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  1. Thank you for posting your 15 month final result , rony05. Per your request your before pictures are attached. We had initially planned for 3500 scalp grafts for full coverage on online consultation. However, during the preop consultation, it was noted that the scalp donor would not support that number. 2953 scalp grafts (singles- 414, Doubles- 2218 and Triples/Quads- 321) were harvested and strategically placed to cover maximum bald spots. Our philosophy is maximal coverage with minimal grafts. All grafts harvested were in anagen phase hence the result with even fewer number of grafts. I will advise you to take Propecia in low dosage now.
  2. I feel you are the right candidate for Propecia. Have seen many patients like you who have benefited immensely with it. Hair transplant is always an option.
  3. @yespleaseThanks for the interest. Till such time that 'bablu' posts a reply to your query, you may like to see this video in a Caucasian patient who is now booked for his 5th! ☺️ Everyone knows how the patient per doctor ratio has been decreasing the world over since 2017 and cost per graft has been plummeting! Clinics today are fighting with their backs to the wall to sustain their bottom lines. Hence they more often than not quote fantastic figures of as much as 6-10,000 in the first session itself for Grade V baldness, unmindful of the patients' long term objectives. The fact of the matter is that you could either have all 6000 -10,000 in one go or plant them strategically as baldness evolves and areas that need more are determined as time passes (as progress of bald area patterns is unpredictable) For placing ridiculous graft numbers in the first session itself, when baldness progression is not known, is mere commercial expediency. I have been often castigated for this approach on this forum but having been in practice for over 20 years, I have my own philosophy of hair transplant, and it has stood me in good stead, safeguarding (as foremost) the interests of the patients I treat. You can see many such examples of 'graft loading' on this forum, especially since the past 1-2 years. This is a trend that is growing and will not stop. In this environment what would you think of this patient who has been returning for 4 procedures since 2010 from outside India, and is booked for his 5th, later this month!?! <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/GB85KO-KhMs" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> WATCH HIS VIDEO And do let me know your thoughts.
  4. If I am not wrong these may be the pictures. SMP has come a long way and we do SMP in our clinic routinely for difficult cases where there is not enough hair for coverage.
  5. Sorry for missing this one out! Yes, any form of sustained pull/traction can cause traction alopecia. The commonest examples are Sikhs who tie a tight top bun and African ladies who tight braid their hair. Thanks for the query and apologies for the inordinate delay.
  6. Hi Melvin, I am to board a flight at 12 noon, 10 minutes from now. The office will share the details of pending payments with Shera my representative, who I will request to post here. I will be away till Monday. Only my representative shall be continuing this thread on my behalf.
  7. This is another slander. You are speaking to the doctor who pays the highest tax in India in the field of hair restoration. And this can be proved. I wonder if any patient of mine till date has not been given a receipt. If you had paid money, you would have surely insisted on a receipt. Are you so naive? No, you aren't!
  8. KIndly delete the portion you feel goes against the forum's conscience. How can you have a person anonymously slander my reputation here and blackmail me on this platform without talking to him privately and getting to the root of the problem? This is unacceptable to me.
