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  1. I have already given my end of the story to the Administrators here. I will answer relevant to the questions you have put forth and answers to which I presume have already been conveyed to you. But for the benefit of the forum members let me reiterate- 1. Shera had complete access to mails concerning his jurisdiction as rep. But once its in my basket, he has nothing to do unless they need to be followed up. If there is a follow up I wish him to do, he already has all data. You cannot expect me to be doing surgeries and doing all the office work unassisted and then answering her
  2. No one is gullible in today's world, Sir. On the other hand I have learnt so much from my patients since I have been in practice and treated thousands. Any information is a mere click away. For instance, there is so much information available on this forum itself, it will take me or you a lifetime of reading. Test grafting has its value, but in select cases only. (I mentioned this not so you can trap me on every phrase that I write, but to give genuine advice.) It is rarely indicated and definitely not in routine cases- cases done in seemingly clear cut situations. Like you
  3. Before surgical hair restoration in males, eliciting history of illness is most important. Only routine blood tests are done, but if there is a history of illness like anemia, hypothyroidism or diabetes, an array of other tests may be done and the procedure may need to be postponed. Most people coming from abroad have got baseline tests done and so this is never a problem. Also if they have skin conditions, and we assume that they are truthful, they would have taken clearance from a local dermatologist for a hair transplant. This would have been conveyed to the hair transplant surgeo
  4. He was an office employee who worked for the office and collects, collates and marks mails and other queries on social media for me to answer. He is privy to all information of international clients other than North America and Australia. He also handled the chat bot on the website for 2 years. I have explained the position to the Moderator fully. Its a mystery why it did not grow like was anticipated. The scarring was there but not dense as is common in repair cases & in this condition we grow hair routinely well. And he says he took Finasteride, so I am not
  5. Yes. But hair bun needs to be tied loose. hair loss along hairline is not due to long hair, but due to tying the knot real tight. Watch this-
  6. Dear All, Sorry for the delay in replying. The past 2 days have been hectic in trying to get the clinic onroad. With the lockdown easing out, equipment purchases are being made to comply with strict governmental guidelines for surgeries in the post Covid era. There is no doubt that Shera acted very impulsively in sending that mail. And I do not think he did the right thing. After all such an e mail is only sent very impulsively and there must have been a provocation which made him act so. I am sure he felt bad about it later. Shera surely did not consult me befo
  7. Its a tight knot that causes the problem. Otherwise a man bun is very much in fashion! Hairlines are challenging to restore due to scarring under the skin. See-
  8. Thanks, Hans for this! Deeply appreciated. This is a Playlist we have compiled over the past few years, and it will make the task much simpler for forum members interested in our services.
  9. Patients often consult a host of doctors before they go for a procedure. Most patients shown here have had their procedures done with me ( as is evident in the picture backgrounds) and detailed individual procedures are available in the Youtube Playlist- Thanks for following our posts.
  10. Thank you for posting your 15 month final result , rony05. Per your request your before pictures are attached. We had initially planned for 3500 scalp grafts for full coverage on online consultation. However, during the preop consultation, it was noted that the scalp donor would not support that number. 2953 scalp grafts (singles- 414, Doubles- 2218 and Triples/Quads- 321) were harvested and strategically placed to cover maximum bald spots. Our philosophy is maximal coverage with minimal grafts. All grafts harvested were in anagen phase hence the result with even
  11. I feel you are the right candidate for Propecia. Have seen many patients like you who have benefited immensely with it. Hair transplant is always an option.
  12. @yespleaseThanks for the interest. Till such time that 'bablu' posts a reply to your query, you may like to see this video in a Caucasian patient who is now booked for his 5th! ☺️ Everyone knows how the patient per doctor ratio has been decreasing the world over since 2017 and cost per graft has been plummeting! Clinics today are fighting with their backs to the wall to sustain their bottom lines. Hence they more often than not quote fantastic figures of as much as 6-10,000 in the first session itself for Grade V baldness, unmindful of the patients' long term objectives.
  13. If I am not wrong these may be the pictures. SMP has come a long way and we do SMP in our clinic routinely for difficult cases where there is not enough hair for coverage.
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