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  1. Patients are going to Asmed and getting subpar work done. You yourself developed nercosis after your first hair transplant which is quite rare to get. You may have got a touch up from them but it still set you back a year or two by developing a nercosis which is quite rare when getting a hair transplant. You cant really see much from one photo of hairline taken with a phone camera (most patients use to take) unless you see the result from multiple angles with lighting and flash. Which is why Asmed (Dr Erdogan) has got lots of praise over the last couple of years, in reality patients are left with botched results unable to style hair other than side sweep with a straight hairline. If you dont see a natural result, you will never know you got a botched result i suppose. This thread is to educate the patient what the problem is with erdogan hairlines. Asmed only care about graft numbers, thats it. 2013/14 average graft per frontal hairline 1500-2000, jump to 2018 2500-4000 grafts per hairline. Every result ive seen on here is botched thats why im not going back, for the past 2 days i tried to convince myself to give them another chance to repair the damage they caused but havent seen one satisfactory result that im pleased with.
  2. The way its all been handled seems like its just an expense tbh. Its dragged on for so long now. I would of thought Dr would of at least said something other than put more hair grafts into hairline. Anyone who knows about natural hair transplants would see its not a very good result. In my low quality pictures posted you can see the multis if you look carefully by the colour and stalkeness of the graft. Link below to one of Dr Erdogan repair from 2013.
  3. I have marked the area of concerns where i have lots of multi hair garfts. You can also see grafts uniformly placed
  4. Thats what im thinking to fix hairline. 3 procedures over 18 months just upsets me if that what needs to be done to get a natural result. I have so many multi hair grafts in hairline not many singles that i can see, the front of hairline seems like i only had a few rows put in with the majority going to the corners, hairline looks really stalky and abrubt. I have been trying to pluck all the multis out but have so many of them. The way Dr Erdogan has drawn the hairline looks like his got a ruler out and put it across my forehead. Leaving the hairline looking un natural looking + the multi hair grafts + the grafts growing up out of scalp with no angle = complete disaster. Not having much experience about ht's and trusting this forum, I thought i was in safe hands. I dont see how people can pass my result as successful, I must be missing something. If hairline looks like dr has drawn with ruler, riddled with multi hair grafts and grafts growing in un natural way that to me is a bad hair transplant. I understand microscopes wasnt being used at the time, I should've been informed and told it my result may not turn out natural. Asmed want me to fly to turkey in january for consultation then the next day to have a repair done. I have asked many times how the repair will be performed all im being told is that more grafts will be placed into hairline. So worried placing more grafts into hairline it going to look like a train wreck. I dont understand why clinic are not giving me a few scenarios how the repair will be done just so i know what to expect. I dont see placing more grafts into hairline will make it natural looking!!!!!
  5. Not knowing how clinic will try to repair my hairline is seriously putting doubts in my mind if doctor and surgical assistants are even capable of fixing my hairline. Adding more hair grafts to hairline will make it denser but if angles are poorly positioned again it will look terrible as before. As you can see from pictures frontal hair grafts just stand in a unnatural way so which ever way i style my hair it looks very odd. I have strange outline on forehead where multi hair grafts are uniformly placed along frontal hairline. It would be nice to get reassurance from doctor how he will fix my hairline before i fly to turkey. is that too much to ask?
  6. Doctor refuses to speak to me on the telephone. I have to fly to Turkey for consultation with him. I have no idea how he will fix/touch up hairline other than he will add more grafts according to clinic co ordinator. I just think the Dr/clinic will add more grafts to my hairline trying to get angles right this time. 2-3 procedures that will take years to fix wont it?
  7. clinic are saying they will add more hair grafts to existing hairline but nothing about how the grafts are angled from first surgery.
  8. Please could someone explain how you will fix 3000 hair grafts in hairline that are pointing in the wrong direction. The hairline seems to stand up and direct backwards not following the direction of rest of hair making it odd looking plus the low density and multi hair grafts in hairline. My clinic co ordinator has been really helpful of late and offered to fix hairline for me but when i ask how they will fix she doesn't say and says its against clinic policy speaking to doctor how he and surgical assistants will perform repair. I have read on other message boards changing hair direction is impossible to do, this has got me really worried.
  9. Most clinics have got the guarantee and cost fraction of the price check dr cinik rival clinic. if asmed didnt have this option then they would be no better than rival clinics in turkey. i think i was nw2 to begin with and i didnt cut my hair for 8 months when that pic was taken and i have thick corse hair. i only went to asmed to refin my hairline. im complaining about shape of hairline, low density and angle of grafts (3000 grafts) dr erdogan is only as good as you say he is. i think a good marketing campaign got him where he is, after having one of his hairlines and looking at results they are not that great. so many faults . i dont think he or his techs understands how to create a natural hairline.
  10. Its a shocker, not what i wanted done. He has placed multi hairgrafts along the front of my hairline uniformly placed. It looks ridiculous. If i was a surgeon i would be upset. My hairline is very see thru, due to poorly placed grafts sticking out of scalp, my scalp is over red and i can see scaring shadow in light (looking in bathroom mirror i look like something out of horror movie) , i cant have hair slicked back like melvs because density is low and fake looking hairline. it shouts out hair transplant. Picture does asmed justice as it being taking with low quality camera. dont be fooled thinking its good density. also hairline is way too straight.
  11. I cant even make the stuff up im saying. Its scary. I have posted pictures you can see clearly how un natural my hair transplant is and how low density. Payam has posted pics to show multi hair grafts riddled in hairline when he got told they would use microscopes to sort single follicles out, stephen posted pics and vids to show hairline not being dense for 3000 grafts, the list goes on alot of people not gone public about faults. Dr Erdogan has so far refused to speak to any of us about our concerns. shows he doesnt care about patients. The thing with Asmed they try to butter you up offering touch ups not going into details. I would not be pleased if i got nercosis after a hair transplant, if i never had it before. if young unskilled techs extracting and planting in such a tight area on scalp i would say most probably that was the cause. Please post updated pictures. UPDATE: I do think my scalp is reddish and over scared then it should be under transplant. I googled nercosis after hair transplant most common cause for necosis over packing in tight area by inexperience tech or unskilled surgeon doing incisions too deep. either one of them is most probable cause.
  12. Says it all really what we are complaining about. negligence from the clinic. glad it worked out for you and you are happy with result.
  13. Did you have nercosis before hair transplant?