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  1. Didn't you read my post? He pretty much made me lower it. I had only gone to him hoping to fill the hairline with maybe 1000 grafts. And i told him i don't want to lower the hairline because i want to save them for future. He told me i had enough grafts left for future and that he needs to lower the hairline to make me look handsome. I would've walked out of the clinic if I hadn't paid $500 in advance to reserve the spot. It's a long story but point is he greatly pressured me to lower my hairline despite my concerns. It took 20 minutes of him convincing me to let him lower it. I didn't even have the money for it and had to borrow the money because i had only gone in there with an estimate of doing 1000-1500 max grafts. At the end I thought he knows better than me since he's a doc and does this for a living so maybe i should listen to him. And because he had good reviews on this site and is recommended here so i had few reasons to doubt his integrity and credentials.
  2. Yes for free. It will be a cold day in hell before an HT doc will give a refund. At most they will try to give another HT for free.
  3. Yes I know. That is probably the reason why he convinced me so hard to do more grafts because he was making way more money from me per graft. It's 3x more what he charged you per graft. And I still don't know exactly how many grafts they actually planted. Never gave me a breakdown of singles, doubles, triples. Just told me they did 2600. But for me the money is not the main concern because I can always make it back, but the grafts are irreplaceable. That's most frustrating.
  4. 8.5 month result. They said more growth will come in coming months. Some are slow growers etc etc. And they said, they will give me PRP sessions which will boost growth. My hair quality is thin and that's why it doesn't look good and once it thickens then it will have more coverage. Also offered to give me an FUE session so to fill up the big empty zone in the left side with zero growth. I don't really want to do FUE with them because they don't specialize in it and Dr. Suneet Soni is actually very opposed to it. He hails FUT as a better method and if he couldn't even deliver good results in something he's expert in, then I'm not going to do FUE with them and waste more grafts. I agreed to PRP sessions, but don't have any hope in them. I didn't see much convincing evidence about them. At this point I've just shaved the new feeble 'hairline' he created and stick to the old hairline which is a bit fuller now and looks better that way. Which is what I had gone to them for in the first place. This makes me sooo mad.
  5. Because they want to make more money obviously. I had actually gone in only to refill the existing hairline and with an initial estimate of 1200-1500 grafts because I wanted to save the rest for future use because I knew I would need them in future. It's a long story, but basically when I met the doctor, he convinced me hard for 20 min to let him lower the hairline to make a more appealing hairline to make me look handsome. And told me I need 2600 grafts. Charged me $2/graft. I told him I don't want to lower the hairline because a) I want to save them for future and b) I don't have the money for 2600 grafts. So he told me I have plenty of grafts left for future. He can still do another 2500 graft extraction through strip again. Probably a lie. I have already extracted 5000 grafts at this point. So it's doubtful he can do 2500 grafts through strip again. I can already feel my tight scalp in the back and the scar is a little wider than before. Before I could get away with #3 cut and now I have to do #5. And he asked me "Can't you borrow money from your relatives here? People come from US and spend thousands of dollars with us. I mean your flight itself must have cost $1500. " I knew he was being greedy, but I just went along because I thought at least he will give me a good hairline because of all the positive reviews on this site and maybe he knows better than me about transplants and donor grafts and what can be achieved.
  6. Here are my pics with Dr. Wong. My first hair transplant. 1550 grafts. First 3 pics are before any transplant. That's all the area I had to cover. Next 3 pics are hair transplant from Dr. Wong Day 1. Next 5 pics are 6 month results from Dr. Wong HT. Last 3 are the 1 year results from Dr. Wong. There wasn't good growth in the right side (the side where most of the grafts were placed). So they did 2 touch ups of total 670 grafts
  7. OK I think the pics above might have given a much worse impression of the hairline than it is. Yes it is not dense at all, but I didn't lose the previous hairline of Dr.Wong. Those hair are still there as far as I can tell. Dr. Suneet lowered the hairline so much that it looks like I've lost hair where I had before. But I don't think that's the case. The shock loss hair have come back. There is definitely more hair than before and people have said it looks better than before. I just have to wear my hair long and cover the front from the hair at the back and it looks normal. Anyways I'm still extremely unhappy with this result. I'm posting some more pics from today. 6 months 1 week today. Also I think there may be a little more growth in the coming months, but not much. Even with Dr. Wong the hair grew very slow and looked pretty bad at 6 months. And I am not taking finestride because I had sides from it and because my hairloss wasn't from male pattern baldness, it was traction alopecia from wearing a turban and tying my hair tightly. I took 5% rogaine liquid as recommended by Dr. Suneet for the first 4 months, but I started getting baggy eyes and dark circles from it so I stopped doing that. I'm going to start taking 2% rogaine foam. Apparently that has less sides. Anyways these are pics from today and tried to make it look like the first 3 pics for good comparison.
