice anyway
  12. I can remember actually thinking I would need a 2nd ht asap which really frustrated me but a few months later its back to normal and looks fine. I might get it a 2nd one on the crown in the future if it gets worse but that was always the plan enjoy the process because once the ugly duckling phase is gone it's a good ride.
  13. My crown went worse post ht like yours which worried me but went back to normal after a few months I would try not to worry and play the long game you have choose a good doctor so sure your results will be good
  14. In my opinion I think the results look well! Everyone wants thick density but it is not going to happen. I would hope you wouldn't need to use toppik anymore but that may come over the next few months, if I was you I would be happy with possibly looking for a 2nd OP to add more density if you feel you need it in the future.
  15. Same as above demisroy is doing great results in a cheaper price range