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  1. Hi I have been on finasteride (1mg per day) for around 7 years and recently started taking Monoxidill tables (5g) per day. Wanted to get some advice to see if you recommend I come off the finsateride and just stick to the Monoxidill tablets ? Be good to hear some feedback . Thank-you
  2. Today I hit the 1 month post op mark, nothing really to report all is well no redness or pain etc. Seems that I have shed most of the transplanted hairs now, just waiting for my native hair to grow back so I can style as I did prior to this procedure. My iPhone camera is pretty crap so probably not the best pics. I have taken them by the window so the pics likely appear more harsh than in person, the last pic is taken away from window and you can see the difference in density, I am not to fussed about any of that for now as it is early stages. any feedback or questions gladly accepted. Will be posting monthly progress pics and hopefully have better camera next time.
  3. Here is a picture before my first HT with Hasson & Wong 9 years ago where I had 4000+ strip method and the 2nd picture was December 2019 shortly before HT number 2, 3000 FUE with Bisanga. The rest are pre/post op with Dr Bisnaga.
  4. Yeh the scar is pretty much undetectable. If I shave my y hair a certain length you would never know it is there. For me thats why it is important to do your research and go with a reputable doctor
  5. 16 days post op. All going well to date, not much redness and donor area looks back to normal. The lighting here is very unflattering and harsh my iPhone camera is not the best, so in person it looks way more dense, the lighting in pics can really make a huge difference, I will try to experiment with various lighting to give comparisons on next pics. The area in the hair line on right hand side that I was concerned about even 2 days post op as I could see it was less dense even at that early stage is due to the Doctor implanting less grafts there to avoid shock loss. I was concerned at this as I would have thought that area would look just as dense as the left side if there was already a good amount of native hair there (hence having less grafts in that spot). I have to just be patient and trust in Dr Bisanga.This is my secoond transplant (1st with Dr Hasson 9 years ago) so I am trying to be more laid back this time about outcomes (easier said than done)!!
  6. Hey, I am 9 days out now and had my first hair wash at day 8 which felt great and all the scabs came off nicely without encouragement. As you can see from the pictures attached there is an area on the right hand side towards temple that the scalp is more visible than the left side. I noticed this even when there was scabbing at around day 3 so I doubt it is shedding. the other picture below is immediately after surgery and you can actually make out the area in question as it looks less darker than the left side. Obviously this is an anxious time as you all know I have emailed the doc so awaiting response, anybody experienced anything similar. My worst fear is that less grafts were placed here but Dr Bisanga is world class so I highly doubt that is the case but you cant help but worry. Thanks for reading
  7. Hi, when I did my research 10 years ago Hasson came out on top for me, I am form London but distance was never an issue, wanted to get the best doctor possible. I was a diffuse thinner originally so it is no surprise that my hair has thinned over the 10 years. After researching for over a year Dr Bisanga came out on top for me, it was just a bonus he was a train ride away. I met him and the lovely Hilde in London a couple of times and I knew he was the man for the job.
  8. Thanks very helpful info. Do you take it with food ?
  9. Hi what gram of oral minoxidil do people generally take, I have the 5mg tablets, I believe it is ok to take alongside finasteride ? Any experiences on oral Minox??
  10. HI, So here I am again. I had my first HT with Dr Hasson in Canada around 9 years ago where I had strip method 4500 grafts. It was a success however as I was a diffuse thinner and now the years have past it did thin somewhat. I found Dr Bisnaga after doing my research and knew he was the man for the job for HT number 2. I had 2900 grafts by FUE literally yesterday 11/12/19 and arrived back home in London today 12/12/19. My goal was to lower hair line fill in temples and mid to back region also. It was an amazing experience from start to finish. Supidly I fell asleep an d lost some grafts during the night from the back (around 30 grafts) but what will be will be and I am just going to take the time to recover and look forwrad to my new results. I am terrible at taking pics and only do so on iphone so please forgive the quality .
  11. Doing my research so would be very interested to hear from those more in the know who there top 3 docs for FUE & Strip are and why ?( hairline work- temples filled in & lowered & hairline beefed up a bit) Much appreciated
  12. Hi Thanks for responses I will aim to put pics up. Also Dr Bisanga has been a name that has been reccomended. Can anyone post their top 3 FUE DOCS ( for hairline / temple work ) & top docs for strip method also for hairline / temple work
  13. Dr Bisanga is a name that I see positive resukts with FUE come up, does anyone reccomend him ?