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  1. He is doing everything himself...if you don’t know him yet u will know him soon
  2. Have u heard anything about Kaan Pekiner ? Thnk you in advance
  3. Thnk you cosmokramer I really need it cuz I feel very depressed...I’ll keep u guys updated
  4. My doctor is Kaan Pekiner after lots of research I decided to go with a doctor who does the whole procedure himself using manual extraction and the stick and place technique...I’m very confident about my choice I’ll post pics about my current situation soon
  5. Hello everyone next week I’m having my hair transplant and from here I’m gonna be posting about my journey and my experience...I’m very aware about the first couple months and the ugly ducking phase but I’m ready for it
  6. Hi mate I’m getting around 2000 grafts I’m very sad the last couple years about my hairloss and constantly thinking about it...I really wanna stop thinking about it and be motivated again I wanted to ask u What was the blood tests u had to do exactly before the surgery ? And if u are from the UK where did u do it ? Appreciated man
  7. Mate if u wanna save your life...HLC,Kaan Pekiner,asmed,keser...they all do the procedure themselves apart from asmed but in majorities opinion those are the best by far and top in whole world too
  8. Oh shit coming back 4 days after the operation hope won’t be too bad...don’t like catching attention from people on the flights,were u able to wear a hat or something ? Are u from UK if u don’t mind me asking ?
  9. Thnk you very much lift ur reply was spot on and very precise I’ll stop using it probably 7 days before the procedure so it won’t be too bad for him
  10. Hi lift wanted to ask u regarding the oral minoxidil...how many days after the hair transplant have u start using it again? Cuz he said to me to stop using it 2 weeks before the hair transplant !!
  11. In Greece I told you bisanga and Cole clinic...if u wanna go other places I can name a few reputable surgeons in Europe and u will have no risks with them whatsoever
  12. Don’t go with him he’s better in fut than fue but all around there are better clinics
  13. If I had to do it in Greece I’d probably do it at the bisanga-cole clinic and I’d try to do my transplant with one of those two best Doctors in the world
  14. I’m so confident about my surgery with him in August...can’t wait to meet him and hopefully change my fuckin life
  15. Looks dense and natural Dr. Pekiner is going to be number one in Turkey in the up coming years
  16. Are u still have them ?
  17. Like I said kaan pekiner hlc keser and maybe asmed are the best places to go in Turkey u don’t risk much but they are pricey compare to other places but their work is world class...dr Acar in cosmedica is also good in lower price I’ve seen work from him also a friend of mine did his hair transplant with him last week I wanna see his outcome Though
  18. I really wanna jump on it myself cuz topical has lost its efficient on me...do u have any side effects from it? Kaan pekiner is a great doctor seems u gonna have amazing results...where do u get Oral minoxidil from?
  19. If I had to do it in Turkey I would only go for HLC,kaan pekiner,kesser and Asmed...in fact I’ll do mine in August In on of those doctors
  20. That’s great news I hesitated to start oral minoxidil afraid that it doesn’t work but I’m happy that everybody say that it works cuz topical lost its efficacy on me plus I can’t be applying twice a day I’m sick of it
  21. Does oral minoxidil really work?