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  1. What can I do to avoid side effects from minoxidil? I plan on taking it once per day as I heard it lasts for 18 hours on your skin. Going to be using Rogaine foam and will apply it on my hairline/temples and crown.These are the main side effects I'm worried about:1. Puffy face/water retention and weight gain. Heard a guy added 5 pounds within a week from using it.I'm skinny fat and have a slightly puffy face so I really dont want to worsen this. Also have gyno.2. Wrinkles/decreased collagen and dark circles under eyes. Heard a lot of anecdotal evidence in regards to this and have seen actual e
  2. Thanks for the info guys. @JohnAC71Does Arshad personally see you in the consultation? Seems like the main treatment centre is in Yorkshire. I'm in London. I'd still be fine seeing any decent doctor for the time being. Not planning a transplant till a year or so later.
  3. Sorry to hear that my friend. Like other's have said you're still in the early stages of regrowth and I'd wait at least 9 months before you think of going for another transplant/repair. If you're still unhappy by then then you can look into one of the top surgeons to get it repaired.
  4. Actually looked them up before posting. The consultation is £95 with a doctor and free with a "Patient Affairs Co-ordinator", not sure what that means. Is his clinic "The HairDr" clinic? If so it appears the consultation is free and I've seen his name floating around so I may try that one. Im a bit short on money but it might be something I could pay for once I'm closer to getting a transplant.
  5. Don't feel bad about getting a transplant now. Getting a transplant when your at Norwood 3/4 is actually ideal since you probably now are on a NW2 with a good hairline. If you waited longer you may not have had enough grafts for a decent hairline. 25 is on the younger side but then again you would want to have hair through your younger years which are your best years, at least in terms of appearance. A lot of people say to get a transplant when you're older but that's probably is because a lot of guys aren't on Norwood 3/4 till they're 30. Like John said I would hop on finasteride. Just
  6. What's the best place transplant clinic to get a free consultation in London? Ideally I'd want the doctor/consultant to talk about the current condition my hair is in, how it will progress and how many grafts I will need. Also would like them to assess my condition to see if I should use minoxidil and hop back on finasteride as well.
  7. Yeah, I guess it works out around the same price if you take 1mg fin everyday. Definitely need to look more into it though. Recently bought Regaine on Amazon Prime's sale for £30. Minoxidil-Direct seems to be more expensive even compared to RRP. Also CB0301 is topical anti-androgen that is undergoing FDA approval. Apparently the trials are almost done for it to be used as acne medicine and it's undergoing trials for hairloss now. From what I've read and heard, CB0301 reduces DHT like fin but it doesn't affect your testosterone levels which in turn should prevent your estrogen levels
  8. You can try combining a SMP (scalp micro-pigmentation) with a transplant. You would basically have your remaining hair sparsely transplanted over an SMP to give the illusion of a very short buzz cut. A body hair transplant would also help with density. Also while I haven't really seen this method in real life, I'd try combining a transplant and hairpiece. What I would do is try to rebuild the hairline and temples and then place a hairpiece behind it. The reason why I say you should get the hairline and temples done is because usually the hairline of hairpieces give them away and it is als
  9. The Fin/Min combo seems really expensive. I'd also end up taking fin everyday with it too. Morr F seems more affordable but I'd have to research more on it. Also while I have heard that topical fin reduces sides I have also heard there is still the risk of systemic absorption. Think I might hop on min after I get a proper assessment from a hair transplant doc. Hoping that can hold me over for a few years till CB0301 gets approved. Thanks for the info though.
  10. That's good to hear. Hoping it releases within the net year or so. Also is puffy face/water retention an actual side effect of minoxdil?
  11. I'm aware how minoxidil works and that it would do nothing to block DHT. Was just wondering that if I could hop on it for the time being until Clascotorone comes out. How does Clascotorone avoid sides though? Does it stop the increased testosterone from aromatising into estrogen?
  12. Just read your thread on Aindeem, yeah that sounds bad. I used generic finasteride about a year ago and got sides within a week so I quit it after week three. Think I was hypersensitive to the drug as I was already seeing gains in the first week on my hairline. Have heard anecdotal evidence suggesting that reducing the dosage reduces sides so I'm thinking of taking 0.5 mg if I decide to hop on it again. As for minoxidil, is it true that you'll always need it to keep your gains from it? What about if you wait a few months and let the regrown hair fall out and then get a transplant which al
  13. Funny that you mention the Belgravia Centre. That's the exact same place I went to. The cream version sounds promising from what they described but they're asking for over 10x the price of standard Minoxidil. Aside from price why do you prefer the foam version? Also did you get any sides from Rogaine or fin? Did you get any sides from it? If you did, what did you do to combat them?
  14. Just realised the HairGuard site is the same company that sells the headband. Though, that was one of the few sites I found where they talked about the cream version of Minoxidil. Seems like sides are worse according to them. Not sure how much of it is true though. Anyway, the clinic I went to wasn't related to HairGuard as far as I know.
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