  9. Hi to all ! This year he contacted me on 10 May, 2019. The whole thread copied below is the conversation between him and myself without any editing. His bills are still pending and we shall soon start the legal process to retrieve our loss. I am posting this here to retrieve my image which he has tried to so easily sully. Request for an online Virtual Consult for Dr. Tejinder Bhatti Patient Information: Name Location :ACT Email Date of Birth Contact Number : Gender :Male Goals :Considering a hair transplant Questions concerns : After 2 previous FUe hair tranplantation, I am seeking more density at the crown and maybe a correction of the hairline with only few grafts. Noting that the sides as donor areas are overharvested, and I am not happy to take more from it. Maybe the back, beard and chest could be donor areas, as well as the few inches above the ears at the temporal regions. This patient has added images to their consult: Please click here to view the images. Dear Mr Michael, Thank you for the mail. The scalp donor will easily allow around 1200 scalp grafts while remaining very very cautious about depleting the donor. Additionally 600-800 beard and 600 chest grafts can be used. Which racial group are you from? This will give me information about the hair type and amount of scarring to expect. Dear Dr Bhatti, Many thanks for your reply. I am of mixed egyptian european origin. Will 1200 grafts cover most of the crown and bold spots on the back area. Will it be possible to put any small graft number to fix the hair line as well. Would you please send me the costs. Kind regards Dear Mr Michael, Not 1200. No 1200 will be insufficient. As stated, body grafts will need to be requisitioned too. The costs are at- https://darlingbuds.com/hair-transplant-cost-packages Dear Dr Bhatti, Thanks for your reply. Would you please calculate the estimate net costs for me if premium and if standard package regarding the 1200 scalp and 600-800 beard, as i need to check my budget. Is it right the chest hair grows and falls every now and then and won't be permanent? I attached pics highlighted in red what I wish can be fixed, from the hairline (just few grafts if possible) and the crown. Dear Mr Michael, Yes these grafts will be permanent. I do not see pictures with red marking attaced. Kindly resend. The cost of 1200 scalp and 600 beard grafts is- Premium: INR 225,000 Standard: INR 211,000 Thanks for your reply. I have reattached the pictures. Would you advise me what will the 2000 grafts cover , unless it can cover all with medium density. Yes this can be covered definitely. Thanks a lot for your reply. I am planning for the procedure for August- September, will there be any summer discounts? Dear Mr Michael, There are no discounts at that time. However if you book now, I can consider USD 1 per graft. That's great. Which package will this include? I am a general surgeon by the way, looking forward seeing you in person. Dear Dr Michael, Good to know! That is the standard package. That's alright. I am only concerned about the few days postprocedure especially with the long flight from India. How many days do you think I need to stay postop? I wished I could have stayed more than 3 days in my previous 2 surgeries till the grafts are in place before travelling with a hat for long flights. Will the package involve accomodation? ear Mr Michael, Most people from as far away as N. America stay for one night before and 2 nights after the procedure. The premium package includes accomodation. Please see- https://darlingbuds.com/hair-transplant-cost Dear Dr Bhatti, Many thanks for your reply and please excuse me for the clarifications needed. I will take the regular package with the offer you mentioned for 1 usd per graft, as the premium will be out of my budget. May I ask you for the list of trusted hotels near the clinic? Also, i found it stated the transportations from airport to hotel and then clinic are complimentary. Would you let me know roughly if there are any other costs that I just put in my budget? how much shall I bring for meals per day in India? Would you let me know how much will it also cost per night if I stay fee days after the procedure in the Villa for recovery before taking the long trip back home? Many thanks Dear Mr Michael, In reply- I will take the regular package with the offer you mentioned for 1 usd per graft, as the premium will be out of my budget. This is noted and confirmed. May I ask you for the list of trusted hotels near the clinic? https://darlingbuds.com/medical-tourism Also, i found it stated the transportations from airport to hotel and then clinic are complimentary. Yes it is. Would you let me know roughly if there are any other costs that I just put in my budget? You will need to buy medicines Finasteride and Biotin and Minoxidil for 6 months and this will cost INR 6000 how much shall I bring for meals per day in India? Not more than INR 500-1000 per day. Would you let me know how much will it also cost per night if I stay fee days after the procedure in the