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  1. 58 singles says it all really. i doubt this doctor spent extra time splitting the multis up to make more singles. Doctor should be named and shamed. When the result grows out its going to looks ruff and abrubt. Good styling and hair product will help you!
  2. If you check Payams thread theres a discussion saying Dr Erdogan hairlines are desting to fail because he cant achieve the density he says he can. He is trying to do the impossible in selling you a dream in reality you are getting a below par hair transplant. If the elite Doctors in USA cant achieve that sort of density what would make you think Dr Erdogan can? A few old results dating back past 2013? Because the new ones posted are such low quality and blurred i wouldnt like to go by them to give the ok to get surgery done. I have been told hairlines will always look gappy if no irregularities are used to create the hairline. If you got a uniformed hairline it will look not dense. Im living with one so i would know. Also i noticed Dr Erdogan and co dont use the singles in a way to make the hairline less abrubt. Im not to sure if this is down to how many single hair grafts he extracts or artistic design? I normally just see the one row or 2 rows if im lucky. In mostly every result coming out of asmed i can spot a few multis within the hairline which i shouldnt do really. so far results uptil september 2018 i have spotted always checking newer ones for quality control. Im excited to see how all these touch ups turn out with 4000+ grafts used for a hairline. You would think it would be 80cm2 with the amount of grafts used. Asmed is using the most grafts but fail to achieve density. something is up
  3. Hi mate, Nothing to panic about just yet. You about half way there it will thicken up over the next 6-14 months drastically. The new hair grafts do mature over time Do you know how many singles were used to create the new hairline?
  4. One of the best results ive seen on here. I like the way the frontal area has been designed, it looks very natural. Life changing for the patient. Well done Dr Hasson and team.
  5. Errr yes it is. My hair is still wirery doesnt lay flat like rest of hair also low in density. Very un natural looking. Kw877 6 months is still early you have got a bit of thickening to come, you should know by 12-14 months if its a good result.
  6. This is how my hair looks 3 years post op. As you can see its hard to capture what it looks like in person. Hair is permanently down if i can keep it down without sticking up.
  7. Dr. Erdogan's Response: Alp Bayramoglu, M.D., Phd and Mehmet Goker, M.D - Backgrounds ????? As the largest hair restoration clinic in the world - False advertising As Medical Director of the Asmed Surgical Medical Center and operating within the laws and procedural policies outlined by the Turkish Health Ministry for the role of surgical assistants in surgical procedures, I have determined that the team approach is best suited to the field of hair restoration - Hmmmmm At Asmed we select specific surgical teams for each patient based on the technical difficulty of the procedure and on the patient’s individual characteristics - Different quality surgical teams who have a minimum of 5 years of experience in the hair restoration field for those performing extractions and a minimum of 3 years for those performing placements - So you say. Where do they get experience from? Additionally, all surgical assistants are required to perform 10,000 extractions and placements on the KE-Head, a life-like model prior to performing either on a live patient where they begun with 50 grafts??? and gradually increase according to their performance - Sounds like the 23 incisions left over The surgeon’s calculations are verified both manually and through the use of the KE-BOT, a robot that scans the entire scalp’s surface in detail for the accuracy of the data. The surgeon finally establishes the frontline design in conjunction with the patient’s goals and desires - Accuracy cant be that good, so many gaps within new hairlines showing density flaws, How accurate is KE-BOT? Once surgery has commenced, properly trained and licensed surgical assistants begin extractions according to the surgeon’s extraction plan. The surgical assistants, with the support of a stereoscopic microscope, are also responsible for the quality control of the grafts, the selection of single hair grafts for the frontline and temples and graft cleaning - Its easy saying this happens but thats not the case with my result and a few others. Microscopes new addition early 2018 Additionally, they are responsible for controlling the hair per graft average and documenting the speed of the extractions, both with the use of the Graft Calculator application - late 2016 you changed tools, old tool had a flaw it was making coarser hair curly when extracting and low % grow rate Typically, I perform incisions for a maximum of 6 surgeries per day as I have always done, while the other staff surgeons perform incisions for additional surgeries on mostly Turkish patients. - Number of surgeries has defiantly increased The surgeon oversees the team throughout the procedure and makes adjustments to the surgical plan if required. Post-operatively, the team surgeon is responsible for all monitoring - You can hardly oversee a team from 9 separate monitors, no wonder quality control is suffering Hair restoration procedures are long and tedious, and as a result, concentration and accuracy can be affected by fatigue and strain - Cut down the number of surgerys per day It is for this reason that I consider a well-selected surgical team to be the perfect model for hair restoration surgical procedures. The results are self-evident both for the patient and for the team. Delegated responsibilities provide optimum surgical outcomes for the patient and relaxed attentive team members whose precision is top notch. I have been using this model without alteration since 2003 and the results have been documented. - $$$$$$$$$ The new clinic has not changed us, it has just changed what we can offer the patient...positive results with the utmost care, comfort, precision and artistry - Results speak for themselves
