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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    Dr. Jerry Wong
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    Dow Stough
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    Propecia (Finasteride)
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  1. I would be thrilled if I could sit up in the chair for FUE extraction which takes hours and hours. Hopefully more and more clinics will begin to offer this as an option.
  2. I would think H&W primarily does FUT, but they also do a lot of FUE. It really depends on the patient as far as coverage needed, donor hair, economics/FUE is more labor intensive thus more expensive, and other factors. Hasson/Wong has performed two FUT's on me and Dr. Wong stated if I have another transplant it needs to be a FUE procedure. I will probably have one more surgery with Hasson/Wong and it will be my first FUE. I really don't look forward to the long face-down time in the chair for a FUE surgery and the additional expense of FUE.....but at my age and my surgery history I have no choice but FUE.
  3. Neb....I am happy to see you have chosen Hasson/Wong as your new doctors...and to wait 11 months. Wise decision. You'll worry thru all 11 months...lol....but you can do it! You will be impressed with the entire Hasson/Wong operation. Promise me...when you visit Hasson/Wong you will listen to their advice whatever that may be. Remember they have performed 1000's of hair transplants, and are respected worldwide...and you really have one experience. Whatever their advice...let go....trust them...and let them handle it.
  4. Join the crowd! https://www.vox.com/science-and-health/2018/6/14/17458726/depression-drugs-suicide-side-effect https://www.aarp.org/health/conditions-treatments/info-2018/prescription-drugs-depression-suicide.html
  5. It not quite as easy and obvious as it seems. Of course we need feedback from patients on the doctors and to hear the name of repeat poor result doctors or doctors that don't respond well to patient concerns/complaints, but I suppose it's a difficult balance for this website to decide what is a realistic complaint without actually seeing and interviewing the patient in person. My company has been "victimized" on Yelp by a terrible review by a mis-informed and/or lying anonymous person that was not even a client of my company. I contacted Yelp and they basically said I could respond, but they would not take down the extremely negative imo slanderous factually incorrect anonymous complaint. There is a doctor I know that told me he has one former patient whose life mission appears to be to ridicule and make horrible reviews of the doctor on various websites. #1. We've got guys on here with body dysmorphic disorder in freak-out mode a week after surgery and many others in freak-out mode after 3-6 months....when results are not known for 12 months. The world today is instant....instant news, instant food at drive thru or via GrubHub, instant Amazon delivery, instant info and responses on mobile devices.....so expectations of instant results are much higher than ever before. People dont realize it takes years and even decades to go bald, but they still fool themselves into believing "this transplant should look much better after 3 months". Yes the doctors are party at fault by not recognizing these problem patients during consults and weeding them out, but in reality it is many times hard to recognize unrealistic expectation patients. #2. Poor results can happen for a variety of reasons even with a top notch surgeon. Almost every type of surgery has a few bad results. Of course human nature being what it is the bad results tend to get sensationalized which leads to a generalization that "this particuar surgeon sucks". The surgeon could have 100 great surgeries and 1 bad result and of course the guy with the bad result thinks the surgeon sucks and wants to tell the world. #3. Surgeons pay to be on this site. It is part of the reason this site exists and is free for patients. So if a surgeon has a rare bad result or even is accused of a bad result that gets sensationalized why would the surgeon even mess with paying to be on here? If the surgeons go away...this site may go away? All I am saying is there is a fine line...between what is actually a "bad result" and an unrealistic angry patient claiming a "bad result"....this site has to be careful about allowing patients to trash doctors without posting multiple before and after pictures and without credible facts. This site "is what it is" and like all sites isn't perfect, but a great place to learn about hair transplants.
  6. Shampoo