Villa for recovery before taking the long trip back home? INR 2000 first night and INR 1500 for subsequent nights. Pick and drop is complimentary though it is an uphill 90 mins drive. Also cooking will be done by housekeeping staff and this is inclusive. You will need to give around INR 300-500 per day for purchase of food items you may want the maid to cook for you. Many thanks for the clarifications. I would like to ask for the provisional available dates for surgery on August, preferably the first 2 weeks of the month. Also, will there be Wifi the Villa? I was taking Minoxidil for 8 years but it did not stop my hair to fall, I stopped it after my last hair transplant because it interfers with my daily activity to be applied twice and making my hair look oily and thinner. I began Finesteride 1 month ago for the first time. Shall I continue it until the operation? Dear Mr Michael, The following dates are available today- August: 2,7,8,13. Yes we have wifi and TV in the Villa. We also have yoga and ayurvedic massage therapy available. You can now continue taking Finasteride These dates are so far convenient. It will be great if you can hold them for me untill I check the available flights and the visa then confirm it with you. I am a bit confused with taking Fineateride. I just found on your website that you advise patients to stop using it 1 month before surgery. Did you mean in your last email to keep taking it untill the surgery day or stop it 1 month before surgery? Thanks in advance Dear Mr Michael, Once you decide on the proceudre, there is no use taking Finasteride for the native hair and this also allows us to see what areas are dependant on Finasteride. The dates are geld for you. Hi Its been some time since we last corresponded. I have not heard back from you. Let me know if you have decided. If you wish us to give you a call, kindly give your phone number. Talking face to face, to me, is the best form of communication before a hair transplant for patient and doctor to be comfortable with one another. You may like to know that we recently featured in the World’s TOP 20 List compiled by the #1 Hair Loss Mentor of the World. Please view- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JaRNZgF1F4 For your privacy, you will not again get a reminder mail from us if you choose not to reply. Hello Dr Bhatti, Thanks for your email. Please excuse my belated confirmation. As I told you I am a surgical trainee, I was waiting for the confirmation of the date of my OSCE final exit training examination, which is supposed to be in July in order to be able to confirm the operation day in the first week of August or the second one. This is because I will need to complete my exam before travelling for hair surgery. I should hear from them this week or in maximum 10 days. I am sorry for inconvenience but I am sure you understand the situation, as being a doctor yourself. I am sure, I would take the surgery in August, hopefully in one of the dates you could hold for me. The next steps will be know the exam date, book the flight ticket get the visa and confirm with you. It will be a pleasure if you want to speak on phone or Skype, phone # +201111191552 In the meantime, is there any specific vaccine would you recommend me to take this month before travelling to India? Kind regards Michael Dear Mr Michael, No vaccines are recommended for India travel. We can skype 10 AM India time tomorrow if you wish. Thanks for your reply. Sure, that should be fine at 10 am india time. my skype ID: mikememike with this email address This is not showing on skype due to some reason. can yo call me at- dearbhatti_2 hanks for the call, Mr Michael. I await your questions. Hello Dr Bhattim Thanks a lot for your call. As far as I understood, and please correct me: you would fix the front with 500 and it will be 1500 from both scalp and beard for the crown. And then you will need 500 grafts? from the chest. How much will it cost for the extra chest grafts? As I was managing my budget with only the 2000 usd for the operation with the hotel and 4 days Villa stay for recovery. Michael Dear Mr Michael, The cost for the standard package is- 1500 scalp grafts including tax- 1500 x 89= INR 133,500 500 beard grafts- 500 x 120= INR 60,000 Total: INR 193,000 (USD 2757) I can offer you the above for your budget at USD 2000. However there will be no frills like hotel or Villa without additional charge. This is my best costing . Dear Dr Bhatti, Thank you so much for your email and the offer. I think you kindly offered me this before and I am happy to accept it. I was asking about the addition of the 500 chest grafts as you mentioned on the phone, how much will it cost? Michael I think that was a misunderstanding: I mean the budget for surgery + hotel + villa expenses as I noted before in our previous email the extra charges of the hotel and villa/day: Villa: INR 2000 first night and INR 1500 for subsequent nights, hotel INR 2500/night. Now it is all about the chest grafts that will need me to open the wallet again and