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Hey Baldies and Former Baldies,

Wanted to get some advice related to SMP.

I had an FUE about 3 years ago and although the recipient area grew fantastically, the donor was harvested too aggressively (and only on one side) leading to patchiness on one side of my head (full thread linked below).

I have a consultation next week regarding getting SMP done into the thin patch above my ear. The goal would be to make the right side look more similar to the left side by reducing the contrast between the thin and non-thin area. 

Initially sounds like it'll be in the ballpark of $500, which is nothing compared to the $15k spent on the original plugs--though my main worry is that it won't look natural and will end up looking worse than just having a thin patch.

All thoughts/advice appreciated. 

Right side


Left side (for comparison)




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I wouldn’t do anything, honestly just looks like retrograde alopecia which is fairly common. 

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Yea we tend to focus 1000x more attention than the regular people we are around all day. People accumulate asymmetries on their heads from things like childhood scarring, etc. If you were getting SMP all over your head for a shaved look, maybe, but even then who cares about around the ears. Its about avoiding the horseshoe pattern on the top your head that really effects how your face is framed.

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It looks perfectly fine, dont do anything bro

SMP dots are 2D, your hair is 3D, it will look weird

7 billion people on this planet and not a single one would look down on you cuz you got a little patchiness there. Family/friends/collegues wont look down & girls wont reject you because of it. Its literally nothing. Youre probably making it bigger than it is in your head.

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