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  1. Haha thanks pal yeah been doing crossfit, so hopefully will be a slim lad with a good hair do to match soon haha
  2. 😂😂 cracked me up that comment. I had the same problem and unfortunately my head was red for 2/3 months, I was lucky I could wear a hat due to outside work to cover the redness but in meetings I had to tell people so in the end I just told everyone. Just get it out the way and after 1 week no one will be bothered, happy growing.
  3. Thanks chaps for your comments, it is actually better trying out different looks on holiday as no body knows you or how you normally look so you can try out comb overs or swept back look etc and see what you think on a evening out for a meal or drinks etc.
  4. Also a little before and after from the clinic when I sent my pics over.
  5. Gents at 8 months from my holiday so trying different styles etc. All as before looking good density coming slowly but coming, also pic in red shirt from today as I post this, comments or questions welcome. Regards
  6. Agree with the comments above, 2500 grafts was never going to be a dense result. I personally would have expected the doctor to possibly refuse or at least limit your expectations if you're donor was limited. I think you needed 3500+ to get decent coverage, ashmed would of probably suited someone with your loss.
  7. Hi Danny, I personally dont think 1200 grafts will touch the sides if you want a full hairline. I went with dr b from his recent results and was a bit taken back by the 3000+ he quoted me but so glad I listened as I think I would be quite sparse otherwise. I have also seen good results from dr ball so both good choices. I would agree with the chaps above 3-3500 if the front to mid to reinforce the front and then possibly a 2nd OP for the crown in the future. Regards
  8. I decided on bisanga in the end but dr demisroy was a close 2nd as I haven't seen any bad work from him, he seems very competent and if I was ever going Turkey I would definitely be looking in his direction.
  9. Hi biceps, I was also rejected by Asmeds for my donor but have seen a lot of results from them using people with donors alot worse than mine so can only put in down to me not being on finestride at the time. However I consulted 3 doctors in person who had no issues with my donor so definitely do a face to face consultation.
  10. Healed perfectly no problems what so ever and kept on my meds as usual. The only thing the doctor wanted to see was my last hba1c test results but I dont think I would of been rejected just monitored more often, All went fine.
  11. Hi 555future, I had fue last year as a type 2 diabetic and had no issues during or after, no blood pressure problems though hope this helps.
  12. Thanks for the kind words happy so far so hopefully more to come. Ashishmetha I am in both been on minox for probably about a year and fin for 4 months now, unsure on there effectiveness yet but sticking with them