think about if we include them or not I trust you and I am sure you will be happy to see the best results on me, so you would you please advise me if you think chest grafts will be very important/make a significant difference? Kind regards Michael Dear Mr Michael, The same cost as body grafts. INR 120 per graft. I will charge you 100. Will I need 500 grafts from chest? to make the total 2500 instead of 2000 (scalp and beard) Will the chest grafts make a significant difference? Sorry for the questions, it is came up as we haven't planned for chest grafts before You need that may if you wish the tuft area of hairline don too. Or lets just do 1500+500 As we have spoken, I wish to fix the hairline or the area in the middle 2 cm behind the hairline to give better density for the front ( not sure where would you prefer to put the grafts, you are the expert) And definitely the area of the crown. Will this be satisfactory if the crown take 1500 and the front 500 grafts? to Michael It will be a good improvement on the present situation Alright, I will confirm with you while we confirm the date, if we add the chest grafts. Hoping it won't be later than 10 days, otherwise I will take the latest day you held for me to stay in the safe side. Thanks for your time Have a wonderful day Let me know at the earliest. Dear Dr Bhatti, As I have been told today that the last exam will be in end July, I can confirm now I am taking one of the dates that has been held for me. Before I book the ticket, I wanted to make sure of the dates so I can book the return flight, let me know if the dates are okay: If I take the 8th August for operation day, this means I will have to arrive on 7th August and stay in hotel for one more night than move to the Villa on 10th morning, to stay by example for 4 nights and make the return flight on 14th August. Also, what is the best and cheapest way to travel from New Delhi to Chandigarh? I bet the bus is longer than 5 hours, what is the flight company that you would recommend? Kind regards Michael Dear Mr Michael, Yes you have to be here a day before. I am holding the dates. www.easemytrip.com or makemytrip.com are what you should book through for flight options to Chandigarh. Flights start at 6 AM and end at 5 PM from Delhi to Chandigarh. You can take the bus from Delhi - Haryana Roadways right opposite Terminal One where you will arrive. Ask the helpdesk. Buses leave every one hour. We can detail our car for you at INR 3000 from Delhi to Chandigarh. Let me know. Good morning Thanks for your reply. I am getting the flight ticket this weekend. it is fine with me whether on 7th or 8th August, if you have any preference please let me know. I am converned as in the last operation, i travelled 2 days after surgery and some grafts bleeded while removing the hat in the airport. Therefore, I would like to ask how many days do I need for recovery, and will the grafts be secured before I put a hat on to travel? Dear Mr Michael, If you damaged grafts while removing hairs, it is due to the hat. We give a bandana and if you are careful nothing like this will ever happen. My patients from USA leave comfortably after 2 days. You can do the same. But that is your comfort. Dear Dr Bhatti, Just wanted to confirm the booking of my flights for the arrival on 7th August for the operation 8th August, in case you would like to remove the hold of the other dates. The flight details as below: I will apply for the visa after the weekend and get back to you once confirmed. Yes this is fine. Let me know when you deposit the advance. Would you advice how can I pay the deposit, through bankaccount or paypal? As I bet the hotel and Villa be paid there, where can I exchange USD to INR? You can pay through xoom.com to my account (Paypal) For rest payments here any currency is accepted. s your paypal account with this email address, just to be sure? I will pay the rest in cash but can I pay for accommodation with visa, will there be any surcharge? ayPal will send it through xoom.com straight to my bank account. I don't have PayPal for Business. In xoom.com, they ask through which bank would I like the money to be recieved or if you prefer the cash pick up. please check the attached screenshots. Would you please advise, also if you can give me your bank account number I can transfer it Account details- Many thanks for sending the bank account details. The banks are closed on friday and saturdays and i will have exams from Monday to wednesday. Therefore, i will be doing the transfer on Thursday, If you don't mind. I might also need to transfer 1000 usd so I wont need to travel with all the some of money. In this case, can you please tell me how much will it be in INR? Dear Mr Michael, Sure no problem. The date is held for you till then. The current exchange rate is 1 USD= INR 70 so USD 1000 = INR 70,000 ello Dr Bhatti, I am facing difficulties transferring the money, as my Egyptian bank mentioned the service does not work to India, and Xoom.com sent me as I copied in the email below, they do not transfer