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  1. I will not share any pics. Go ahead with him. Just don't tell me I didn't warned you!
  2. Remove Keser and put Bisanga there. Avoid Keser! This. Because of not having the information that Keser doesnt use microscope I have a lot of doubles in my hairline and it doesnt look natural at all.
  3. Neah, didn't bothered making one. Probably I should make one. I'm planning for my next surgery(second one with Bisanga or Hattingen). I will see.
  4. You need a second HT to make your hairline more natural and dense. Result is good but definitelly you need a second one.
  5. Please don't mention Keser. If it's indeed Muttalip Keser. I have so many double grafts in my hairline, he did a very terrible job to me. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND IT. Instead I recommend Hattingen
  6. is Dr. Keser working on this period of time? His assistant Aykil told me that his clinic is closed.
  7. I see, I see.. Can you give me a contact number where I can talk with him or his assistant? I am very interested in his work, possible to go a surgery with him.
  8. That's good. I learned my lesson with dr. Keser thats why i am asking. Also, for your hairline did he use hairs from your nape and around ear? These 2 zones are the best when it comes to take hair and implant in hairline.
  9. just run from Bhatti. Anywhere I see on this forum something about him is absolute horrible results.
  10. Yeah man, I am just realistic, sorry to make you dissapointed. You should see some growth in 6 month as well. But after 6 months the hair is already 80-90% of your result..Maybe I am wrong but that's how it was to almost all cases I saw. I wish you come with pictures in 7 month with a full dense hair and to not need a third HT.
  11. Usually in 5-6 months you will see 80-90% how your hair transplant looks. You have the same problem as me, I can see the scalp through your hair because the density is lacking.80% I will say you will need a third HT for density.
  12. Dude, this guy was making surgery while turning his music and dancing like a prick infront of me. I just share pictures with me, I am not going to share it again. I AM the one who actually made a surery with him. My hairline is NOT looking good. All what I am saying is don't go with Keser. It's too expensive and not worth. I will go with hattingen this summer.
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