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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair
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  1. harry1234

    need help/advice on hair systems.

    Thanks for your responses in educating a newbie @grincher, @delancey and @spanker yep i will be visiting a salon for the first time for sure. i am looking for a hair system which is undetectable at hairline and offers good density in the crown are as my natural hair in the back and sides are of good density. Based on my research only skin bases in the crown area offers good density. is this true? the blogs that i read were originally written in 2012, not sure any updates were made to the other hair system bases to offer good density? does the lace base also offers good density?
  2. harry1234

    need help/advice on hair systems.

    I have been doing some research on different types of bases.https://www.hairbro.com/different-hair-replacement-system-base-type-guides Lace front skin base looks interesting as it offers both undetectability and density. Wanted to if anyone have tried or came to know about this particular base. any insight on comfort level/sweat rate with this base, is appreciated
  3. harry1234

    need help/advice on hair systems.

    Thanks grincher. not sure what you meant by DIY? is it mandatory that i have to shave my existing hair to apply the hair system? will the shaved hair below the hair system grows back once we stop using the hair system or will it be dead and doesnt grow back permanantely due to lack of ventilation. I just want to know all the things before i do some thing thats not reversible. Moreover i stay in Tampa, florida, united states do you have any recommendation over here about salons or suppliers
  4. Hi everyone, i had hair transplant 2 years back but it didn't go as i expected and am having to much hair loss recently. I am thinking to consider the Hair system option and want to pro's and cons of it along with pricing in detail. could someone guide me