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  1. I started taking Propecia a few months prior to the surgery and oral minoxidil right after the surgery. I don't know what to do anymore
  2. A bit but not really no. Native hair took a hit and the recipient area does not look good at all
  3. ***Month 10 Update*** Hey guys, Sorry for not posting here for a while. Was super busy during the holidays and then Covid hit shortly thereafter. So my hair growth has not gone as well as I expected and I reached out to Dr. Bisanga and he said I have Diffuse Telogen Effluvim and recommended PRP and Mesotherapy. I'm not too sure if these treatments will help or not. I have attached pictures. I'm not too happy at this point and would love to hear what you guys think and can suggest.
  4. Hey guys, So it's been about 9 weeks since the surgery. I took these pictures at the 7 week mark.. it's gotten a little better in the past two weeks.. not as crusty but my scalp is still very red and itchy. Is this normal?
  5. Day 6 Worst itch of my life. Prob the most uncomfortable day yet but I'm hanging in there.
  6. Here are the day 4 updates. I've been spraying my hair with Isobetadine shampoo since day 2 and using a cup to rinse it out very slowly. I've also been spraying saline solution every few hours to the recipient area and using Hydocalm cream twice a day to the donor area. My right donor side is healing pretty quickly but the left side is very red/yellowish. My donor area has gotten extremely itchy and painful today. Post op was pretty painless and wasn't itchy up till this point. What do you guys think of the density of the implanted grafts and the condition of the donor area?
  7. Hi guys, I finally decided to move forward with my HT after years and years of research. I've been debating whether to do or not to do a HT for quite some time and after browsing these forums for such a long time without contributing anything I've decided to document my process for you guys. Graft Breakdown 1 Unit: 995 2 Units: 1597 3 Units: 961 4 Units: 69 We did 2100 or so grafts on day one and the remainder on day two. Why Dr. Bisanga? I had consultations with many of the top surgeons and traveling was not going to be an issue for me so I definitely had a few options. In the end I decided to go with Dr. Bisanga. Even though I never went in for an in person consultation, Hilde was wonderful throughout the entire process and she helped make my decision in choosing Dr. Bisanga a lot easier. Dr. Bisanga is a wonderful doctor who makes you feel comfortable during your surgery. Surgery and Clinic I'm not going to go into detail on the clinic since you guys already know what to expect here. I will say that I was satisfied with the clinic and all the techs were super nice and friendly. The surgery took two days with a total of 3,622 grafts planted. I went back in one more day after the surgery just for a quick checkup and to have my scalp cleaned and I'm on my way back home now. My Goals So Dr. B asked me what my goals were before the surgery and I told him that I've seen my hairline go higher and higher over the years and I wanted to bring it back down with lots of density. He drew a hairline for me and I was satisfied so we decided to go with it. I did mention that I want to fill up my crown but Dr. B recommended to wait. The goal for this surgery was to create a brand new hairline, pack up the front and overall reduce the size of my forehead. I've attached some before and afters and I will make sure to keep you guys posted on the progress.