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  1. Hi danny, That compliment made me chuckle Haha, thanks for the kind words. I am over the moon with my results get a bit addicted to it ha looking at my hair alor but why not as it used to be a tuffed and now a full head of hair which I am happy about. I seen your thread and looking really good already, dont stress about the end result as I found my front beefed up a lot after a year which I didn't really expect. Also as you already know dr b will make sure your results are top notch so if you need a top up sure he will look after you as he did me. I would wait maybe 15 months to see if it meets your expectations but keep them updated and then make the decision if you need a top up but sure you will be chuffed. Good luck and try to enjoy the ride
  2. Well good luck choosing a doctor who you are happy with. There are some doc docs out there including dr b who do great jobs but as you probably know its about the patient aswell. I seen many results around 3-4k some outstanding some average, I would probably say hasson and wong are probably the only ones I haven't seen a bad case from but there maybe some but the ht is not a guaranteed results game even if done by the best. It depends alot on your charaterics I have quite thin hair and am not on finestride, stopped taking topical minoxidil before my touch up and hoping the oral minoxidil I take will start helping my crown/mid scalp area after 6 months which is soon but in regards to mine I am really happy with the difference and that's what matters that you get the results you want. Take your time and if you believe someone is doing a great job time after time then good luck but just keep in mind you will not have your hair from when you were young, you will get the next best thing if you are successful! Good luck
  3. I think it's all about your goals and realistic expectations. In my opinion the difference between the before and after is massive. I appreciate some peoples results are fantastic and others are terrible so I guess it depends on if you have realistic expectations. I am more than pleased with the result and also note I am only 5 months in from the touch up so probably have at least 7 months more growth/maturity to the end result. I am always eager to see and Learn about other people's experiences and their results, have you got a thread?
  4. Hi gents meant to update sooner but with lockdown etc not had chance. Hopefully everyone is keeping safe and hairs are growing well. I am currently 5 and a half months in after my touch up and am very happy. I have noticed my front has thickened up nicely and still have months to go, I go out no products or gels and it looks natural and never had anyone question if I've had a ht. I am waiting for the oral minoxidil kicking in apparently around 6months as I have noticed my crown thinning since I stopped oral minoxidil. Anyway pics below different views one lockdown no haircut and then one where my wife's trimmed it and think shes done a good job anyway keep good and stay safe
  5. Hi, If you read the full thread you will note I have only had my front done. Mid to back I am trying to restore via medication but will have another ht to address that area if required. Please see pics below to see the difference in my opinion hes done a miracle and I do not use any products or gels in the pics
  6. Hi lonely, I wouldn't say poor growth just 1 side was worse than the other I would of been happy but wanted more. They stated I had greasy pores and shown me some pics which looked like spots trapped under the skin causing irritation so recommend to stop the spray and move to oral minoxidil so hopefully that's helped on with the additional grafts
  7. I've seen bad reviews on ksl I would avoid personally. I wouldn't restrict your self just to the uk, I am from Manchester and went Belgium. Big decision so make the right one not just what's easy, clinics worth looking st in the uk imo are dr reddy, Fargo, crown clinic and maitland clinic. Good luck
  8. Thanks Melvin I actually did pal but they went their own way, everyone to their own choices. I think I was more concerned about a doctor taking ownership of their job and wanting a great result and dr b and hilde definitely do that. It would be great if everyone actually found forums like these before committing to a ht and using people's experiences wisely.
  9. The clinic is actually ran by 2 doctors and one is also called edorgen which confused me at 1st and I forget the others name. They use techs like 90% of the other clinics and they got standard fue as far as I know. Now any other details ie who does what, what punch size is up to a potential client to go into detail with them. Also I was not saying this forum cherry pics photos but some members will possibly not show pics they do not like and the forum has no say on that. I am also of the opinion and I think a lot of people would agree with me they would rather see results up close in person rather than a forum pictures to see how good the clinic is. Unfortunately some people dont have unlimited budgets and will always venture towards these type of places so any information available is better than going in blind which people will always do. I do agree with you that in a perfect world we all would go to a top surgeon who does all the procedure themselves and all get top results but this is the real world where top surgeons who charge big money do not always do outstanding jobs and there are many on this forum left underwhelmed after paying £10000 for a treatment. So I will comment when someone is using a limited budget and pushing on with a procedure to say this clinic has done 2 good results I have seen with my own eyes. Would I use them? probably not as fortunately my budget allows me to deal with the more known docs but if I was on a tight budget I definitely would consult with them. Also I think they did a video online for the BBC following a patient off theirs.
  10. As I have gone through the process I do know what I am saying so please dont lecture me on my advice as I can can post what I wish. I actually stated demisroy would be my choice as I considered him for my ht due to his cost and results. All the questions you have asked I have question my friends about and they answered my questions no problem but any potential ht patient should be asking these points to the clinics anyway before signing up. Also I did actually advise my friend to avoid the clinic at first but he didn't listen and his results were good which prompted my other friend to go with the same clinic after seeing his results with also a good end result. People read these forums and posts online and make a decision and do not see the results in daylight, I was stating from their results I was pleasantly surprised by what was achieved and in my opinion that is worth alot more than just staring at threads with cherry picked photos.
