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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 10 years
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    Norwood III A
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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    Dr. Tejinder Bhatti
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    Dr. Kapil Dua
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  1. Hi, While I partly agree that the density looks sparse in the pictures, this is the progress as of 6 months. At this stage, I should be expecting 60-65% of the final outcome and my doctor asked me to be patient and wait for 9 months for 90% of the final outcome. I'd keep everyone posted. Fingers crossed... For the donor area, my doc said probably another 750-800 grafts if reqd. Thanks! Martian
  2. Hi again, It's been over 6 months since my HT, and it looks pretty good so far Sharing the pics, let me know your feedback..!!! Rgds, Martian
  3. ** Sharing pictures of 30th & 60th days post surgery; Sorry about the delay. Not sure why some of them show up as inverted. Thanks! Martian
  4. Yes I contacted Dr. Kapil Dua and he was kind enough to offer me a correction surgery for a nominal amount of INR 25K. However, I was not very comfortable to get it re-done from the same place.
  5. @ satindersooch123 - I got my revision done 10 days ago @ Darling Buds, Chandigarh. It's the usual FUE method except the surgeon and his expertise. I'm quite hopeful this time for better results. Regarding cost and safety, I'm not an expert and you could consult Dr. Tejinder Bhatti for the number of grafts you would require and calculate the cost. @ Mosd - 2000 grafts that I implanted the first time was in 2011. You are right in saying "On your pictures it looks like no prior work is done? Didnt anything grow?" That is the reason I went for the second surgery. Rgds
  6. Greetings! Thank you for stopping by and going through my story. I'd imagine the reader is either a Hair loss sufferer or a close friend / relative seeking help and guidance to overcome hair loss problems. I started losing hair during my engineering days (about 12 yrs ago) but I didn't pay much heed since I had other more important stuffs to take care of. Gradually my baldness became more and more visible and 6 years ago I decided to do something about my hair loss. Initially I consulted Dr. Batra who gave me some medicines and solutions to stop my hair loss. However, he also advised that since baldness runs in my family, medicines won't help much and I should consider other methods of hair restorations - Non-surgical method where one applies either fiber based particles or wigs/toupees/Hair weaving etc. to cover bald area. However, I wasn't an admirer of these temporary methods and wanted to have something permanent. Therefore I opted for surgical method. I did some research on what options were available. There are two techniques - FUT / Strip method and FUE method. There are 1000 of websites explaining differences between FUE and FUT. One could google it and know it all. Eventually, I decided to go for FUE method and started searching for a good doctor. I came across Dr. Kapil Dua's profile (AK Clinics at Ludhiana) I went through the testimonials on his website and it sounded perfect for me. Without doing any further research I booked an appointment and a date for my surgery. This was probably the biggest mistake of my life I committed 5 years ago Dr. Dua advised I should go for 2000 grafts which he claims he implanted post my surgery . However, I came to know quite recently that the number of grafts harvested from my donor area was way more (around 3000 grafts) This means my donor had been over-harvested and depleted. Furthermore, the yield in the implanted area was very poor (800-1000 grafts). This was brought to my notice when I consulted Dr. Tejinder Bhatti when he came to London. I was very disappointed hearing that. That was the time I decided I will go for a correction surgery with Dr. Bhatti @ Darling Buds, Chandigarh. He advised me to go for approx 2500 grafts (from Scalp, Beard, and Chest) to cover my top and give me a fuller look. I was very skeptical about the second surgery since I've already had a bad experience. It took me a week to convince and prepare myself for the second inning. That was it! I made my travel arrangements and booked a date for my surgery. The entire Hospital staff was extremely friendly and took very good care of me through out the course. The procedure was done in two days and I must admit Dr. Bhatti has got one of the safest pair of hands I'm eagerly waiting for the outcome that would change my life completely. It indeed is a painful and stressful process and 6-9 months is what they say, but it is definitely worth spending the time and money to regain lost confidence. My sincere advise to those who are considering this option, please do adequate research on the surgeons' profile. There are 1000s of surgeons claiming to have mastered this method. However, in reality this is a work of an artist and shere professional. And I can safely say Dr. Tejinder Bhatti is one of the best we have. I hope my story was helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions. I've posted my pictures from day 1 and will be posting monthly updates on my progress. Stay tuned and best of luck!! Thanks! Martian
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