    HT or hair system

    It really depends on you...your goals, your budget, your comfort zone. Years ago I was treated well at Hair Club For Men. They were professional, and their salon had excellent, friendly, helpful hairdressers. The system looked great and was easy to care for. My problem was I could never get used to the fact I was wearing a system. People didnt stare or know it was a system, it was the fact that I knew. However obviously many guys can deal with it and find it within their comfort zone. It just wasn't in mine. One thing great about a system is you can get whatever denisty that looks age appropriate for you. There is no limit or extra cost for going with a thick head of hair. I tried it and it wasn't for me. I prefer hair transplants and their "realness" even-though they rarely will provide the denisty of a hair system. If you go with a hair system I think the key is go with a good one....iow don't buy just on price....and make sure you style it and pick a density that is age appropriate. When systems are obvious many times it's because it's low quality and some 60 year old guy has a system that is way too thick trying to look like he has hair like a 25 year old.
  7. I understand Nebulosity. My only hope is you don't do anything. It appears to me you are a bit impulsive. I am actually really confident if you DO NOTHING...no shaving, no removal, no nothing.....and just leave your transplant alone and let it grow in you are going to be surprised how good it looks in 10 months. Give it ten months and maybe enjoy it for a lifetime. Will you maybe need some additional work later? Yeah probably...but almost all of us do. You must let go and trust that time will make it look much better.....dude you are going to look ok if you dont panic and do something stupid.
  8. Amen to that Melvin. With all due respect (because I actually like the guy), but I think it's quite possible that Nebulosity should have not gotten a hair transplant at this time. Nebulosity seems really ill-equipped to handle the post-op journey and patient challenges that follow for months after almost all hair transplants. I am no doctor but Nebulosity may suffer from some form of body dysmorphia. Obviously we all want to help Nebulosity thru his worries about his transplant, but I think it may be time for him to consider having a discussion with a mental help professional and discuss the possiblity that he has some form of body dysmorphic disorder. Look no shame in talking with a professional, I used to have panic attacks on airplanes, sought help, and have been basically cured of that worry and obsession.
  9. I would say relatively speaking "money was no issue"...in that I could have went with pretty much any doctor often discussed on this site...and I chose to fly from Texas to Vancouver, BC to Hasson/Wong. Reasons: Reputation for great results, willingness for large size transplants, depth of full time staff/technicians that only deal with hair transplants, nice, upscale, state of the art full-time surgery center, not afraid to show pricing calculator on their website, very easy. quick, informative communications and answers to my questions via e-mail as I was making the decision on what doctor to use for my transplant, total non-pushy approach.
  10. Not sure where you are, but if you decide to go with Dr. Arocha I suggest you choose his Houston surgery center. The Houston surgery center is "home base", quite nice, and state of the art. I visited his satellite office in Dallas and although I really liked Dr. Arocha, I very much got the feeling that he was in a "borrowed office". If I have Dr. Arocha perform a FUE on me down the line I would for sure choose the Houston office even-though I live in Dallas.
  11. Personally I would only use a doctor that does hair transplants full-time and does not offer other cosmetic surgeries. Dr. Arocha and Dr. Armani I believe only do hair transplants. Dr. Lam seems like a very nice guy and is passionate about his work but at the time I met him he had to fly in his one technician when he performed hair transplants. Experienced technicians are a very important part of having a successful hair transplant. For example look at the picture below showing the large staff/technicians that work at Hasson/Wong. For me the patient it was very comforting to see a staff that deep built for doing nothing but hair transplants.
  12. Nebulosity I am not sure if it is practical for you, but for a few weeks post-op I very gently applied Vitamin E oil to my scalp to help with the crusting and itching associated with crusting. I would apply it lightly in the evening around dinner at home and have to sit around the house with a towel around my neck and then sleep with a towel around my pillows. It reduced itching. Another trick I used to help with relatively intense itching was I would buy aloe tissues or cool touch tissues and gently wave the tissue over touching by waving the itch area. It would 100% relieve the itching but do zero damage to the grafts. Amazon - Vitamin E Oil Amazon - Cool Touch Kleenex
  13. Honestly man you should know you are on "the journey of the first transplant". Your're not even close to being done with the first transplant process. Patience is vital with hair transplants. The balding doesn't happen quickly nor does the fix. A FUT transplant is really about a year or more process. You study and plan, you get the surgery, then it grows in for a year. None of the top surgeons are going anywhere. They will all be available to discuss your plan in 2020. In my opinion it's best to observe for another year to fully understand what ya got and to watch for further hair loss to decide what and when it's best to make the next move. There really is no way to plan your next surgery a few weeks out from your first surgery. No real assessment can be made now about what your results will really look like. Also keep in mind the finite amount of grafts you have and that they must be used wisely over time. What concerns you today (front hairline) may not be what concerns you 5, 10 years down the line. What if you have other areas of real concern 5, 10 years from now and need grafts for those areas. Also keep in mind that many doctors advise waiting at least a year for full re-vascularization to take place so that when a 2nd surgery is performed blood supply to new grafts is ideal. Personally I advise to stop obsessing about whats next....and know you are on journey #1 for the next 12 months. There is no quick fix and because of donor supply vs future balding no one should be in a hurry. You need to be ready to relax and know months of healing/regrowth are in your immediate future. I still say you will be a happy camper this time next year as long as you don't do anything and let this surgery/results run it's course.
  14. Shampoo

    David Beckham FUE or Concealer?

    his hair looks pretty thick in these pics? https://metro.co.uk/2019/01/08/victoria-david-beckham-continue-public-display-affection-kissing-lfw-show-8320685/
  15. Wise decision. Come on this message board and vent, but be patient.....you really wont know much until at least 6 months, and wont know the full story for up to 10-13 months. Honestly I predict you will be on here a year from now a relatively happy camper. It's a super slow process, but well worth the wait.