  11. Agree with the above I would look at demisroy personally. I would like to add to that 2 off my friends have used smile hair clinic in Turkey and I think they paid about £1600 uk pounds and both have had good solid results so possibly look at them
  12. Hi pal My left side can still be hard to comb now and then but the rest is alot easier. At 3.5 months I wouldn't even worry about trying to tackle them yet I would just try to make them look the best they can. Its funny as you can get them to look as you want with gel etc but I found after 12 months if you wear a hat for a bit it calms them down ha and you can comb them without gels and they start to behave more like your own hair, hope this helps
  13. Hi gents, Just touching base and giving an update. I am roughly 2 months in and all is going fine no ugly duckling stage as my hair hides it so nothing to stare at haha. I do have some irritation so I am shampooing regularly and started to add nizoral in slowly. Also since I have switched to oral minoxidil I feel my ht hair is stronger and acts just like my natural hair, I go out with no gels etc maybe a quick comb or water but sometimes nothing at all and it looks natural. Anyway the pics are last couple of weeks cannot see new growth from my touch up but how my initial ht is maturing.
  14. Hi pal, Thanks for the kind words! Yeah I am really happy I had been growing it trying out different styles but have recently gone short like pre ht and the difference is night and day. I went over in December for an additional 600 grafts as dr b wasnt happy with 1 side, I gave updated my thread so you can see. I am sure you will be very happy in the new few months, happy growing
  15. Hi pal, 3 months is only the start of the growth enjoy the next 6-9 months as it starts getting good ha
  16. I used aloe vera as my scalp was quite red, unsure if it helped to be honest as it syayedvred quite a while but worth trying even as a moisturizer for the area
  17. Looks clean work and good amount of grafts, should be a good result! Enjoy the experience
  18. Gents as mentioned in my last full update the dr offered me a free touch up when we met in London. My wife and child came with me and we had a pre Christmas holiday for 4 days, Brussels is a nice city to wander round and chill out. I had surgery on the 1st proper day and received 650 total grafts split between both sides! The dr shown me a issue in the recipient area seems as though my scalp was irritated and greasy and prescribed me oral minoxidil and told me to stop the spray version ( he did mention this in London but I kept to the spray he gave me the disappointed look haha). Anyway great service as usual think I was finished for 2 pm and went to meet the wife. I didn't need to shave the front so had no signs of the ht after my bandage came off. The pics below are not great to see anything but they are front post op, the donor pics are 1 day after during my 1st wash and you cannot even tell anything has been done if you didn't look closely and then I've added 2 how my hair looks now before these new grafts have grown! Enjoy
  19. Hi karatekid, I am unsure on how many grafts per sqm if that's what you mean. There is a lot of questions for a ht to worry about that is why I chose dr b to leave it to a expert to do the right amount of grafts, use the correct punch size etc so make sure you pick a doctor who is a expert
  20. Haha that is a strange way to look at it, Turkey has some top doctors well respected in this field and is a beautiful country which as I say millions of people each year visit and the worst thing which happens to them is sunburn, also isnt Mexico one of the main murder hotspots in the world because of its gangs and cartels so using your logic as it borders America we should stay clear and avoid the states. Anyway stick to what you know if that's how you feel but dont think you should advise people to stay clear of a country if you haven't experienced it
  21. Dazed I sometimes worry about Americans and your preconceptions of the wider world, turkey has had incidents like everywhere else in the world but is still 99% safe. It draws millions of tourists from all round the world each year including myself who has been around 8 times and know it to be a great country with great people. I would think you have more chance of being shot in the us than any thing happen to you in Turkey and I bet the statistics back that up. Go Turkey see what you think taste the food, enjoy the culture dont just read an article and try and get people to avoid it!
  22. Dilemmas dilemmas! It is a tough one to decide I was swapping doctors each day for about a year. I have seen good work from dr pekiner and if you get a good feeling then follow your gut. I went with dr bisanga who is a real good guy warm friendly and a very top surgeon who cares about your results. I know he has opened a clinic in Greece for cheaper rates where the work is done by others surgeons under his guidance and supervision which I think is definitely worth looking at from a budget point of view. Also I was close to going with demisroy in Turkey as 99% of his work looks top notch at I think €1.25 a graft also worth looking at, good luck
  23. Haha do we have uber made me chuckle that. Dont understand the problem when I wanted fin I googled uk finestride and it bought up many pharmacies that require you to fill in a online questionnaire and then send it out no problem whatsoever maybe try that
  24. Interesting question as 2 of my friends used smile against my advice and to be fair the have both a good results. I would say out of any of the cheap clinics these do good results from what I've seen especially in person, was very surprised
  25. Good man enjoy, maybe a thread for this one? Would like to see a crown result from dr b