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  1. Well you should talk to your doctor for confirmation. This wasn't just based on my personal experience though, brought it up to hair transplant doctors and they also advised me against using fin. I guess you could microdose for a few weeks and see what happens, especially if you plan to get surgery for your gyno later. To expand on what I said earlier, I would rather get a transplant at NW2.5/3 instead of relying on fin all my life and risking the side effects if I was lucky enough to stop at NW3. Minoxidil is more for regrowth so would likely not be as effective as fin for stopping hair loss. I use it once a day and have grown some thin wispy hairs on my right temple which is now more of a NW2 than 2.5. left temple hasn't improved much though.
  2. Dont know anout it reoccuring but I wouldnt risk it. I have moderate gyno and used fin for about 3 weeks, definitely felt something in my nipple/chest which is partly why I stoped it. Also got most of the other side effects. If I were you I'd just wait for a transplant. Probably use minoxidil when you notice recession.
  3. What would you say us the best length to help with minoxidil absorption?
  4. Did you do it to the point where you would start bleeding? I never pushed hard enough to cause bleeding, just redness and stinging.
  5. Been using minoxidil once a day for the past two months and have seen a bit of progress. Want to add derma-rolling to the regimen but I'm worried about minoxidil going systemic. What's the best needle size? Don't want it to be too painful. Heard some folks recommend 1.5mm. Seems too much to start off with tbh. I tried derma-rolling by itself (can't remember the size) before but got some temporary scars, likely because I was doing it way too often. Plan to only do it once a week this time
  6. Gyno is a rare side effect of finasteride. Had it since my preteens and didn't want to risk worsening it so dropped it after experiencing other side effects. Was thinking of getting back on fin at a lower dosage but was advised against by hair doctors/surgeons. Not sure what my hormone levels are but having gyno was enough for me to stop using it. I'd have a chat with your doctor and get your hormone levels checked out before continuing to use it.
  7. I have mainly been using forums and such for help for the past few years. Still it would be nice to get my hair properly checked out by an actual surgeon. I have had two consultations; one with Belgravia centre (medical clinic) which was pretty good and another with Arshad's clinic which wasn't great. The consultation started 15 minutes later than scheduled and it was incredibly rushed; was about 30 minutes before the surgeon I was speaking to just abruptly ended the call. Was told by another member here that it can be worth paying for a consultation since the surgeon cam examine the strength of your follicles in your donor area and such better.
  8. Yeah this is something that's always on my mind when it comes to transplants. Currently on NW2-2.5 at 26. Got sides from finasteride and I already had gyno so dropped it after a few weeks. Been using Minoxidil for a little over a month and I do have some weak hairs growing on my right temple, left is still pretty terrible and I haven't checked my crown yet. I'll probably be like Melvin and have surgeries every couple of years and use Min for maintenance (especially for crown). I also have quite a bit of body hair which I'll likely use to save my crown and probably temples. Hoping Clascoterone releases soon as that sounds really promising.
  9. Interestingly I just posted a topic about Farjo. I assume your consultation was the £95 doctor one?
  10. So I'm looking at the Farjo Hair Institute and they have two options for consultation; "Patient Affairs Co-ordinators (FREE)" and "Doctor (£95)". If anyone has visited this clinic (or just a paid consultation) what's the difference between the two and is it worth paying for the "Doctor" option? Also would the latter option have a more in depth look at my hair loss such as by using a microscope or something to examine my follicles/donor area? I previously had a consultation with another clinic and it was terrible.
  11. Might try shaking it even though the instructions advise against it. Also, is there only supposed to be half in every can? I just switched to a new can and it feels like it's half full despite me getting a brand new batch from Amazon. Same thing goes for the other two in the box.
  12. #1 So today I was about to apply minoxidil and it came out of the bottle really watery despite being foam. This was the first time this has happened and where I live its been under 15C for a while. My room is usually around 18-20C and the bottle says to store it under 25C. I've had the foam drip a few times in the past few days but it has never come out as almost pure liquid. Any reason why this could have happened? Also I've only been using it once a day for a little over two weeks now but the bottle is almost empty, about 1/5 left.
  13. I know I shouldn't be smoking in the first place and I am trying to quit. Only have a few cigs a week, much less compared to last year where I'd have about 5-8 per day. In any case, can smoking mitigate the effects of Minoxidil since min is a vasodilator and tobacco/nicotine is a vasoconstrictor? I know there was a study in Taiwan that showed hair loss was more common in smokers, though this was only with men who had a pack a day which most smokers don't have. Also was told by a hair clinic doctor that smoking has no effect on hair loss.
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