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  1. Thank you, thank you. I know that this forum has a bunch of examples of guys making it through this—which are certainly helpful to read and I am reading them—but I also appreciate you taking the time to reply to me here, too. Will definitely keep updating here.
  2. Well, two months (64 days) after my procedure, I am writing here to say I feel tired and depressed with a bad case of the ugly duckling blues. I had thought that, two months in, I'd feel like, "cool, we're halfway until we might start to see something." But now it's hitting me harder than before how long I have to go. It's not that there's no growth, but the growth is not uniform. Much more on the left than the right, but still not enough to style in any way. The redness is still red, despite applying aloe twice a day. I thought looking back at my early pics, when the shadow of
  3. Quick update on day 48 before I forget these details. My shedding lasted from day 17 to day 34. I had significantly less shedding on the left than the right which almost all fell out. I am seeing quite a bit of growth on the left side and some in the center, but far less on the right. For some reason, I thought everything would grow in nice and uniform. That is, um, not the case. Still have quite a bit of redness, but applying aloe vera seems to help. Don't get me wrong, though: for as weird as it looks, it is super exciting. I will post with pics at the two mont
  4. Totally hear you, certainly the best move. I was ready to follow my True and Dorin's instructions without question like Ron Burgundy in Anchorman reading whatever is on the teleprompter. Did you have FUT first? I have to admit that I was kicking myself a little after for not doing FUT first. To be honest, I didn't really consider it and I am shaking my head at myself for not.
  5. Congrats on your surgery! Did you have FUE or FUT? There are much more knowledgeable people than me here, but I've read FUT patients need more time before the gym.
  6. Month 1 The first seven days: Just my luck, I experienced all of the side effects of a hair transplant right away: I wouldn't shut up to my friends and family that it's the best money I ever spent, couldn't stop looking in the mirror, and daydreamed about the future constantly. Oh, and swelling. I was determined to follow all the rules that True & Dorin give: I sprayed my grafts and donor with Liposomal ATP solution every hour, even waking up in the middle of night; shampooed with baby shampoo and a surgical sponge (up and down, in a blotting motion on the grafts); slept wi
  7. This is so insightful. Yes, absolutely, wonderful point about Rita. What a gem.
  8. Thank you! I have gained so much from reading posts on this site, I was and am excited to contribute, too. That's the signature Dorin hairline!
  9. Hi everyone, I am writing to share my experience having an 1852 graft FUE with Dr. Dorin in New York. I have been helped so much by this forum, and I hope a thorough post can help someone else. The basics: I am a 40 year old man, Norwood 3V with likely progression to 5A if nature ran its course. I use Rogaine twice per day and have recently completed 3 treatments of PRP (with pronox which makes you loopy and indifferent to the scalp stabbings). I am not currently on finasteride but considering it along with switching to oral minoxidil. The plan: After a consultation with Dr. T
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