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  1. Man, I would kill for a result like that at his age. Well done. What NW would you say he is?
  2. PeloDinero

    2,177 FUT from Dr. Konior

    seems like a low number of grafts for the amount of hair loss. What was the reason for that?
  3. How about a top-down shot after the first procedure?
  4. Yes, I think it’s very misleading to post a pre-op top down but not post the same angle post-op.
  5. Probably the best ARTAS result I’ve seen, which isn’t really saying much.
  6. How big was the area addressed in square centimeters? Looks to be around 80.
  7. Unbelievable result man. Must feel amazing. And yes, you are very lucky to avoid the dreaded crown loss. That is a game changer. Enjoy.
  8. Showing a top-down pre-op and none in the post-op is egregiously trying to manipulate the results, lighting aside.
  9. Who said anything about lighting? The issue is that there wasn’t a top-down shot of the crown shown in Keller’s post. It’s known that most top, respected surgeons will show a top-down, especially if the crown was the area addressed! You are sure quick to come to the surgeon’s defense a vast majority of the time. Isn’t this forum supposed to by patients, for patients?
  10. Really scary how much a surgeon can manipulate after photos. To be fair, I’ve never been a fan of Keller’s work and have seen few, if any, impressive results from him.
  11. Excellent result. Big fan of Dr. Feriduni's work. This isn't even a full year post-op so more smoothing should be expected.
  12. Actually, after see your pre-op, I take that back. You were pretty slick bald back there and probably needed closer to 4000. I had more hair in my crown than you and had 3700 there.