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  1. Just not sure what to do and open to ideas. Ive been on Propecia since December, doesnt seen to be hrloing much. I have sn HT scheduled but sure if Im just fighting a losing battle
  2. Just not sure what to do. I have an appointment forvan HT to address hairline but even my crown is terrible
  3. For a long time my concern was my hair line. So i decided to get an HT. I dudbtvreslize how bad i was thinning in the crown. Yikes. Ive been on propecia since December. I dont think its working though. Im now wondering if i should just shave it and do SMP
  4. I dont mind the detectability period. If i switch to another doctor ill be scheduling for September or October when I can take off for a couple of weeks.
  5. You have all shared good advice and I welcome it. Just to update, i consulted with Dr. Arocha in Thursday and it was a fantastic consiltation. Im definitely considering switching from Dr. Diep to Dr. Arocha but I also have a consultation with Dr. Cooley on Feb 12th. So I will keep you all posted with how this unfolds because i realistically would like to have a few days off to recouperate.
  6. I appreciate you all for sharing your feedback. Im definitely not going to do it in June and go to work the next day. I am on the cancellation list with Diep. If he gets a cancellation before work gets busy for me i will take it. In the meantime im going to consult with Dr Arocha and Dr Cooley. And other Dr's revommended for my hair texture
  7. I think the after photos should be shot at the same distance as the before (also read, up close)
  8. I hear you all. Of course taking time off is ideal. Im booked for 6/24. Diep'snext available is Jan 2020. Next fucking year....... because its only 1500 grafts his staff says. I guess if i were a bigger case (also read paying more money), i would get in sooner. $7500 is apparently nit enought. That is really a turn off and im thinking if forfeitting the deposit and trying another surgeon. I am open to suggestions!!!!
  9. Is it realistic to return to work the day after? Im scheduled for an FUT with Diep in June. I cant take time off during summer months but it was his first available (I booked in October so its not as though I waited until the last minute, i thought booking a few months in advance would be plenty) i was hoping he'd have cancellations before My work gets hectic but it doesn't look promising. His next available date is January 2020. WTF
  10. Im scheduled to do 1500 grafts FUT. with Dr. Diep In June. I scheduled the appt back in October and June 24 was his first available appointment. I have no idea if Im going to keep the appt or not because June through September are my busiest work months and i will not be able to take a week off for down time. I booked the appt to get on the books with the hopes that he will have a cancellation sooner but so far no such luck. Im still consulting with Doctors but Diep has the most before and afters of guys with Black hair characteristics and he seems to acheive the density Im looking for so Ive gone with him at this point. If i cant get in sooner i may have to push it to the fall which will be frustrating. I Will document my updates, changes, procedure process, and results here.
  11. So I’ve consulted with a couple of Doctors and I’ve decided to book my FUT with Dr. Diep. Procedure will be 7/12/19 which his first available date. I am not thrilled with how long the wait is so I am going to continue to consult with other doctors. I will only change doctors if I find another surgeon who I have confidence in as well. I went with Diep, because I am Black/mixed and he has more Black before and afters than any doctor I’ve come across in my research. I went with FUT because though it leaves a scar, we (those with curly hair get better growth) he suggested we do FUE to the scar once it heals. Another Dr suggested I could also do SMP to the scar. Either way it can be addressed. I’ll post pics soon. I’m also open to other suggestions as well because researching Doctors has been a real task. Thank
  12. This thread is a couple of years old but it kind of got derailed so im hoping to revive it. Are there any Black American patience that have had great HT results and want to recommend their doctor?
  13. Hi, thanks for posting about your experience with Dr. Arocha. I cinsukted with him last week. I think you are around 9 months post up. How are your results? Please update!