from Egypt. I can try with a UK bank account that I had long time ago, but I only got about 50 USD in it. Or I can transfer the deposit via Western Union if you want. I hope you can advise further as I already booked the ticket and supposed to receive the visa today. Dear Mr Michael, Yes you may pay through Western Union to our bank account directly. thanks for your reply. I am there already the payment should only be in USD, just to make sure is it 200 USD? Hello Dr Bahtti, Sorry for the inconvenience again. It seems it is too complicated, Western Union transfer to you bank account is not possible from here, However it is possible for person to person transfer. Which means it will be transferred now and you have to recieve it in person from Western Union. Would you please confirm if this is satisfactory? Yes we can do that. Finally, it has been transferred. Please find the attached receipt of 200 USD, + 21 USD Western Union commision. I also received the visa today. Please let me know if there are any recommendations before surgery. I stopped finasteride, as we have spoken, I bet I should stop multivitamins as well. Kind regards Dear Mr Michael, Thank you for the advance. The date 8 Aug is confirmed. Please find the preop advice attached. Thanks for confirming the operation day. I would like to send you below the details of flight arrival and would appreciate the confirmation of the driver to pick me up. Also, I would like to ask for a reservation for 3 nights at Metro Hotel, and the rest of my stay at the villa, as previously discussed. Dear Mr Michael, The pick up and stay at Hotel and at Villa are confirmed. The driver shall be waiting for you at the airport just as you exit the building and he will be holding your name on a sheet of paper. Hello Dr Bhatti, Would you please send me any number that I can text or whatsapp in case the driver won't be found at the airport. Looking forward seeing you on Wednesday 7th August. Dear Mr Michael, 9814531111 is the office manager's number. This should not happen. He will be waiting as you exit with your name on a sheet of paper. See you soon. Hello Dr Bhatti, I would be grateful if you can send me the pictures of me pre and postoperative. Ref: surgery on 8th/August 2019. Dear Dr Bhatti, There is a problem that is happening between the staff that I think you should know about. First of all, after surgery they asked to charge me more than our deal which was 1 USD for graft and I had to check my email and tell them we had a deal Secondly, now while doing the check out from hotel they are keeping me for more thab half an hour speaking about packages, however, I sent them that we have spoken and you said there is nothing more than the 6000 for medications and food, and villa stay after the free stay. I am totally disappointed from the way some of the people working at your clinic are harming your good reputation and trust between you and the patients. Therefore, I thought it worth mentioning. I never asked them to pay for transportation to Delhi airport or get the medications for free as it happened with other patients that I met. I went myself to pay for the medications and ask to pay for my extra stay at hotel becaus that was the deal and I accepted it. This kind of misscommunication won't leave as he should be satisfied and pleasant from his stay. I hope you accept my feedback and could clear this further. Regards, Tejinder Bhatti Dear Dr Bhatti, Thank you for your reply. The total number of grafts was few less than 2000 not more, and I am the one who did not ask for such a small change. The Villa was never for free and I never said this, nor the medications and I paid for the medications and also asked to pay for my extent of the stay at the hotel instead of the villa which was supposed for the extra 3 nights. I asked you before if I have to pay anything else other than the 2000 and you mentioned the medications or villa stay, and I asked about the cost for the villa after the free stay. I thought this clears what the deal was, if you remember. The stay for the first 3 nights should be covered from your side, as I asked you that I travel with a specific budget. It is not only that I did not cover this with my budget from home actually but also, I think you understand how it feels if you were at my place. I hope you remembered the deal with us and could get the point that I do not refuse to pay, but just the extra stay that I asked for. Dear Mr Michael kindly reference this conversation in our email exchanges. He sent an attachment (attached) Did you pay INR 5500 for the Villa? actually your staff advised me to stay af hotel instead of villa for my extra 3 nights, so i am supposed to pay 7500 How can you assume we will pay for the difference? We do not own the Hotel. The staff only suggested to you when you asked them for their advice. Did you discuss this with me? You could have gone to the Villa without any problem. I am sorry we have no obligation. Let us not discuss this ludicrous issue and just concentrate on your progress.
