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  1. Intrigued, and yes im 25 only. So you think for a person of my age and condition initially FUT is more of a better choice, thanks for the help, though now I just want a dense head regardless of the method.
  2. Well im just confused like many others here and dont really know what to opt for, i dont really care until i have my hair back, im just worried about where to go, initially yes i was more worried about FUE vs FUT, now i have realized with all of ur help that it is the outcome that matters at the end. NOW most importantly I have over all hair thinning, its seen in the pictures i have uploaded. Now suggest me some surgeons who have a great consistency in DENSE hair transplant.
  3. HELP please, i need to wear a hair system for a week as I will be out for a business trip and I want to be confident about my look so I have planned for a temporary solution and that is a hair system. But as I am planning for Hair transplant, will the temporary hair system have any negative impact on my existing hair?
  4. And what about PRP and mesotherapy on a regular basis besides minoxidil?
  5. JUST one word for the work done "Perfect", Happy to see your result but why FUE again in Aug 2018? Can You post pictures and reason for that please?
  6. Waiting on your final result as I have been suggested about Dr Bhatti by someone, please keep us updated as you see progress. But a great hairline design i must say, good luck
  7. Alright, thanks a lot for the information and courage bro, considering Eugenix
  8. I am really honored to have your reply on my post, I am not taking any medication because of their side affects and I was advised to use minoxidil back in 2012 by a doctor in Dubai but I discontinued after my hair fall stopped and I even did 6 sessions of mesotherapy with the same doctor in 2013 and i had very good result but I wasnt educated enough on this field so I stopped and hence this is my current condition, I consulted few local doctors recently and they advised PRP+finasteride but I have read about the consequences of finasteride so I got hopeless, then I began my study about HT and its different methods, but I am seeing many people who under went HT were advised to take Finasteride after HT, is there any alternative to this? I am ready to do PRP/Mesotherapy/Laser cap for the rest of my life but not willing to take finasteride.
  9. The fact of only 1/2 or 1/4th of the strip being used is new for me! Thanks a lot for this information, well I am not much eager for FUE due to the fact that when hair follicles are being extracted it may damage the root as they may be at an angle underneath the skin and if the surgeon uses larger diameter extraction tool then the neighboring hair follicle would be damaged too, but yes im more than willing to give away my chest hair and beard if the outcome is fruitful! Thanks again for the precious advice, I want to be more convinced about FUE now then i will jump into it
  10. Well i dont know if Fue/Dht will be enough for me as i have large area to cover and my donor area is thinning out too, but I am feeling positive about Eugenix after seeing your result