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  1. just run from Bhatti. Anywhere I see on this forum something about him is absolute horrible results.
  2. Yeah man, I am just realistic, sorry to make you dissapointed. You should see some growth in 6 month as well. But after 6 months the hair is already 80-90% of your result..Maybe I am wrong but that's how it was to almost all cases I saw. I wish you come with pictures in 7 month with a full dense hair and to not need a third HT.
  3. Usually in 5-6 months you will see 80-90% how your hair transplant looks. You have the same problem as me, I can see the scalp through your hair because the density is lacking.80% I will say you will need a third HT for density.
  4. Dude, this guy was making surgery while turning his music and dancing like a prick infront of me. I just share pictures with me, I am not going to share it again. I AM the one who actually made a surery with him. My hairline is NOT looking good. All what I am saying is don't go with Keser. It's too expensive and not worth. I will go with hattingen this summer.
  5. Keser 😂😂 Nice joke bro. Keser is shit :). I just made a surgery with him and I have double grafts in my hairline.
  6. i think your density is missing in the front... I would say go for more 600-700 grafts in front and you are good to go
  7. Nope. I dont. I didnt wanted to create one. Maybe because I am lazy. Experience was not good overall. I remember when he was making the surgery he was listening to loud turkish music, chit chating with his assistants in turkish, I felt like the focus on surgery was 0%. I totally dont recommend. When I had the Skype consultation with Hattingen he asked me with whom I had the surgery, and I said that I had it with Keser and when he saw my hairline with thick grafts in the front he said: I was expecting to be better than this. Every surgeon, so I believed, knows that when you create the hairline you take the grafts from the back of the ear and from the nape because in those areas grafts are thinner... and what he did? He took all my grafts, really thick ones from the back of my head(donor area). One word I would choose to describe Keser: d i s s a p o i n t e d. @jonnyalex can also confirm. He made the surgery 1 month before me. It was a fiasco for him as well.
  8. Second picture is how i look at the moment. As you can see I have a cowlick and in that area i can see the scalp... Notice the thick grafts he used in my hairline. Guys, dont go to Keser! He is not so good as everybody says.
  9. Yeah.. I think I will go with Hattingen in July or August after this coronavirus calms down a bit.
  10. So I just email De Freitas assistant where I sent my details and photos about me and what I would want to change in my hairline. The thing is I had a hair transplant with Keser last year and my hairline is not so dense as I would too so I want to make a second HT. I saw some results from Freitas which impressed me so I decided to contact him. Well, in my case I did not had any hair loss in my whole life(I was just born with a very high hairline and receded temples) and De Freitas told me that he does not want to make a surgery if I don't take pills like Finasteride and Minoxidil .Then, I clearly replied to her assistant email that I refuse to take these pills since I DIDNT HAD ANY HAIRLOSS in my life! This is ridiculous, what is his logic? Or I'm I wrong?! P.S. My whole familly have full head of hair. Uncle, father, grandpa.. P.S.2. I would go with Hattingen for sure in July or August.
  11. First hair transplant I had it with Dr. Keser. I had 2000 grafts. Overall result it's good but he implanted thick hairs in my hairline which is not great, I thought that he will know that he needs to take hairs from the nape and back of the ears and implant in my hairline... and he also does not use microscope. I have multiples grafts with multiple hairs in my hairline no bueno. I had a Skype meeting with Hattingen and he told me that he would have to remove some of the hairs from Keser surgery and then reimplant single hairs in my hairline. I think if i'm going to do a second HT i will go with Hattingen as he is romanian like me, very experienced surgeon and he will also come in my city in April so I might go in April for this surgery. Cheers
  12. Keser used very thick hairs in my hairline which is not normal and I would have thought that him as a very experienced surgeon he would knew that he needs to take hairs from the nape and behind the ears(because in those areas are thinner hairs)... @jonnyalex he also had HT with Keser one month before me. Maybe he can share his thoughts as well
  13. In my case Keser fucked a little bit my right side of the hairline, he put multiple grafts in my hairline.. and he doesnt uses microscope... so be careful:)
  14. Well, I've never had any hairloss in my entire life, just that I was born with a high hairline and receded temples so yeah.. I'm expecting density like those patients from that video.
  15. Agree. I will wait for Rafael De Freitas one year if its needed... I already sent my pictures and form, now I'm waiting for his response and proposal.