  10. Hi Melvin, Thank you for the permission to post emails. Contents of 2017 communication are in the post below. This matter has to be sorted out here itself since he is the one who started the thread to blackmail my practice. Lest forum members get suspicious and believe his statement that matters get sorted out underhand on this forum! And this is a common feeling the members have and he has sought to take advantage of. I have tried explaining to this patient several times that the 3 day cost (the only issue he had) for the hotel is not on us. This is not the core issue, however. He needs me to waive off the amount pending from him. And this I will not do! The entire conversation with this client has been on mail and there is no way he can escape it. He is just bargaining. And every time I post he edits the content of his previous post here on this thread. Never come across a doctor who will behave this way. We were totally caught unawares. I am copying his first email to my representative Shera in Aug 30, 2017 and Shera's reply to him in great detail (after this I will post a tabulated page to show the whole conversation in one document ever since he again contacted this year)- From: darlingbudsuk@gmail.com Dear Thanks again for contacting me with regards to your interest in a further hair restoration surgery following your initial surgery of 3500 grafts in Turkey 3 years ago. After examining your photos, Dr Bhatti has noticed that you have been clearly over-harvested in your last procedure. Therefore the scalp will need to be dealt with care and Dr Bhatti does not feel he will be able to extract more than 1200-1500 scalp grafts. However, Dr Bhatti will try to get as many grafts from the scalp as possible without compromising your donor area any further. Dr Bhatti also mentioned that SMP could improve the look of your donor area even with your present condition, I can discuss this with you further if need be. Besides the scalp grafts, Dr Bhatti will be able to harvest 600-800 beard grafts from the underside shadow area of your chin and a further 200 grafts from your chest area. That’s potentially 2500 grafts which should give you good density along the hairline and mid scalp with the remaining grafts to be used for the crown if available. Again graft placement can be discussed further. The procedure itself will be completed in a day. You are requested to visit the clinic for a post-op consultation a day before the procedure date where Dr Bhatti will assess you in person and then agree and finalise the proposed surgery, discuss the hairline/proposed procedure and answer any further queries in person. At all times you will be accompanied to the clinic by a member of staff until you feel you are comfortable venturing out on your own. At the clinic you are very likely to meet up with other patients and find a friend or two to share your experience with. When I was there, patients were from Singapore, London and Colorado. If you wish I could try to hook you up with other patients there so you can share your experiences. Moving onto the costs, the premium package will include pick-up and drop off from Chandigarh airport and other extras detailed in the link below, http://www.darlingbudsindia.com/hair-transplant-cost You will also find a live currency convertor on that page. So assuming that Dr Bhatti completes the full 1500 scalp grafts and 1000 beard/chest grafts as recommended, the actual procedure costs will be as follows, Costings Please note that all prices are governed by the current exchange rate at the time of payment. As such the price in Indian Rupees will always take precedence over other currencies. Premium Package The total cost for the Premium package will be 351,050 Indian Rupees which currently equates to €4,588.37. A 20% deposit of 70,210 Indian Rupees currently €917.67 is required to book the procedure date and the subsequent amount of 280,840 Indian Rupees currently €3,670.70 is to be paid prior to the procedure being carried out usually at the post consultation stage a day before surgery. NB The quoted Euro values are valid for 5 days only, due to fluctuating currency exchange rates. The deposit amount is required to book the procedure date. It is highly likely that a preferred date will be taken by another patient if you do not pay a confirmation deposit in time. It is highly advisable to only book flights once a date is agreed. It is acceptable to settle the bill in either currency. Credit and Debit cards are accepted but you may want to clear with your bank or credit card company first. Also, please check the charges, there is a 2.5% charge on some credit cards. There is no longer an option to pay in cash due to India’s new strict monetary rules. If for any reason, the number of grafts utilised are less than proposed, then you will be refunded that amount post procedure, if you utilise more grafts then the final bill will be adjusted to reflect this. Medications, Pre-existing conditions and Inoculations. Also it would be wise