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  1. I advise Propecia only for 6 months after which patients stop it. Even he did stop at 6 month mark. Thank you for your interest in the case.
  2. Thank you for posting your final result. I am happy for you.
  3. Hi, Inspite of having omitted, you are doing alright. I will recommend you start Finasteride right away.
  4. A recent picture I received from the patient after almost one year of the procedure. A huge transformation if you see his before pictures above. He stopped Finasteride after 6 months of the procedure. He is 82 years old now.
  5. Dear Mr Sunny, Can I have the latest update from you please?
  6. While in the clinic barberman1986 taught us which haircuts will further create the illusion of fullness after a hair transplant- The videos are attached. Hair styling after hair transplant -1 Hair styling -2 Hair styling - 3 Hair styling- 4 Thank you very much for the time barberman1986
  7. Dear Mr. Ivery22, I do believe that a result similar to that which you shared is possible with one procedure. In fact, I believe this is a very modest expectation so it should not be a problem. If you would like a formal assessment please email me at dearbhatti@gmail.com.
  8. Dear Mr. Dharam2018, Thank you for the update and for sharing your photos. Be sure to stay in touch if you need anything for your recovery.
  9. Dear Mr. Ivery22, The first course of action is to not have a procedure at this time. You should give the medication time to do what it is going to do. In other words, your scalp may thicken considerably in the next nine to fifteen months, which in turn will reduce the number of grafts you may need to a desirable result. I will caution you, however, in that one procedure is not going to restore the density you have lost as there is not enough hair in the donor region to replace every hair you've lost with any hope of maintaining a healthy appearance. The donor region would have to be severely depleted to get so much hair, and at that point, your true "lost" density will remain lost. Your pattern of loss is that of a NW6 but your loss is diffused which is why your continued use of finasteride may reduce and reverse much of your loss. You are a very good surgical candidate, however, so when the time comes you can have a very pleasant result that will have fuller coverage and added density. Your benefit is that the sides of your scalp are still quite strong and your temple points are very well defined so all of the grafts moved can be used to concentrate on the top and the back.
  10. Dear Mr. Yordanov, You have provided very good photographs of your case that allow me to verify your hair loss state. First, you do not necessarily have to be a NW7 "soon" because of medications available. I recommend you heavily consider finasteride, either oral or topical, to help prevent further hair loss. Second, I believe that if your hair were to be grown out we would see what is referred to as a "diffused" pattern of loss, as you are not bald and you have hair all over your scalp. It is simply miniaturizing in some areas more than others but the frontal region appears to have strong terminal hairs that are not being affected by DHT so much as the rest of your scalp. You may have a very favourable reaction to finasteride in that your hair may thicken considerably, thereby reducing the need for surgical intervention. However, as long as you are not seeking that which is not possible, then a very reasonable and good result can be had for the front and the top in one surgical procedure, with an optional secondary procedure to reinforce the crown at a later time.
  11. Dear Mr. Sethicles, I'm very pleased to see your update. Be sure to let me know if you have any needs.
  12. Dear Mr. Itxrd, Thank you for this wonderful update. I'm very happy to see this progress. Be sure to contact me if you ever need anything.