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  1. In Asia, your two best options are Dr Radha in India or Dr Path in Thailand
  2. Have you tried to contact Dr Kapil Dua for explanation? He is one of the recommended doctors on this forum.
  3. Dr Dua, do you perform FUE only or FUE / FUT? Can you advise what are your costs - FUE / FUT / BHT?
  4. Now we don't know what happened for sure in Dr Bisanga's case, that's something Bill might have to advise. Dr Bisanga is an excellent surgeon. Look at his patient's results and feedback and experience. A lot of top doctors are already so busy that being recommended here doesn't mean anything if you understand what I mean. they might not don't care (that doesn't mean that top doctor's recommended here aren't busy already!) A doctor can (and should generally) only perform 2 surgery per day (max 3 depends on the cases). if a clinic has already more patients than that and ethically does what it should, where is the need to do more advertising and pay sponsorship fee etc? word of mouth and happy patients' results do that work
  5. Hi guys, just wondering for those of you who have been using MSM, how long does it take to first show noticeable results? Does it also lead to an initial shedding phase like minoxidil?
  6. Jotronic made some interesting comments, about which I am curious as well. My other question is, do you actually shave your patient's hair 36 hours prior to each procedure? I have been following several cases on here and I don't think any one of your patient has made this comment. It doesn't sound a very common process for most clinics and haven't read from any of your cases here either!
  7. hairybadger, hope that you start seeing some growth in a couple of months. but as many people and doctors will tell you, some take about a year to start seeing new growth, some start seeing in 2-3 months. I would suggest keep in touch with the doctor over your progress in the next few months. who was your surgeon btw?
  8. any top view pics at 6 months? and pics from behind? looks like that area was worked on as well looking at 6 weeks pic. as wylie commented, the pic quality isnt the best either and its hard to tell for sure
  9. dont let price alone be the factor in your decision. a bad result from cheap surgery will be quite a waste and you will be more upset of going through a HT procedure. rather shave your head off. also FUT definitely is cheaper and for most people doesnt bother as longer hair will cover the scar, provided you always wear your hair longer than 1 inch. you can look for Turkey, India or Thailand for 'cheaper' prices at good quality
  10. definitely good hairline work. thanks for sharing the pics. can you share some donor pics too doctor? also I assume this was FUE (and not FUT) since there is some mention of kind of tools used?