to consult your GP/doctor who will advise of any inoculation you will require before visiting India. Getting to Chandigarh Airport pick-up and drop off from Chandigarh airport will be arranged with one of Dr Bhatti's drivers, this is included in the premium package. I will need your flight details and a good clear recent facial picture for the taxi pick-up sign the driver will hold up at arrivals. If you decide to fly to Delhi, then airport pick-up from there will be an additional €45, it is a 4-5 hour drive to Chandigarh, so unless you really feel you would like to experience Indian roads at least once in your lifetime then it may be wiser to arrange a connecting flight to Chandigarh for a little extra. You will be able to arrange the connecting flight from the UK or online. (See https://book.goindigo.in/, www.spicejet.com) Carriers that have been used recently by patients include Air India, Emirates, Virgin/Jet Airways and KLM. You may want to avoid school holidays to avoid paying hiked up prices for your journey. Another essential thing you will need is a flight pillow, this will especially come in handy when sleeping post op night, you can usually pick these up at supermarkets, chemists or Amazon (see link below). https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B008RVNTMK/ref=twister_B008V9LR9U?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 Drugs The following drugs are recommended ; Minoxidil 5mg Foam/lotion (late evening) Biotin 5mg (early morning) Fin 1mg (early morning) Dr Bhatti's clinic can get these for you; it costs around 5,500 Indian Rupees (approx. €65, about 15% of the EU cost) for a 6 month supply. Many patients opt to get a years supply. Hotel Stay in Chandigarh Also I would personally advise you to stay in Chandigarh for 2 - 5 days post op to relax and recover and explore. However you are free to leave the day after the procedure once you have been checked out by Dr Bhatti and your dressings have been removed. Following removal/swapping of the dressings the day after the procedure you will receive detailed post op care advice from Dr Bhatti and clinic staff. You will be shown how to wash your hair and Dr Bhatti will personally provide you with aftercare advice. You will be free to visit the clinic everyday for a hair wash, any other advice or even just for a coffee during your stay in Chandigarh. You will always be made to feel most welcome by all. There is no extra charge for this, it is all part of the aftercare service the clinic provides. As for staying in Chandigarh, you have already told me you have friends there but in case you need a hotel to stay, the following is recommended. The hotel Abs 17 is very local to the clinic and is where I stayed; the clinic will be able to book a room there for you at a discounted rate at 2575 Indian rupees (approx. €34.00) per night. The hotel room is comfortable on a par with a UK/US Travelodge with air con, en-suite with free coffee/tea making facilities. Also it has satellite TV, the Star Sports Channel shows live Premier league games and cricket and there is Wi-Fi so you can make free calls through whatsapp. I would advise at least 2 nights stay in this hotel, pre procedure night and post procedure night. Personally I stayed here for the seven nights I was in Chandigarh; I found it to be a good comfortable and affordable base. The prices quoted are final; there will be no other added costs. Contact Numbers Some useful numbers that you will need to put in your phone are Darling Buds Clinic tel. +91 1724018140 tel. +91 7307171688 mob +91 9814531111 Of course, I will be available on the phone/whatsapp/wechat at any time during your stay. The Darling Buds clinic is located in Sector 17; the clinic is located above the Hot Millions 1 restaurant. The ABs 17 hotel is located above the Hot Millions 2 restaurant within 5 minutes walking distance, again in Sector 17. Sector 17 has many shops, a few bars and many restaurants/eateries for you to enjoy, I will expand upon this if need be nearer to your procedure date. Indian Visa Another thing you will need is a visa, the Indian eVisa system was extended to include the UK in August 2015, the link to the application site is below. https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/tvoa.html Please read the information very carefully before applying. It will be best to apply about 10 days before flying out, just to be on the safe side (also depends on the length of stay, maximum 60 days from visa issue date). I have just completed a visa for a patient; I applied for it online on a Friday morning and it was received by the patient by email less than 48 hours later. It can be a bit fiddly online when uploading your photo and copies of your passport so I could do this for you after you partially complete the form online and then pass me the reference to add my bits and submit. The cost of the visa is currently approx. €65. The type of visa to apply for will be a medical tourist visa, this is a new concept recently introduced