  8. But Dilek done the incisions on you 2nd time round who is not a recommended doctor on here.
  9. Asmed are aware of my issues with my ht and i also consulted with 4 surgeons 2 in person and 2 over email. All 4 surgeons tell me i have lots of multi hair grafts within hairline, my hairline is un naturally straight and i have alot of grafts at the wrong angles which is a failed transplant. I am still waiting for Dr Erdogan response but he fails to give me any response unless i book a flight to turkey to have a live consultation. Keysersoze shared a similar story to me we briefly spoke in chat. I dont believe i went out my way in forcing him not to go asmed nor anyone else who has messaged me.
  10. So far it looks one of the better ones, but early days. Like i said in previous posts its hard to tell looking at a low quality camera picture unless its in high definition as it soften what the hair actually looks like to what it does in person. If hair angles start growing in the wrong direction, with the hairline you have gone with it might not turn out as good. happy growing!!!! 6 months you should have idea of hairline shape, 12 months density, 18 months hair matured.
  11. if Asmed was so great why we not seeing any solid results being posted, that says it all really. instead we have people who have gone back to Asmed for multiple procedures because they were unsatisfied first time round trying to tell us how nice the clinic is without backing up their claims. we are not fooled anymore with you BS. show us some new solid results. jjsrader explained it perfectly not sure how that even comes across as racism. in turkey secondary school is not required. Turkey is still a third well country think people forget that. Dr Erdogan is no where near the elite level for hair transplants and i think these forums try to say he is. Get the basics right, start producing natural results.....No one will be complaining. Instead they are taking peoples money and botching them up with these fake looking hairlines.
  12. Dilek was one of the techs at the time of my surgery. If I remember she did the right side of my frontal which has alot of multi hair grafts and grafts at the wrong angles. Is Dilek now a doctor?
  13. This is why i am not going back. Dr Erdogan is now getting his techs to cut open patients skin to do small job incisions. Surplus grafts or not this is not right. Treating patients like guinea pigs so his staff get the practice. No one even knows whats qualifications the techs have, for all we know techs could just have the Dr Erdogan nod after a weeks worth of training. I think you find you were unhappy with density thats why you went back for a second transplant. Nearly every thread has a problem with either the hairline, density or multi hair grafts. Alot of people say nothing and go back and get the repair/touch up
  14. Who have i been messaging saying not to go to Asmed? Another false accusation Jean. Hows Hair Transplant 2 coming along not seen an update in awhile? I counted 9 operating rooms, maybe some of Erdogans staff have passed level 2 training and now do incisions.
  15. The truth always comes out. No matter how nice somebody is doesn't mean they are good at what their doing. I have multi hair grafts in my hairline that shouldn't be there, my hairline is uniformly straight, hair angles are way off and hairline is low in density, i cant figure out where the 3000 grafts went. It is negligence from the doctor letting this happen to me. Its all text book stuff any doctor should be getting right!!!! I haven't seen any results to see this has changed!!!! I think what you finding with Asmed/Erdogan people are not believing the lies anymore and people shilling. You only have to see all the results and see something not right. You cant keep looking at 2010-2013 results. Those days are long gone!!!! People disappear from the site because they are too embarrassed to post finished result, they contact Asmed they get a free touch up or discounted second surgery, years goes on....lives made miserable for one persons financial gain!!!!! I got butchered when they were doing 4 surgerys a day in 2016, 6+ surgerys is just ridiculous. Doctor doesn't even have time to speak to his patients about their concerns!!!!! Is Turkey even regulated?