  8. Dr. Suneet Soni India 2600 grafts all in the frontal zone. Recommended on this site. That's why I went to him. He only does FUT and is apparently a master at this technique and uses latest technology as mentioned on this site. What's pissing me off is at least the grafts planted that took hold by day 12 should grow the f*** back. Where did they go? Can they just die? They look healthy at day 12. WTF is going on? I also had 3 previous surgeries on the hairline with Dr. Wong from Vancouver. The first one was 1550 grafts. The results were not good. So they did a 2nd touchup for 450 grafts. That also wasn't great. So they did a 3rd touchup for 230 grafts. And the first 3 pics are what the results looked like from Dr. Wong. The sad thing is my hairloss wasn't even that advanced. At most NW3 and only at the hairline. I have spent total of 4900 grafts just to fix a NW3 and these are the results I have now. I probably only have 2500 grafts left now to fix this shit. And I will be totally screwed when my hairloss advances if i use everything on the hairline. I'm only 29 so I'm bound to lose hair because my dad is at NW5-6 and he started losing mostly at age 35. In other words I'm completely fu**ed. Wasted fu**ing 7 years of my life trying to fix this shitty hairline instead of enjoying my youth. I would've thought I'm the only unlucky bastard if I didn't keep in touch with another person who also had surgery the same day as me and his results are similar to mine.
  9. The first 3 pics are hair before transplant. The next 2 are day of transplant. The next 5 are 12 days post transplant before the transplanted hair had shed. The last 5 pics are 6 month results. What do you guys think?
  10. It's been 6 months now. There doesn't seem to be any improvement in the last 3 weeks. No new hair growth. Only hair got longer that's all. The empty zone is still empty. The first 5 pics are 6 month results. Also attaching pics of my hair at day 12 before the transplanted hair had shed. This is what the result should have looked like. Don't know where did all these grafts go? Why are they not growing? Can they die after shedding? They seemed to take hold properly up till 3 weeks, then they shed then I expected them to grow back at least 80% by now. Only 40-50% has grown back and there doesn't seem to be any sign of new growth. Pics 6-10 are 12 day pics.
  11. These are 5 month 1 week pics. There seems to be about 40% of hair growth at this point. However, I cannot see any new hair growing. So I don't think there will be much new hair growth. Only the hair that exists will get stronger giving a bit more thickness. There is one spot where there was complete lack of growth. See pic 4 (circled blue). Only a few hair grew there except these hair do not get longer than 1cm. Not sure what went wrong with this area. This never happened to me before. There are also some hair maybe 2-5% which are not getting longer and only grow upto 1cm. They have been at this length for >2 months. However, my hair looks better than before and looks more fuller. Hopefully there will be new hair growth, but I am not expecting much judging from previous experience.
  12. Is my result normal for 4 months or is it lagging?
  13. 4 month 1 week Results. The right side seems to be growing well, but the left side has a pretty wide hole which is not filling up and also there are some small hair that grew there, but they are not getting longer at all and they have stayed at that length for 3 weeks now. The rest of the hair are getting longer. See the circled zone. Not only did the hair not grow there, but the few that did are not getting longer. Not sure how to help them grow. Any ideas?
  14. The shock loss hair has come back about 80%. There are some areas that have filled more than others. The transplanted hair seems to take longer than shock loss hair to sprout. There are some zones like the yellow circled zone which didn't grow any hair at all for some reason. The right side filled up much nicer than the left side(yellow zone.) Also the 4-5 hair that did sprout in the yellow zone seem to grow at a slower pace than the other hair.
  15. 1month 1 week. Don't know wtf happened to cause this kind of shock loss. He probably closed the scar too tight. Anyways does scar seem to be healing normally?