and you will need a medical invitation letter from the clinic. I will supply you with a detailed guide with step by step instructions on completing the on line form nearer the date. I will check the information entered and I will even complete and submit it for you should you have any difficulty. PRP Option There is also the option of having a course of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) prior to surgery. The cost for this is an additional 15,000 Indian Rupees (approx €200), considering this treatment costs £800 a go in western countries, it is worth having a think about it. PRP will theoretically help your scalp recover from surgery and provide a boost to your newly implanted grafts. To Proceed The next step is for you to let me know what date you prefer and I will check availability. We can give you some available dates 1 – 2 months in advance but if you choose you own specific date then it may well have to be booked a bit longer in advance due to limited availability. Dr Bhatti personally completes each procedure, therefore is usually fully booked way in advance. Once we have agreed upon a date, then you will need to pay the deposit within 5 days to hold that date. From there I will personally guide you through your HT journey. That should be everything covered for now, once you have had the time to read through this email, I would appreciate it if you could contact me to discuss any other queries you may have. I look forward to hearing from you. Kindest Regards Iggy Teensa (Shera HRN) Hair Loss Mentor and UK Representative and Patient Advisor for Dr Tejinder Bhatti Darling Buds Hair Transplant Center, Chandigarh, India Tel 07859 814200 Tel 0800 634 8588 Email darlingbudsUK@gmail.com Email iggy.teensa@gmail.com Skype iggy.teensa
  11. (No, I am not reporting this Post, Dr Al-B. You forgot to mention you are a part time hair transplant doctor yourself!) After over a 100 cordial mail exchanges and numerous phone calls since 2017 (before his Turkey procedures) and a difficult revision procedure meticulously done, this is what the Clinic gets in return! Slander and blackmail for unpaid bills. However, it is not that I was not expecting this esp. from a patient like him who still has an unpaid bill. We have been waiting for him to transfer the remaining amount and he chooses to blackmail us. Also, there is a reason we ask for an advance for confirming a booking, and we do not ask much- just USD 200. He was not willing to part with it. He did tell me he was a doctor (wanting a professional courtesy) after which I gave him the Summer Offer of a dollar a graft from scalp (not body). The sequence is there in the email thread which I will post if anyone wants me to. (This has to have the express permission of the moderators of the Forum.) Pending that, I am just posting this patient’s comments the day after the procedure. Since we did not part bill him before the procedure on his request, the whole list of complaints and unfulfilled promises emerged gradually over the 5 days he was in Chandigarh after his procedure. To say that I charge patients differently is a blatant lie since all patients this month have paid what is listed on the website unless it is an old patient who gets a small discount of 10%. As far as not taking verbal consent for inserting an intravenous line goes, the girls sometimes presume that since the consent to shave the area while putting the IV line in difficult cases has been signed, they just mention it before doing the shave. All his veins were thrombosed and it was a real effort to find a vein. All staff are over 25. Being in the medical profession he should know the entry level to a nursing degree is 18 years. The earliest one becomes a qualified nurse is 22. Also I am posting his pictures of 2 previously done procedures at his partner’s clinic in Turkey. I will post more later. This is why his ‘doctors’ there are #1. So much scarring in the donor that it is plastered and stuck to the cranium. He should have chosen a better Turkey clinic for himself. There are good ones there too. For such a difficult revision case he has been bargaining to not pay even the rock-bottom discounted price quoted. I have all of this patient’s e-mails with me which can be forwarded on this forum if the moderator permits. Both previous procedures done at rock bottom rates in technician clinics with hotel stay, airfare, food and transportation thrown in! We at Darling Bus Clinic take great pride in our work and this is borne out of years of dedicated hard work & single minded passion. Patients mean the world to us and we go the extra mile to care for them in every which way we can. If there were a patient who genuinely could not pay the amount due, we would have helped him out. However, this guy has been given a huge discount, and he is a practising doctor! This case here is an aberration.
  12. I advise Propecia only for 6 months after which patients stop it. Even he did stop at 6 month mark. Thank you for your interest in the case.