  16. You can tell whos on here to shill Asmed and whos not!!!! Asmed only started using microscopes last year 2018. Payam was a patient 2 months after they started using the microscopes look at his hairline full of multis and i suspect other too. The forum says only 2 unhappy patients, which is a lie i have counted atleast 10 unhappy patients, majority gone back to asmed for a repair and remained silent until they see final result. Erdogan gives you a muff of hair thats it after depleating your donar area till you have no grafts left!!!!! I suppose thats down to numbers
  17. Erdogan was a good doctor back in 2013 when he was doing 1 or 2 surgerys a day making a name of himself. He is no a longer good doctor, everyone of his patients are getting average hair transplants with not that great density hence all the touch ups. Hairlines also looking dodgy af. this is negligence in my eyes. complete rip of no better than what dr cinik is doing at his clinic. paying 2.50 euro a graft is not a good deal, he quotes double the amount of graft numbers, grafts look stressed and weak or even dead when you see the finished results they all lack density. if you sum all this up you are paying around 10 euros a graft and playing a risky game. you have limited donar you have to think sense. using 7500 grafts on a hairline is not realistic in my eyes. When i complained about my result they ignored me for some time before they got back in contact then disappeared waiting for the new clinic to be built so no loss in revenue and use me as a guinea pig for the new trainee technician. technicians are young students who practice on dolls hairs for a couple weeks. no way do any of the technicians have 5 years experience, what they did to my hairline and others i see 2 weeks at most and the rest learning what they do on real patients coming in daily. this is so risky especially when you go to a clinic to get improvement to existing hairline. Asmed no longer post results because they no longer produce good results. A good result is when the patient is happy and no faults that could've been fixed first time round.
  18. The problem with Asmed techs, they have no clue what a natural hairline is. when they implant the grafts they just follow Erdogan hairline drawn shape, giving no natural look, you end up with the drawn hairline shape standing out, a bit like going to the barber for a shape up but permanent, only way to explain. i am living with this at the moment, i have been offered a repair but seen no natural results coming out of Asmed. i honestly don't know whats gone on there, when i started doing research in 2015 i was impressed with the hairlines, ended up getting hair transplant early 2016. since then i haven't seen one decent hair transplant just average at most. Im stuck with a hairline that looks unnatural with lots of multi 2s and 3s in front 2 rows of my hairline, the shape is rounded straight with average density just looks ridiculous in person. With everything im finding out it seems like Asmed is some sort of learning college which is a couple years behind surgeons from the USA. No leader in the field in my eyes. I am going by. 1. They started using microscopes 2018, 2. Hairlines have no irregularity to them, 3. Patients are still getting multi grafts in hairline in 2019, 3. Techs defiantly don't have 5 years experience
  19. Look forward to seeing future updates. Hopefully you get the result you wanted this time round.
  20. Deb thanks for sharing your story and wish you happy growing! I do feel you should of got the result you wanted first time round without the additional grafts. 7500 grafts seems quite excessive to cover the area in question before first surgery going by pre op picture. Did Dr Erdogan say anything about the density issues? It frustrates me when I see Surgeons like Konior, Arocha, Shapiro posting natural results on a regular basis using half the amount of grafts to what Erdogan would use. I cant figure it out. Still waiting to see a solid Asmed result (No density or hairline shape issues) from 2016 onwards from this site. Hopefully 2019 will be the year!
  21. What is a successful hair transplant? Multi hair grafts in the frontal hairline? on every website about HT it says single hair grafts should only be placed in the frontal area to get a natural look. is this negligence from the doctor if you do find multi hair grafts in the frontal area?
  22. You cant hide the fact that in every Asmed thread on here a touch up is needed due to multi hair grafts in hairline and density issues. Some patients like myself and Payam have voiced our concerns and others like yourself Jean have gone back to Asmed quietly to get the fix done. Not everyone wants to jump into surgery every couple of months. going for a mega session you would think another wont be needed considering the grafts. Fake accounts?
  23. Patients are going to Asmed and getting subpar work done. You yourself developed nercosis after your first hair transplant which is quite rare to get. You may have got a touch up from them but it still set you back a year or two by developing a nercosis which is quite rare when getting a hair transplant. You cant really see much from one photo of hairline taken with a phone camera (most patients use to take) unless you see the result from multiple angles with lighting and flash. Which is why Asmed (Dr Erdogan) has got lots of praise over the last couple of years, in reality patients are left with botched results unable to style hair other than side sweep with a straight hairline. If you dont see a natural result, you will never know you got a botched result i suppose. This thread is to educate the patient what the problem is with erdogan hairlines. Asmed only care about graft numbers, thats it. 2013/14 average graft per frontal hairline 1500-2000, jump to 2018 2500-4000 grafts per hairline. Every result ive seen on here is botched thats why im not going back, for the past 2 days i tried to convince myself to give them another chance to repair the damage they caused but havent seen one satisfactory result that im pleased with.