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  1. Hi The grafts planted throughout the vertex & crown have made a huge difference. To be honest I actually forgot about those grafts as my focus has always been hairline, but recently I realised that I no longer have any see through parts on the top apart from an area in the crown which is very small. I do not recall any details on remaining donor I will ask the Dr at my check up in October.
  2. Hi I had my first HT (FUT) 10 years ago and Dr Hasson was not doing FUE back then so it was an easy decision. If I was to do it again I would have 2 FUE as the down town and healing is easier and although my scar is faint I do have to have it cut in a certain way to avoid it showing through.
  3. Hey, Thanks for the comment How is your hair coming along? Fingers crossed I have some more maturing to do as the hairline is a tad sparse along the left & right hand sides of he hair line so I am hoping it will beef up in these parts.
  4. lol that just shows you my lack of camera knowledge I don't even know what a 0.000001 megapixels is. I have an iPhone 8 nd the camera is crap, I took the newest pics on my MacBook camera. !
  5. I have tried to take pictures in better light. First 3 are dry hair last 3 are wet. You can see in the wet pics the hairline on the left corner needs to mature otherwise it will definitely need a top up, the same goes for the right side. There is also a small part in the middle of hairline that is similar too. Its really important to say that one set of pics does not represent the result. Some days my hair feels very dense and full and other days it looks very thin and see through. Also depending on lighting and styling etc as to how the hair will look. As said in my previous post if I can ge
  6. Yeh going to try take better pictures tomorrow during the day.
  7. Hi All, September 11th will officially be my 9 month progress. Apologies for the poor quality iPhone camera but its all I have. I have also included a pic of me prior to any transplants showing I have come along way.I have tried to take the pictures in the same lighting as possible. The pictures that I upload shows an honest image of what the hair looks like under harsher lighting. Under more flattering lighting it looks far more dense so I wanted to be as upfront as possible. Things have progressed since month 6 and it appears to be beefing up somewhat. I do have to stress that n
  8. Hi Yes that is correct the hairline is fuller. The previous pics I posted were of 5 months post op and todays pics I posted are 7 months. I always take pics that shows the imperfections. Thanks for your comment 😉
  9. Hi All So here is my 7months update pics, I did not post 6 months pics as there was no really changes from 5 months to 6 months. Firstly I think it is very important to mention the following points as there is always more to the story than the picture. : My natural hair is extremely thin and always was : My hair grows in crazy different directions, Hasson & Wong told me this on HT No.1, Dr Bisanga told me this on HT No.2, barbers have been telling me all my life. My reason for mentioning this is that I can not really wear my hair in a brushed forward style because of the dif
  10. Hey, I will be posting month 7 mid July. I do feel that It is lacking density and see through but I am 6.5 months and will give it a few more months to mature. Did you go back for a top up etc? Do you have any pics ?
  11. Hi, My hairline was never lowered originally and this time around I wanted some temple work. The hairline has not been lowered as such just the temples filled in.
  12. Hey, Im not disappointed at all, I just think it is maybe a little early to to be considering 3rd HT by this stage.
  13. Hi Many thanks for the feedback, I didn't think at month 5 I would see 80% of the result, I was thinking more 50%..
  14. Hi 5 month update, not really anything to update really. 5 months is still early on. The photos are taken with some natural light so in person the hair looks better. There has been more growth from 3 months to now, as it is only 5 months post op the transplanted hair still has to catch up with my native hair and become more unified & blended in. so I am hoping over the next 7 months this will happen. It is very easy at this stage to become worried and think the transplant was a failure but I keep reminding myself its only month 5 and I have a lot more growing/maturing to do, This is
  15. Hi, I try to take 1mg per day, however I can forget to take it at times, no major sides either
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