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  1. Thanks for all the kind words! Day +6 So healing is moving on. Still scabs/crusts. Have had quite a bit of itching but it has eased up since i was allowed to wash my hair. Woke up one morning by me scratching the hair half asleep. Naturally i panicked, but no damage was done. Puh... As well as itchiness i've suffered from swelling, and quite a bit of it as well. During these last days I went from looking like one of those vampires from Buffy the vampire slayer show (if you remember), to someone that just got beat up with a baseball bat... Luckily enought, the swelling has pretty much subsided completely now. Now just waiting for these damm scabs to come of!
  2. Background: Im a 29 years old who have been balding for about 7 years. Been using finasteride for about 1 and a half year + minoxidil. It has halted the hairloss but given limited regrowth. A shame i didn't start it earlier. Anyway, i've been thinking about getting a hair transplant to restore my hairline for quite some time. Suddently i had both money and a long vacation (quite the combination) and thought, if not now then when? Choice of doctor I was in contact with quite a few doctors except Pekiner, amongst them Keser, Bisanga, Demirsoy e.t.c. I wanted to find someone that was good with hairline restoration and who did the work themselves. I didn't want to end up in one of those "hairtransplant factories" i've read about. So from the beginning it was clear that a good hairline was going to cost. During my contacts with the different doctors one stood apart however. First off Pekiner was one of them who answered my questions the fastest by mail. But while most doctors just gave a quick graft estimate with a price tag, Pekiner was actually concerned for the status of my donor and was hesistant at first. After sending several pictures and discussing the matter Pekiner decided that surgery was possible. His doubt did however give me more confidence in choosing him, as it was clear from the beginning that he wasn't willing to just do any surgery for money. He also speaks english which for me is a big plus. Ofcourse we shouldn't be blind to the fact that the price had a part in it as well. As an example the price that Bisanga quoted was more than twice as much. After looking through all the reviews i could find on Pekiner i felt confident in choosing him in comparision and booked the surgery. Hotel I stayed in the hotel that Pekiner has an agreement with, the Koru hotel in Cankaya. Price is 25 euros which frankly is a bargain. It's no luxury hotel but has everything you could need after the procedure. Staff is really helpful, ordering kebab when room service was down e.t.c. Internet isn't great though so might be a good idea to download the stuff you need in advance. Luckily enough Netflix works fine. Cankaya is a really nice neighbourhood and i recommend everyone to have a look around when here. Quite posh, lot of embassies and porsches parked on every corner. Price: The price is 2.15 € per graft if you agree to them using your face (blurred) on social media and your help to open a report on one or two hairloss forums, Otherwise it's 2.25 €. Since im writing this i obviously agreed to the 2.15 € per graft deal. 3268 € all in all. Day of surgery In the morning i went with an assistant to a laboratory to get an blood sample. If you have the opportunity to do this at home its better. I ended up paying 100 euros for the sample, probably cheaper back home. After that i was dropped of at Pekiners clinic. The homely atmosphere strikes you immediately. This is a small clinic, nicely decorated and clean. I was served tea and met with Pekiner for the first time. We had discussed two possibilites for the procedure before. One more moderate with 1500 grafts and another alternative with around 2500. I didn't need much convincing to go with the lower number. Pekiner assured me that it would be enough for a good look, and also keeping in mind the future. As he pointed out finasteride is working for me now, but we never know how it's gonna be down the line. Pekiner painted a hairline design which i was happy with and we were ready to go. The surgery took the whole day. There is literaly no pain involved except some of the first anasthesic injections. I ended up sleeping through a lot of the surgery. It was divided in two parts. First Pekiner extracted half of the grafts, we took a short pause, and he inserted them. Then the same procedure all over again. Pekiner did all the extractions and insertions by himself, with his assistans just helping with the work around it. When the surgery was done my head was bandaged and i was taken back to the hotel by Pekiner. Next day i came back to take off the bandage and was given instructions and products for the after-care. Now it just comes down to waiting...